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Akitas: Everything You Need to Know

Akitas are intelligent and brave dogs. These breed dogs are originated in Japan. They are famous for their loyalty. Even they have a history of loyalty from ancient times. So, people love to own Akitas in their houses.

Akitas are the symbol of protectors and loyalty. They have so many excellent characteristics that their demands are increasing day by day as house dogs. If you want to have an Akita, you need to know about their temperament and requirements.

Generally, Akitas are known for their loyalty and protectiveness. They are smart and intelligent enough to save their owners and family members in any way. Sometimes, they are so protective that their protectiveness turns into aggressiveness.

Akitas are known to be aggressive toward same-sex dogs. But Akitas are bold and confident. Even they prefer to sleep separately for their confidence.

But Akitas can be good pets. They are excellent as a single pet in a house. They are active and they can be your true companion. Moreover, with proper training, they can be good with other animals and pets.

Physical features of Akitas

Generally, Akitas are large breed dogs with a bear-like appearance. They have double coats and small dark eyes. Akitas are a little bit longer than tall.

Besides, Adult Akitas are 58 to 70 cm tall. They are 23 to 39 kg in weight. But puppies have less height and weight than the grown-up Akitas. Akitas have a body structure that presents confidence and self-control.

Akita’s loyalty & friendliness

Akitas are famous for their loyalty all around the world. Akitas are super loyal to their owners and family members. From the very beginning, Akitas are known to be faithful.

Besides, Akitas are friendly towards their family members. They are perfect as house dogs for their friendly nature. Moreover, Akitas can be good guard dogs for their loyalty and protectiveness.

Even Akitas are considered the symbol of loyalty throughout the world. Akitas might not be lap dogs, but their dignity, courage, and friendliness make them a true companion of humans. They can do anything to protect their owners and are smart enough to show loyalty.

Temperament of Akita dogs

Akitas are smart and intelligent. They love to be with their owner and love to show their loyalty. Akitas are courageous. They have self-confidence and control. Even they are comfortable sleeping in a separate place.

Akitas are loyal and friendly. But their over-protectiveness might turn them into stubborn. Sometimes, they are aggressive to other dogs. Even they are aggressive towards strangers for their over-possessiveness to their owners.

But Akitas are good family dogs. They follow their owners’ commands with dignity. If you have an Akita, you might know they are good at following commands. Training an Akita might be difficult initially, but once you train him, the Akita can be an excellent family dog.

Akitas are confident and stubborn. So, controlling him might be difficult. So, Akita is not recommended for first-time dog owners.

Are Akitas hypoallergenic?

Akitas are not hypoallergenic. They face low to moderate shedding throughout their lives. They can even go through shedding sessions twice a year. If you are allergic to dogs, then Akitas are not recommended to you.

Generally, hypoallergenic means less allergically reactive to certain products or substances. A hypoallergenic dog means, if you have allergies to a dog, this dog might not cause you allergies.

Generally, dogs that go through shedding, are likely to be less hypoallergenic. Though Akitas are low shedding, they are not completely hypoallergenic.

Akita training & exercise

Akitas are high-energy large dogs. So, they need plenty of exercise. Generally, Akitas need more exercise or walking time than other dogs. Akitas require at least two hours of walking every day.

You can divide the walking sessions into short times throughout the day. Even if you can’t take them to walk every day, you can exercise them for two hours inside or outside the house.

Akitas can be hard to train. They are stubborn sometimes while training. So, Akitas might not be a good choice for first-time dog owners. 

Feeding an Akita

Being a large dog, Akita needs foods with sufficient calories and nutrients. You can give your Akita two large meals a day. Moreover, you can give him snacks and treats throughout the day. You can give these two meals in the morning and the evening.

If the Akita is a puppy, you need to give him three to four meals per day. Like many other dogs, Akitas might be picky eaters. They love to eat fish and grains.

Taking Care of an Akita

If you have an Akita or you want to own one, you need to know how to take care of an Akita. Let’s see how you can take care of your Akita.

  • Train the Akita the basic commands first and teach him the habits that are good for him.
  • Provide Akita meals that are full of nutrients and good ingredients for him.
  • Take your Akita for regular grooming.
  • Take the Akita for walking or exercise every day.
  • Socialize the Akita so that he can be good with other people and animals.
  • Crate trains the Akita so that he can sleep and stay comfortably there.
  • Spend quality time with your Akita and let him play inside and outside the house.
  • You can arrange entertainment for the Akita like playing with toys, watching TV, etc.

Akita dog health

Akitas are large and healthy dogs. They don’t become sick often. They have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. So, they are pretty strong healthy dogs. But like other dogs, they can face skin diseases and infections. These are pretty common in dogs.

Moreover, ear infections and dental problems can also affect Akitas. Akitas suffer from hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia sometimes. These problems might be serious if not treated.

Akitas are prone to gastric problems. Besides, they can face eye problems, heart, and kidney diseases. Sometimes, these problems are so severe that they need emergency treatment. If your Akita is suffering from any of these diseases, consult the vet immediately.

Price of Akita puppies

Akita puppies have a wide price range. You can get an Akita puppy from $500 to $2000. This range is pretty wide because the price depends on various things. Many breeders demand more for the Akita puppies. Even, some demand more than $1500.

But the average price of an Akita puppy is $1000. So, if you want to buy an Akita puppy, you should have a budget of more than $1000.

Akitas are great dogs with some excellent features. They are pretty large in size and have good health. Akitas are so loyal and protective that people believe them as the symbol of loyalty.

Moreover, Akitas need plenty of exercise every day. Besides, their price is pretty affordable. So, if you are looking for a loyal and active dog for your house, Akita can be a perfect choice.