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How High Can Akitas Jump? (Important Facts)

Akitas are playful dogs and like running and jumping. However, jumping after a certain height can be harmful to them. Therefore, to find proper solutions and to stop your Akita dog from doing so the first thing you would want to know is, “How high can Akitas jump?”. 

And this article is going to answer this question with the right information to help you find solutions for the related issues with your Akitas jumping. 

How High Can Akitas Jump?

Akitas can jump up to 6 feet and it’s the standard jumping height limit for an average Akita dog(without climbing the barrier). However, Akitas have records of jumping at 7 feet high height as they have an ability to climb tall fences easily, no matter what the material it is. 

For every average Akita dog, the standard or the highest jumping limitation is 6 feet( if they don’t climb up the barrier). It’s the same for other domestic dogs as well.

However, Akitas have a special ability to soar barriers like fences, so they can even jump up to 7 feet or even more regardless of the materials. 

Therefore, whether it’s 6 feet or 7 feet high in high, Akitas can jump over this height very easily. 

Do Akitas Jump Fences? 

Akitas do jump fences. In fact, jumping over fences like one of the easiest tasks for them to do. Akitas easily can take a leap over 6 feet fence without even climbing it.

And the surprising fact is, Akita dogs are capable of jumping over 7 feet fence as well as they easily will climb the fence regardless of different materials. 

They are naturally able of escaping 6 to 7 feet fence if they want to explore the neighbourhoods. So making a 6 to 7 feet high fence is kind of useless when it comes down to Akita dogs. 

How Do I Keep My Akita Dog From Jumping The Fence?

If your Akita has mastered the talent of escaping your yard then it really can be a problematic issue for you. As they can get missed. So for their safety and to help you keep your Akita dog from jumping the fence, some effective ways have been described below. 

Extend Your Fence

One of the easiest ways is to extend your existing fence. An additional section to the top of the fence that inclines inward will stave off your Akita from jumping over the fence. Just take some wire, build a lean-in, and bind it to the top of the fence.

An L-footer will do the job as it prolongs horizontally from the upper part of the barrier and creates a shroud type of obstacle that would surely stop your Akita from hopping over the fence. 

Remove Climbing Supporters 

Remove all supportive things such as benches, ladders, woodpiles, or anything that are next to your fence and can help your Akita to climb the fence and run outside.

Add More Plants 

You can plant more trees or a rail of dense shrubs alongside the fence. This will increase the difficulty level for him to jump over them. 

Purchase A Coyote Roller 

These are prolonged metal bars that can roll like a rolling pin. So whenever your Akita will try to jump over the fence he will not get enough footing, as a result, he can’t escape. You can purchase the whole kit online. 

Why Akita Dogs Jumping High Too Often Can Be A Bad Thing?

It’s known that jumping high too often can be a bad thing for all dogs including Akitas. But exactly why and what are the reasons you might not know. So, for your knowledge and to keep your Akita dog baby safe, the reasons are explained below.  

Can Strain Their Joints And Tendons 

If your Akita often jumps too high, over time he will strain his joints and tendons. And that will create a very bad impact on his bones. 

Can Cause Arthritis 

Frequent high jumping can cause arthritis to more serious health issues to your Akita dog. Especially, if he is an overweight dog, he would end up jeopardizing his knees and joints from high jumping. 

How To Stop Your Akita From Jumping? 

It takes a lot of patience and hard work to teach your Akita not to jump. As a result, you can get flustered after some time. Therefore, to help you out with this difficult situation some really effective ways have been given below. 

Suppress Attention 

When you see your Akita is jumping, simply turn your back on his face and bridge your arms over your chest without making any noise. And wait for your Akita to atop jumping 

Or you just walk away from the spot when you see your Akita is jumping to see you coming home. At that moment just walk backward. And if it jumps when you are already inside, don’t encourage him just go back to the room until he stops jumping. 

Reward With Treat 

Treat your Akita with dog treats is another effective way. Whenever you see him listening to your commands for not jumping, treat him.

Or if he stands up around you getting ready to jump, keep some treats in your and toss them to distract him. However, don’t encourage this feeding treats behavior. 

Be Consistent With Practice 

Well, this way is particularly for you to follow. As you are the owner so naturally it comes down to you to be consistent with practicing with your Akita to stop him from jumping. Create a routine and stick to it.

Make him practice the jumping behavior. Also, note down the times he jumps so that you train him with your no jumping strategies.

Command Him To Seat 

Teach your Akita to follow your command whenever he tries to jump. You can make a cue word like “Sit” and practice it during the training session. Whenever your Akita pup will listen to your command and put his four legs on the ground, treat him with dog treats. 

How Do Make My Akita Jump Higher?

You can make your Akita jump higher by following these simple methods.

Jump Standards 

You can place suitable jump standards in your home or yard, whatever place seems suitable. Then place bars in between the bar holders. And go to the other side and use treats to lure your Akita to jump from his side yours. 

Practice it regularly and as you see he is improving, place the bar in a higher place than before. But always start with a lower level of bars. 

Use Bucket 

If you don’t have jump standards, don’t worry. Just use a big and stable bucket and adopt the same way as to jump standards. Use treats to lure him to jump your side and increase the height after every successful practice session. 

Jump On Command 

You always can use a command cue to teach him to jump higher. All you need to do is set the jump bar to a suitable height at an appropriate distance.

And then call his name and say “jump”, whenever he successfully jumps over the bar you can treat him to encourage him. Instead of a jump bar, you can use hoops too. 

But do remember one thing, no matter what method you adopt, never ever set it at a higher level than his knee because it can strain their joints and tendons. Also, make sure that your Akita is healthy and fit to do such an activity.

Can Akitas Climb Trees?

Akitas can climb trees. But they shouldn’t be climbing trees. Because their back legs are not made for withstanding the pressure while climbing trees. Also, their legs typically don’t lean around trees to climb up like a cat or bear. 

However, you may see Akitas climb on trees but they can’t climb so up like any bear or cat. They only can climb up to lower branches from where they can easily jump on the ground. 

Do Akitas Run Away?

Not all Akitas run away but some of them surely will escape whenever they get a chance. And this running away behavior is triggered by several reasons. Below the major ones are described. 

Fear Or Phobia 

If your Akita is afraid of some specific thing or noises, he will run away as soon as he will see that thing or hear that noise. Because it creates nervousness in him that makes him run away as far as he can. 

Disobedience Issue 

If your Akita is trained properly with obedience training, he can run away whenever you try to give a command or make him do something.

Or if since his puppyhood he lacks of auditory stimuli, he will try to run away. In such circumstances, you need to calm him down by taking him to some pleasant place. 

When In Heat 

When your Akita is in his heat season, he will try to run away upon noticing any female dog nearby him. And it’s the most common reason. 

Why Are Akitas So Hard To Train? 

Naturally, Akitas are not hard to train. In fact, they are really obedient to training. 

However, sometimes they can be stubborn and aggressive as well that time it’s certainly hard to train them. Also, if an Akita puppy is not trained to socialize or accept obedience training, it’s hard to train him as well. 

Therefore, try to adopt an Akita puppy with basic socialize and obedience training to lessen your hassle. 

Jumping is all dog’s natural trait, Akitas are no exception. They really can jump up to 6/7 feet, however, don’t let them jump higher too often as it’s harmful to their health.

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