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Why Does My Akita Sleep So Much? (Explained for Owners!)

Akitas are a brilliant breed that is known for their loyalty and steadfastness. As they are the type to have medium energy levels, they do not need much exercise to be wiped out, which also makes them rather “chill” dogs- this also makes them excellent apartment dogs.

Usually, dogs need to sleep more than their humans, with them spending more than 50 percent of the day sleeping and 30 percent more snoozing/resting. This automatically makes it look like they are sleeping too much when it is perfectly natural.

Why does my Akita sleep so much?

Akitas sleep habits depend on their owners and their lifestyle. On average an adult sleeps for 12-14 hours, and a puppy sleeps 15-18 hours. The reason they sleep so much is that they are carnivores. They are intended to sleep so much. Until everything else is okay- sleep issues are not a concern.

Since Akitas are calm, cool dogs they do not need much stimulation- certainly not as much as a Labrador or Retriever, and they are fine being independent as well. Dogs of this breed will typically nap several times during the day on their preferred corners, without much complaint.

As a carnivore, it is pretty common for them to sleep so much, even lions are known to spend 18 or more hours per day sleeping and resting. So, it makes sense for Akitas to spend about 20 percent of their day being active, and the remaining time sleeping and resting.

Do Akitas sleep a lot? 

A healthy Akita will sleep as much as a regular dog does. However, it is highly dependent on the dog, the owner, the life they lead, and how active they are, amongst over things. Even seasons determine how much sleep a pup can get.

If you think your Akita is sleeping a lot but is okay otherwise- meaning they are eating, playing, and going to the bathroom as they should- it should not be a matter of concern.

If it is not the norm for them, and they are getting tired more- this is when you should contact your vet for a checkup.

Akitas as puppies will sleep a lot, as do all other pups do in a new household and parents, and they will also start to require more sleep as they age.

How many hours a day do Akitas sleep? 

On average, an adult Akita will sleep anywhere between 12 to 14 hours a day. As a pup, they will need sleep for 15 to 18 hours since they are growing and spend their energy playing and getting to know the world around them.

It should be noted that how much sleep they get is highly dependent on different factors such as age, activity level, the environment they are in, and of course, their breed.

If they are sleeping more than they should, and seem lethargic and disconnected to pretty much all and everything around them- a vet visit is warranted.

It is completely normal for a young puppy to sleep a lot, as long as they are active and playful when awake, things should be okay.

Why does my Akita sleep so much?

Akita is a versatile breed that can accommodate pretty much any lifestyle. They can be the ones happy to sleep all day, while also being the dog eager to join their master for a variety of activities.

If you would like to figure out why your beloved dog is sleeping so much and whether it is something to be wary of, here are a few pointers-

A few reasons why your Akita is sleeping so much


As mentioned earlier, a dog’s sleeping tendency is highly dependent on how old they are. When they are young pups, they need to sleep to have the energy to grow properly and healthily.

As they grow old, they understandably need more energy to go by the day, since the aging body does demand more from them. 


Now, Akitas are known to be slender, somewhat fit dogs that do not have a gluttonous tendency.

As they are genetically prone to not be obese or put on unnecessary fat, your Akita being overweight, or heading towards that territory could be a reason why they are sleeping so much.

Underlying illness

Some diseases can cause a change of sleeping patterns for your dog. If their body is already predisposed to fighting the illness in their body, they might be sleeping more to negate it or just to get some moments of respite.

Sick dogs understandably sleep more than their healthy counterparts.


Since Akitas are double-coated, the weather affects them in more than one way. As they were meant for snowy places, summertime is particularly challenging for them. Heat exhaustion could make your Akita lethargic. 

Increased activity

If playtime has increased for both you and your pup, you could see an uptake in their sleep and rest periods. It might take some time for them to adjust to the new level of exercise, but if everything else is okay, they will be back to their normal sleeping pattern sooner than later.

If your dog is in a significant amount of stress or suffers from separation anxiety, it could result in extra snoozing, so see if that is something affecting your canine companion. Boredom and depression could also manifest more shut eyes in them so it is better to be on the lookout.

Is it normal for my Akita to sleep all day?

If your dog is showing no signs of discomfort and pain, it is rather normal for you Akita to sleep all day. As mentioned previously, dogs tend to spend more time sleeping and resting than they are active.

Unless they are stressed, depressed or lethargic, and they seem to be defecating more or less than usual; unless they are showing signs of sickness, let them be.

What do I do if my Akita sleeps too much?

If you think your Akita is sleeping too much (while they are okay health-wise) and you would like to lessen it, here are a few things you can do-

  • Increase playtime: if your dog is sleeping more due to boredom or depression from lack of bonding with their owner, increase playtime might help decrease it. 
  • Change diet: see if something their food is making them rather drowsy. Akitas are meant for dry kibble, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor and quality for it. Try changing the diet to see if it helps.
  • Contact vet: if nothing else is helping and your dog is continuing to be lethargic, contact your vet and get them checked on. Something could be wrong internally and it is best to be dealt with asap.

What are the sleeping problems found in Akitas?

Akitas are not genetically predisposed to have sleeping problems, but here are a few you should be on the lookout for regardless-

  • Narcolepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • REM behavior disorder

Can Akitas sleep outside?

Akitas can stay outside for a prolonged period, especially when it is cold and snowy outside. They also prefer to sleep on cool, hard surfaces so the outside sounds like a perfect fit for them.

They are also not built to be outside during summer since they don’t dwell well in hot weather.

However, just because they are comfortable outside does not mean they should be subjected to sleeping outside, especially when they don’t want to. When your Akita is outside, make sure they have enough amenities needed nearby.

Why is my Akita so lazy?

You might think your Akita is lazy because they don’t play like most other breeds. However, Akitas have a rather calm and collected predisposition so it makes sense why they won’t play fight like other breeds.

While they may be gentle and chill indoors, it is entirely a different matter when they are outside, especially during a walk into new territory.

Akitas with their double coats also become a little lazy in the summer heat, so that could also be a reason why.

Akitas are a delightful breed to have as a family guard dog. They possess unique qualities that make it so no other breeds can be like them. If you think yours is behaving in a way they shouldn’t, get them checked by a vet immediately.

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