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Foods, Fruits & Vegetables – What Can & Can’t Akitas Eat?

Akitas are loyal and muscular dogs that originated from Japan. They are large and make great family pets. For your Akita to reach their full potential, they need the right nutrients. It is important to know what they can eat and what is harmful to them. 

What can Akitas dogs eat?

Akita dogs can eat what most dogs eat. Most of their diet includes high-protein food such as meats. They need a balance of all the nutrients which includes carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Akitas are safe to eat many vegetables, fruits, and human foods with some exceptions. 

For protein, they can eat meats such as beef, mutton, and fish. They can eat fruits as well such as apples, bananas, and blueberries.

Vegetables are important too for their digestive system as they provide vitamins and fiber. It is safe for Akitas to eat carrots, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, celery, and many more. 

What cannot Akitas dogs eat?

Akitas can eat a wide variety of food but there are some foods that they should not eat. Food that has high sugar content can be harmful to them. Chocolate and caffeine are toxic for them. They cannot tolerate fruits and vegetables such as grapes, onions, cherries, garlic, mushrooms, and avocados. 

Food items that have high sugar content can cause weight gain which can lead to thyroid problems, elbow, and hip dysplasia.

Avoid giving them food that contains a lot of fat and oils. Other food items that might be harmful are raw dough, alcohol, bones, and dairy products.  

How much should Akitas eat?

This depends on the age, health conditions, size, activity levels, and metabolism rate of your dog. They have a large appetite but you should not overfeed them. 

Puppies need more food than adults as they are at a developing stage. You should give 3 meals a day to your Akita puppy. Reduce it to two meals when they turn into adults and provide 5 to 6 cups of good quality dry food a day. 

What fruits can Akitas eat?

Apart from apples, many fruits are beneficial for Akitas health. Fruits have vitamins and are low in calories. Some examples are peaches, mangoes, kiwis, watermelons, and many more. They can be given as healthy treats and it is completely safe to feed small amounts of fruit every day. 


Peaches have vitamin A and C and antioxidants too. But they should only be fed in small amounts as it has a high sugar level. Remove the pit of the peach before feeding it because it contains trace amounts of cyanide.


Both cooked and raw pumpkin are safe to eat as well as pumpkin seeds. However, canned pumpkin pie filling is not healthy. Plain pumpkin is best. 


Mangoes can be given as a sweet treat. But remove the stone from the mango before feeding. Similar to peaches, it contains a small amount of cyanide which is toxic. 


They shouldn’t eat apples if they have diabetes and the apple’s core can make them choke. Be aware of apple seeds because they become poisonous when swallowed. 


Blueberries help defend dogs from cancer! They contain antioxidants and fibers. They are safe to eat whether frozen, dried, fresh, or mashed. 


They can eat cantaloupe melons but at a moderate level. This is because they have high sugar content. If your Akita is diabetic or gains weight easily, only feed it occasionally. 


Kiwis are beneficial to your dog’s health. It is good for their digestive system. They have antioxidants. They defend against cancer and make their immune system stronger. 


Although pickles are not labeled as toxic to dogs, experts suggest against them. This is because they are high in sodium which is not good for dogs. They are not beneficial but an occasional slice of pickle is okay.


Bananas are extremely sweet and packed with nutrients. Bananas should only be fed occasionally due to their high sugar content and have a lot of fiber.


It is okay for Akitas to eat cashews but not in large numbers. Make sure they are not mixed with other nuts and are not salted or seasoned. They should not be fed regularly.


Akitas can have olives. Plain and unsalted olives can be regarded as a healthy snack. But olive pits can make your dog choke so be careful of that. 


Blackberries contain Vitamin A and C, and are high in antioxidants. It strengthens their immune system. Do not feed too much or your Akita will get diarrhea.


Zucchinis are easy to feed and are packed with antioxidants. They are very low in calories so it helps to reduce weight. But some zucchinis can be toxic due to cucurbitacins which are found in plants.


Watermelon can be a refreshing drink for your Akita in the summer. It contains potassium and vitamins A, B & C. It’s a healthy treat for dogs. 

Dragon Fruit:

Dragon fruit is completely safe and non-toxic for Akitas. Just make sure to remove the skin before feeding it to them. The seeds are safe too. 

What fruits cannot Akitas eat?

There are some fruits that Akitas cannot eat because the skin is dangerous or the pits consist of toxic substances. It can harm your dog’s health and can poison them too. Some fruits should be avoided because they are high in sugar content. Excess sugar causes diabetes and obesity. 

Some fruits are highly toxic to dogs and grapes and raisins are at the top of the list. A small amount can cause kidney failure.

Never feed grapes and raisins to your Akitas. Take your dog to the vet immediately if they accidentally consume it. Other fruits that are harmful to Akitas include Avocados, Cherries, Nuts, and Tomatoes. Avocados contain a toxic substance, especially on their skin. 

Cherries are harmful because of their pits. They contain cyanide and are a choking hazard. Some nuts are unsafe for dogs.

They are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, and macadamias. You should not feed unripe tomatoes to your dog. They contain an alkaloid which is fatal for dogs. 

What vegetables can Akitas eat?

Vegetables are beneficial for Akitas dogs’ health. Vegetables have fiber, vitamins and other important nutrients to help keep your dog healthy. Some safe vegetables for Akitas are carrots, celery, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, cantaloupes, and cauliflowers. 


Carrots are great for dogs. They contain plenty of vitamins and fibers. It is also good for your dog’s teeth.

Sweet Potatoes:

Potatoes are safe as long as they are boiled and plain. Do not add extra ingredients if your dog often has an upset stomach. 


You can feed cooked squash to your dog as a treat. But do not add sugar, salt, or fats. Raw squash will not suit their digestive system.  


Atikas can eat ginger in small doses. It has plenty of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. It helps dogs with nausea, bloating, and gastrointestinal issues. 


Cauliflowers are healthy for dogs. It contains many nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and folate. But the intake should be limited as it can cause digestive issues. 


Cucumbers are low in calories and a great snack for Akitas. But make sure not to feed too much as it can lead to an upset stomach.


Radishes are non-toxic and safe to consume for dogs. They contain lots of fiber to keep your dog active. It might also help clean your dog’s teeth. 


Parsleys are great for dogs as they are high in potassium. But if your Akita has kidney issues, then avoid parsley.


Beets are safe as long as they are fed in small quantities. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which help the skin and coat of your dog. But some dogs can be allergic to beets.


Quinoa is a healthy alternative to corn, wheat, and soy. They are often used to make kibbles. Start with small quantities.


You can feed spinach to your Akita but it’s not the best choice. It is high in oxalic acid and can cause kidney damage. Raw spinach is especially hard for dogs to digest. Only feed in small amounts.

What vegetables cannot Akitas eat?

Vegetables are essential for your dog’s digestive system but some vegetables are not suitable for their diet. This includes wild mushrooms, garlic, onions, chives, and kale. They can lead to various health issues and harm your dogs. It is recommended not to feed these in small amounts either. 

Wild mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs. They might accidentally consume them while taking a walk. If you suspect your dog has eaten them, see if they have any symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Do not feed garlic and onions to your Akitas whether they are cooked, dried, or raw. Make sure it is not mixed with the other food you give to them. It can potentially destroy your dog’s red blood cells. 

Another vegetable that you shouldn’t feed to your Akita is Kale. They are high in calcium oxalate. It can cause various health issues. It can even form kidney and bladder stones. Kale ribs shouldn’t be fed even as a treat. 

What human food can Akitas eat?

Many human foods are safe for Akitas. It can be beneficial to their health and provide important nutrients. Human foods such as pasta, fish, cheese, rice, and bread can be fed in moderation. Meats such as beef, chicken, and mutton are most beneficial as they are high in protein. 


Pasta is safe for Akitas because it has ingredients such as water, eggs, and flour. Make sure your dog is not allergic to gluten or wheat. 


You can feed plain bread occasionally to your dog. But do not add additional ingredients as it can have a negative effect. 


You can feed both brown rice and white rice to your dog as long as it is plain and boiled. Do not add extra ingredients that can harm your dog.  


Cheese can be fed occasionally but do not feed a large amount of cheese. It can make your dog’s stomach upset.


Plain and boiled chicken with no seasoning is good for dogs, especially when they have an upset stomach. 


Lean beef is safe for Akitas. It can be found in many dog foods. It has essential nutrients and is a good source of protein. 


Fully cooked fish without additional oil and seasonings is safe for dogs. Make sure it does not have bones.  


Shrimp is great for weight control. They are low in fat and calories. It can be a healthy treat but should only be fed occasionally. 


Properly made sushi is safe to eat but only in small amounts. Always check the ingredients and make sure there are no parasites. Cooked fish in sushi is better. 


Some cereals are safe for dogs such as Cheerios. But it is not a healthy option and should not replace their main diet. 


Dogs can consume plain pancakes in moderation as long as they don’t have a gluten or wheat allergy. Pancakes with unhealthy toppings should be avoided. 


Most mints are safe for dogs but not all. Fresh mints are okay but artificial breath mints are not the best choice. 

What human food cannot Akitas eat?

Not all human foods are suited for Akitas. Most human foods have high-fat content, which can cause diarrhea. Avoid feeding dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, chips, tuna to your Akitas. Some ingredients present in baked food are harmful too. This ingredient is called Xylitol. 

Chocolates and Caffeine are bad for dogs. This is because they contain a toxic chemical called theobromine. Chips are not the best snacks for dogs. They have a lot of processed ingredients which are unhealthy.

Fish is healthy for dogs except for tuna. It can lead to mercury poisoning if fed in large amounts.

Dogs need plenty of meat in their diet but not bacon. It has a high salt content and your Akita might not be able to handle it. Butter is a fatty food and can cause pancreatitis. Avoid feeding butter to your Akita. 

Although tortillas are not harmful or toxic for Akitas, they can make your dog overweight quickly. They have excessive amounts of carbohydrate contents. Rawhide bones should be avoided too. They are a choking and blockage risk.

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