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Maltese: Everything You Need to Know

Maltese are one of the most friendly dog breeds that belong to the toy family because of their height and their fancy looks. They are surprisingly intelligent, playful yet calm, fearless, and active.

They are pretty famous all around the world among dog lovers because of their smartness and how small and fluffy they can be. The origin of these little fellas is in Europe and takes their name after Malta, a European country.

No matter where they originated, they didn’t stay limited within their native country. These fluff balls are found almost in every country all over the world.

Maltese is an ancient breed. According to some, Maltese has been existing on earth for more than 29 centuries! Astonishing? Yes, it is!

Since their first arrival in history, they haven’t lost their dignity at all. Instead, they are becoming more famous day by day. They are mostly famous for their fancy looks, floor-long hair coats all over their body, loyalty, adaptability, and their size.

They are very good pets and companions to humans. They love to play, they love to be commanded and obey. They are very good with kids and other dogs living in the same house with them.

Physical Features Of Maltese

Maltese are really a very different kind when it comes to their physical features.

Starting off with their hair coat; they have really good hair growth. Their hair grows till their feet i.e. they have floor-length coating all over their body. These are usually shiny, silky, and require a lot of attention.

You need to comb their hair or brush through it every day to prevent it from matting.

Maltese have brown eyes, a black nose, a small round head, and a fluffy tail curled over their back.

They have floppy ears. So, unlike some other breeds, their ears hang down from their head. Also, they have a very acclivous pair of shoulders.

So, now you know why they have very different kinds of body features.

Are Maltese Hypoallergenic?

Dogs that are compatible with people who have allergy issues are called hypoallergenic dogs. Some people are allergic to dogs drooling and shedding.

Maltese are hypoallergenic. Maltese don’t drool. Although they have long hair coating all over their tiny body, they don’t shed much if the hair is regularly brushed, washed, and regularly taken well care of.

Maltese are twenty to thirty centimeters long in height. So, these little creatures don’t really cause any problem to their owner in such a case. Instead, they are careful and humble and they like to stay neat and clean.

So, yes Maltese are actually helpful to allergic people.

Maltese Size

Maltese is a small dog breed; almost the size of a toy which is why they belong to the toy family of dogs. Maltese can grow up to 20 to 30 centimeters long in height (7 to 30 inches). Just imagine this height and you’ll realize how small they are!

These pups can weigh four pounds to eight pounds. They are so small that they can literally go anywhere with you sitting on your lap and they’ll just feel like it’s a furry cushion, to be honest. 

Maltese Coat Color

Purebred Maltese are always white. They may sometimes have a lemon or a tanned marking but not any other color.

It’s true that slightly brown or black Maltese do exist but they are never from a pure bloodline.

They are a hybrid of a Maltese and another black dog of a different breed.

So far about the color-changing, Maltese don’t have a history of changing their color, unlike some specific breeds. They are born white and they grow the same although the markings (lemon or tanned) may get darker as they grow.

Maltese Temperament

Maltese are suitable for any homely environment. They are very well adapted to versatile situations. They are playful, they are friendly, harmless, responsive etcetera.

They are so good as pets that people nowadays are so fond of them! Maltese are surprisingly well with kids. Although they look fancy, they are actually like most other dogs; loyal and affectionate. They love to stay within human contacts.

Maltese don’t show aggression very often. They are usually calm by nature unless they feel threatened at a certain point.

Are Maltese Friendly?

Unlike most other dogs, Maltese are so wonderfully well with strangers! They are actually friendly and they mean to play all the time even with a stranger! They don’t scare easily, they are fearless and strong-willed.

About being friendly with other dogs, Maltese are a trusting kind of dog which means they get comfortable soon in a dog-friendly situation.

This sometimes may be risky for your Maltese because they may not show much aggression but the other dog breeds may and there might be a fight where your pup could lose.

Feeding A Maltese

Feeding Maltese is so crucial and sensitive. There has to be a specific amount of food provided to your dog regularly and you shouldn’t change the amount suddenly. If you want to bring any change to your dog’s food habits, you should do so gradually.

 Take about one-fourth to half a cup of dry food and split it into half and provide your dog that food twice a day. Adult Maltese like to eat thrice/twice a day and on the other hand, the baby Maltese tend to eat more often.

Taking Care of a Maltese

Maltese being the small toy dog, they need a lot of nourishment and care. They may be a small dog breed but they are high maintenance. The things you need to do to take care of your Maltese are –

  • Always keep your Maltese under observation.
  • As Maltese are sensitive, they often tend to have teeth problems and in order to prevent such, you need to clean your Maltese’s teeth regularly (at least three times a week).
  • Brush through your Maltese hair regularly to prevent it from matting.
  • Clean your Maltese’s ear at least once a week.
  • Even if you have enough space in your house for your Maltese to easily play around, take your buddy to walk or to play often.
  • Provide you Maltese toys that help with mental stimulation.
  • Provide a nutritious diet according to age.

Grooming A Maltese

Grooming a Maltese is a fundamental necessity because they have long coats.

You need to make sure that you’re using dog clippers or scissors to trim your Maltese hair. Make sure to trim the area around the eyes because the hair around the eyes can cause problems for your Maltese to see.

You may need to trim your Maltese hair more often depending on how fast their hair growth is, could be once a month. However, to avoid any trouble, you can take your buddy to a professional groomer who will do it nicely and perfectly for you.

Training & Exercise For Maltese

Maltese may be a small-hairy dog breed but they need proper training and regular exercise to stay fit and strong.

Take your Maltese for a walk or to jog and make it for thirty minutes minimum. This should happen daily or once every two days. As Maltese are active dogs, they’ll love to go and walk with you!

Maltese Health

Just like most other dog breeds, Maltese are sensitive and prone to bacterial and viral infection as well. Rabies, distemper, and parvo are some common diseases found in Maltese.

All these need to be taken care of on time and Malteses should be vaccinated to prevent such diseases at an early age.

Maltese tend to have some other problems as well. These are –

  • Dental problem; infection in the gum
  • Eye problem; caused by the hair irrigation and regular teardrops
  • Ear problem; sored and inflammation
  • Bladder Stone; not a usual case, but it happens.
  • Luxating Patella, a knee problem mostly found in small dogs.

Maltese Price

Maltese can be pretty costly for a small dog. Starting from the lowest price, you can expect to get Maltese within $500-700. But be sure that those Maltese will not be from a pure bloodline.

A show-quality i.e. a purebred, confirmed Maltese will cost you $4000! Nonetheless, you can expect to get a semi-adult male within $2400-2600 and a semi-adult female within $3000.

A lot of people are fond of this fancy the Maltese just because of their looks and charms. No matter how expensive they can be, they are a really good company to people who adore charm and fierceness at the same time!