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Why are Akitas So Loyal? (Facts Explained)

Akitas are brave and intelligent dogs. They were mainly bred as hunting dogs. Later they used to be guard dogs. But nowadays, people love to own them as house dogs. Akita’s various characteristics make them excellent dogs.

Akitas are excessively loyal. They generally show their loyalty to their family members and owners. You might want to know the reasons behind Akitas being loyal. This article will tell you about why Akitas are so loyal.

Why are Akitas so loyal?

Akitas are incredibly loyal because of their instinct. Akitas have a reputation of loyalty. From the very beginning, Akitas were used to be guard dogs. So, their protective behavior and loyalty to their family members are still alive. That is why  Akitas are known as one of the most loyal dogs.

The main reason behind Akitas being loyal is their breed characteristic. They were bred as hunting and guard dogs. As a guard dog, they used to be pretty reliable. Day by day, their loyalty reached an extreme level.

Akitas are so loyal that they are super protective of their owners and family members. But sometimes, they are aggressive with strangers and possessive to their owners. Still, they are one of the most popular dogs for their loyalty.

How loyal are Akitas?

Akitas are highly loyal. Generally, they show their loyalty to the family members. If you own an Akita, some days after adopting, he will become super protective of you. Even the Akita will be possessive about their loyalty.

Akita used to be the most loyal dog in Japanese in ancient times. Akita’s instinct is still present in him. Though they are often aggressive to strangers and other animals, they are super protective of their owners.

Akitas generally don’t require loyalty or guarding training. They have this quality from the very beginning. So, you can be sure that Akitas are the most loyal dogs you can have.

3 reasons why Akitas are so loyal

Akitas are famous for their loyalty. That’s why they are excellent as both guard dogs and house dogs. But there are some reasons why Akitas are so loyal. Let’s see the reasons behind Akita’s loyalty.

Breed type:

Akitas are breed dogs similar to the Retrievers. They have the characteristic of being loyal to their family members. All the dogs with the same breed information like the Akitas are used to be loyal.


Akitas has the instinct to be loyal. Though they are not so friendly at the first time, they become loyal to their owners. Even they don’t require loyalty training because of their instinct.

Guard dog behavior:

Akitas used to be guard dogs. Day by day, they got the popularity of house dogs. As a guard dog, Akitas are super loyal and protective. Though they are not used as guard dogs that much, they still have the behavior of loyalty.

Do Akitas love their owners?

Akitas love their owners and family members. Many people love to have Akitas as their house dogs because of Akita’s excellent characteristics. Akitas are incredibly loyal and protective of their family members and owners.

Moreover, Akitas love to be with people. Sometimes, they become so protective and possessive that they even get aggressive with strangers. Akitas become family-oriented day by day after adopting.

A well-trained Akita can be one of the best choices to own a dog breed. Because Akitas are affectionate and lovely to the owners. Once the Akitas become a part of the family, they will love and protect their owners.

How do you know if your Akita loves you?

Generally, Akitas love their owners. Their affections might not be noticeable sometimes. But the Akita shows some signs from that you can know if your Akita loves you or not. Let’s see how you will know if your Akita loves you or not.

  • Your Akita will love to travel with you whatever the distance is.
  • The Akita will remain polite if you take pictures of him.
  • Your Akita will love your companionship wherever you go.
  • The Akita will let you squeeze him.
  • The Akita will watch you out when you go outside, like a guard dog.
  • The Akita will be on your side when you are sad or crying.
  • Your Akita will be loyal and protective when you are with strangers.

What are Akitas known for?

Akitas are mainly known for their loyalty and courage. They are large breed dogs with a bold personality. In Japan, where their origin is, they are popular for good luck and protective behavior. They are also known for being excellent guard dogs.

Moreover, Akitas are famous for being lovely companions and affectionate to the family. They love their owners and protect them.

Akitas have some temperament issues also. They are known for being aggressive to other animals and strangers. But they are trainable. So, once they get training, Akitas are friendly toward other animals and strangers.

The real loyalty story of Hachiko, an Akita.

To know about how loyal the Akitas are, you must know the story of Hachiko. Though the story might seem to be a sad story, it will inform you how extremely loyal the Akitas are.

Hachiko was a Japanese Akita dog who was born in 1923 on a farm. Hidesaburō Ueno, a Japanese agricultural scientist, was Hachiko’s owner. Ueno brought the breed dog to Tokyo. Hachiko was loyal and affectionate to his owner all the time.

Hachiko used to meet his owner every day after his owner’s work at the Shibuya Station. Hachiko used to stand on the station every single day for his owner. In 1925, Hidesaburō Ueno passed away. But Hachiko was so loyal to his owner that he continued to stand for his owner every day at the same time.

Even Hachiko continued to do so for nine years after the passing of his owner. He might think that his owner would come back. Hachiko is still considered the symbol of loyalty in Japan as well as worldwide.

Which dog breeds are most loyal?

Dogs are loyal animals in general. But over time, many dogs were bred to have different characteristics. As a result, some dog breeds are less loyal, and some are highly loyal. Loyal dogs are considered house dogs, guard dogs, services dogs, etc.

Let’s see some dog breeds that are the most loyal dogs among the huge amount of dog breeds.

  • Collie
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita
  • German Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Brittany
  • Boxer
  • Golden Retriever
  • Dachshund
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Bulldog

Are Akitas protective of their owners?

Akitas are incredibly protective of their owners. They are famous for their protective behavior. Akitas were used to be guard dogs. So, they still have the instinct to protect their family members and owners.

Sometimes, their protectiveness is so extreme that they become possessive. Being possessive, they don’t allow strangers or other animals to their owners. That’s why Akitas require socializing training before keeping them with other animals.

Akitas are one of the most protective dog breeds. So, they have the characteristic of protectiveness. Moreover, they grew this characteristic in them over time. If you own an Akita, you will notice the protective behavior of your Akita in some days.

At what age do Akitas become protective?

Akitas become more protective when they are more than one year old. Protectiveness is Akita’s natural behavior. They got this characteristic as their instinct. But they start to show their protectiveness with increasing age.

When Akita is one year old, he starts to show protective behavior with other characteristics. Over time, this behavior increases in the Akitas. When the Akita is an adult dog, he will ultimately become protective of their family members and owners.

If you own an Akita as a puppy, you will notice that the puppy will grow protective and loyal behavior in him day by day. After one year, the Akita will show protectiveness to you. So, you have to wait one year to notice the full protective nature of the Akita.

Akitas are famous for their loyalty worldwide. Everybody knows about the most loyal dog, Hachiko. Hachiko was an Akita dog. So, loyalty is a breed quality of the Akita. So, Akitas are extremely loyal to their family members and owners.

Sometimes, they can be overprotective and aggressive to strangers. So, they need socializing training. If you want to own an Akita, you can train him and keep him an excellent house dog.

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