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Do Akitas Like to Cuddle? (Complete Guide)

Akita dogs are one of the cute and lovely breeds of dogs with a happy smile on their face. And that would melt anyone’s heart, also would make anyone want to cuddle with them.

However, not all dogs like to cuddle, so whether you are an Akita dog owner or not before you approach them to cuddle, you may think do Akitas like to cuddle or not? 

Therefore, this article will answer this question for you along with breaking down other most asked questions about Akitas regarding cuddling. 

Do Akitas Like To Cuddle? 

Akita dogs like to cuddle. Typically, they like to cuddle with their owners or with those people whom they love and adore. But they are very cautious around strangers who approach them to cuddle or show affection and more likely will not prefer to cuddle with them. Because they can’t trust them. 

Akita dogs don’t cuddle exaggeratedly like other breeds of dogs. Their way of cuddling is very soft and relaxing.

They would simply sit by their owners or other family member’s side in a relaxed way. They would sit close so that they can lean their body on their owner’s shoulder to take a rest or would lay their head in the owner’s lap. 

Sometimes they will make space for them on the bed to cuddle while sleeping with their owner or other members. And sometimes, to show affection, they just lick the feet of their owners or other members as feet are easily accessible for them.

Why Would An Akita Want To Cuddle?

As said before, Akitas do love to cuddle but they save up all cuddle for their owners or their favorite human. So there are several reasons that make them want to cuddle. For your knowledge, the main ones the given below. 

Seeking Attention 

Akitas love to get attention and cuddling is a lovely way to get grab that attention. Therefore, they would express their wish to get attention and affection by wanting to cuddle with you or their favorite person. Also, cuddling makes them feel loved so they will wish to get a cuddle. 

Asking For Companionship 

If Akitas feel that they need a friend or companion now, they would want to cuddle. Because they are yearning for the affection and love they will get from cuddling. So they that will make room for them on the bed or sit closely with you or their favorite human from your family to cuddle sometime. 

They Are Concerned

Akitas have a great sense of sensing if you are not doing well or sick. So they become concerned for you and want to heal you with their unconditional love. So wanting to cuddle is their way of showing concern. 

To Protect 

Akitas would want to cuddle when they comprehend that there might be any threat for you owners or their favorite human.

For instance, if someone whom they don’t know comes closer to you, they will put themselves between you and that person. Also will start to cuddle you as a sign that they are always by your side to protect you. 

Why Would An Akita Not Want To Cuddle? 

Several reasons can trigger an Akita to run the other way when you or someone else approach them for cuddling. It’s doesn’t mean they are antisocial or don’t love you. Perhaps they just need some time with themselves to spend with. 

Well, coming to the main points. If you have adopted an older Akita dog from another owner or a dog shelter, he might not want to cuddle. Because probably he was mistreated by them and it’s hard for him to trust you and let you come closer to him. 

Another major reason can be stress. If your Akita notices changes in his daily routine, he tends to come under stress or even angry. So in that situation, they may not want to cuddle you. 

And if your Akita dog is in some kind of pain or injured, they wouldn’t want to cuddle with you. Because at that time all they want is to get rid of the pain.

How Do I Get An Akita To Cuddle More? 

Making an Akita snuggle more is tricky and takes a little more work, however, in the end, the result will surely make you feel like it’s absolutely worthy. Therefore, to help you to get some more cuddle from your furball, some effective ways have been described below.

Train Cuddling From Puppy Phase

The most effective trick to get your Akita more cuddly is to train him from his puppy phase. Because they are young then and it’s easy to gain their trust more in you and teach them to be snuggly. 

Treat Him With Delish Treats

When your Akita naturally comes to you to snuggle, treat them with dog treats or try to hand feed them. Although it seems like bribing them but it does work as he would come to cuddle with you more to get more treats. But don’t make it their habit.

Make Him Sleep With You 

Make your Akita dog sleep next to you on the bed or couch from the moment you’ve adopted him. Many studies on dogs say that dogs that sleep next to their owners are most likely to like cuddling more. Also, pet and praise him every time he sleeps cuddling you. 

Love Him 

Akitas are more like to express the love back when their owners love them immensely. So shower love on him as much as possible. Scratch him behind his ears, give him a belly rub, and play games with him. All these will make him more affectionate towards you.

And he would want your love and company more, as a result, he will come to you for snuggling. 

Give Him A Daily Brushing Session 

A daily brushing session can actually create a stronger bond with your Akita. At this time they will be close to you and will get some quality time to spend with you. So it will strengthen your relationship with him and will make him snuggly towards you. 

Pet Him 

Akitas love to get petted. So pet him more so that the missed out affection and attention he used to get from you come back in his life to make him cuddly. 

How Do You Know If Your Akita Loves You?

Your Akita loves you even if he doesn’t cuddle too much. However, the easiest means to understand that your Akita loves you is, he will jump around you showing joy on his face and will wag his tail seeing you. You may even get a full-body slam from him. 

You may even see him do weird activities and dance for you to make you happy. It also means he loves you deeply. 

He is just going to lick your face, hands, feet whenever he gets access to you. Licking is a way of showing love too.

He will even sit/sleep next to you leaning his body on you in a relaxing position. It’s Akita’s way of cuddling and showing love.

Also, you will notice following you wherever you go, staring directly into your eyes, making you his comfort zone, being protective and jealous if someone tries to come near you. All of these are signs that your Akita loves you dearly and deeply. 

Are Akitas Affectionate?

Akitas are really affectionate. But their affection is rigorously reserved for their owners or their favorite humans.

They don’t treat outsiders or strangers so dearly because they can’t trust them instantly. But after a while when they start trusting those people, they might even show them affection.

Akitas have a tendency of loving their owners or favorite persons till the end of their life. So except for the family members, anyone outside of the family is considered as a threat to them.

However, just know that Akitas are lovely babies full of playfulness and goofiness that can thaw people’s hearts. 

How Do Akitas Show Affection?

These cute furballs have several ways of showing affection. In case, you are wondering what the ways might be, a list has been given below for you to understand. 

  • They stare directly into your eyes
  • Shows empathy when you are sad or sick
  • Loves to leaning their body on you
  • They will be all snuggly 
  • They will lick you 
  • Follows you everywhere 
  • Will wag their tail and jump on you 
  • They will give a big smile seeing you after a long time 

Why Do Akitas Nibble? 

Akitas nibble three possible reasons. 

  • Show affection: Nibbling or “Flea-bite” is just an Akita dog’s way to show affection to those they love. It’s not a fierce bite but it may pinch the skin and it’s a little painful then.
  • Teething phase: When Akita is in his teething phase, he is more likely to chew on everything. So it can be a reason he is nibbling on you or other things. 
  • Bored: If an Akita is bored, he might nibble on things and sometimes you too. It can be destructive. Therefore, train him to control this behavior.  

Do Akitas Love Their Owners? 

Akitas love their owner immensely. They are affectionate, protective, and concerned towards them.

Akitas will try to do every possible activity to make their owner happy if they find them sad or sick. 

Akitas even put themselves between their owner and a threat to protect them. They are fiercely loyal to both their family members and the owner. They don’t like to stay away from their owner.  

Your Akita furry friend certainly loves cuddling you. If sometimes they hesitate to cuddle you, don’t worry! Just give him a little time to trust and accept you.

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