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Why Does Akita Smell Bad? (Reasons and Solutions!)

Akita breed dogs are clean by nature and they like to groom themselves properly. It is very much rare for them to smell bad.

There must be some other issue if you find your dog smelling bad all of a sudden. Take a bit of time to examine the dog properly and get to the actual reason behind the stench.

Why does Akita smell bad?

Akitas do not have the strong odor that most dogs have. But if you find a strong stench from your Akita, you should pay attention to its health. The bad smell can come from infection. Or simply because it needs a bath. It is important for your Akita to bathe at least once every month. 

If you have a dog, it is common to have a certain smell around the place. The smell is not bad or too strong. The natural odor of a dog is more strong than the ones humans have. So a subtle smell is very normal. But if you find the smell too strongly, then it might be a problem.

As for Akita, It is not very common for your Akita dog to have a bad or strong stench. There might be a number of reasons behind such sudden odor-

Bath time

Dogs can get dirty as they are always on the run. Apart from cleaning up regularly, a complete bath with shampoo and cleansers is necessary to clean the dirt properly.

The dirt and sebum can pile up in the fur and that could create the smell. The sweat stuck in the fur can also be the cause of the stench. 

You should bathe your dog at least once every month. A proper bath that makes your dog all neat and clean from ear to toe. Visit a saloon if you need. Do not let dirt and sweat sit in the fur coat for too long.

Dirty bed

Where your dog sleeps is very important. If it is dirty then there is a high chance that your dog will carry the smell around with it. Even if you keep your dog all clean all the time, if the keeps rolling in a dirty bed it will catch the bad odor.

Keep the pillow and the bed clean. Change the sheets and covers whenever you see it get dirty. It is important to keep the bed clean to avoid bugs and mites as well.

Skin infection

Any sort of skin disease or infection can be the reason why your dog might start to smell weird all of a sudden. The thick coat of fur can trap dirt and sweat which can lead to rashes or other infections.

Check your dog every once in a while and be sure to get through the coat of fur properly. Keep your dog clean and checked by a vet or groomer. 

Ear infection

The ear of the dogs are fairly sensitive and prone to infection. Even if you give your dog a proper cleaning, an infection in the ear is still common. Ear areas are where most bacterial infection happens, thus the bad smell of it as well.

Akitas have small to average sized ears. So they are safe from such infections. But you should still take a look in the area to be safe.

Anal sacs

If the anal sacs or the anal glands become infected with unhealthy bacteria, the area can create a very bad and distinct smell. It is very unpleasant and musky. If you feel this is the reason behind your dogs smell do not waste a minute and take your dog to the vet immediately.

Bad breath

If your Akita is old, it might have bad breath, This condition is called Halitosis. This can be found in younger dogs as well. Take care of your dogs dental hygiene in this case. Make sure they are brushed and cleaned every day.

It is not common for your dog to smell so much that it gets obvious. Look for the source of the smell and follow whatever process is necessary to get rid of the smell. Remember it is unpleasant for your dog as well.

What to do if my Akita smells?

A smelly dog is very unpleasant. The smell gets everyone, including your dog. Notice how your Akita gets fussy when it starts to smell strongly. Locate where the smell is coming from and why it is this way. Then you can take proper steps to solve the problem-

  • Give a good cleaning: Give your dog a good cleaning and a bath if necessary. Do not use too much fragrant shampoo as it might be harmful for your dog;
  • Clean and brush: Clean and brush your dog every other day. Dry brush very often and dry the sweats off properly so the bacteria does not build up;
  • Keep the place clean: Keep the place it plays and sleeps clean;
  • Change covers regularly: Change bed covers and pillowcases of your dog every month;
  • Take him to the groomer: Take your Akita dog to a groomer every other month for a proper clean up;
  • Visit vet: Visit the vet regularly. For any specific infection, use proper medications and ointments to solve the problem;
  • Brush his teeth: Brush your dogs teeth every day. Do not let the bad breath stick.

Taking care of a smelly dog can be a handful if you do not care for it initially. Make sure to keep your dog clean. Do not let the dirt stick. And you should be good with a clean good dog.

Should you bathe Akitas?

Your Akita will enjoy the occasional warm and soothing bath. It is actually very necessary for your Akita to take regular baths, and you should give them a bath once every month. This is to keep your dog clean and soft and away from dirt and bacteria.

Akitas like to stay clean and they usually groom themselves. The dog breed does enjoy a good bath. Try to give your dog a bath once every month. Too much bath is not necessary for the dog.

Dry your dog properly after bathing. Do not let the fur stay wet for too long. It could lead to fungal infection. Use an electric dryer set at medium temperature. Bathing and drying is absolutely necessary for your Akita dog breed.

How often should Akitas be bathed? 

Once every four weeks should be a good schedule to give your Akita a bath. Usually one proper bath every month is enough for your Akita. Make sure to dry your dog thoroughly afterwards.

If you feel your dog needs a bath, do give it one immediately. After it plays a lot in the dirt and mud, one bath is necessary. Taking care of your dogs hygiene is very important. Make sure to not compromise with it at all.

How to groom an Akita?

Akitas are not high maintenance when it comes to their grooming. You will need to take care of a few simple and you will be good to go-


Brush your Akita often. They shed twice a year and it is not too extreme. But you will need to brush the fur coat properly very often. Use a wooden comb or a steel comb to brush out the fur coat.

Moisturize the coat:

Moisturize the thick undercoat of your Akita before you start combing. Spritz you akita gently with water using a spray bottle. This will help the grooming session;

Comb during shedding season:

Go outside when you comb them during the shedding season. This is optional however, as the dog breed does not shed much hair;


The clean dog breed needs to bathed once every month. It is best to clean them and give them proper baths every four weeks. They are very clean themselves so it will not be much of an hassle.

Akitas are very clean natured dogs that groom themselves. They do not make much mess and do not like to stay dirty. To groom them you will just need to be consistent and regular, no other hassle is needed.

How to clean Akita’s ears?

Akitas have standing ears so there is less chance of getting an ear infection. But you will still need to clean your dogs ear to make sure it does not get infected-

  • Step 1: Lift the ear and inspect it properly.
  • Step 2: Properly examine the ear for any infection or smell.
  • Step 3: Clean the entrance wax with a damp cotton swab.
  • Step 4: Clean the ear canal gently. Do not push the cotton swab too far.
  • Step 5: Clean the base of the ear.

While Cleaning the ear, you should be extra cautious. It is a very sensitive are. 

How to clean Akita dog’s teeth?

Give your dog a regular teeth brush to prevent tartar from forming. Try to make it a habit by regularly brushing as a puppy. Use gentle, non fragrant tooth paste for the comfort of your dog.

How to take care of Akita dogs?

Akitas are very low maintenance dogs. They do not require much care-

  • Clean and bath the dog every month;
  • Take it to the vet routinely;
  • Take long walks and regular runs;
  • Trim and groom your dog every now and then;
  • Brush the teeth regularly;
  • Dry your Akita properly;

An akita is not very hard to take care of. Just maintain a few things and it should be good.

Akitas are beautiful and clean dogs by nature. There is no reason for them to smell bad unless there is some other issue. Maintenance is not very hard but be sure to look after this issue properly.

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