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Do Akitas Run Away? (All You Need to Know)

Akitas are large and brave dogs. They are mainly guard and hunter dogs. But for their different attractive features, people love them to have in their houses. But Akitas have a complex personality. That’s why they are hard to train and raise.

Akitas are used to be guard dogs. They have an instinct to chase other animals and hunting around. So, the owners of Akitas have the fear that their Akitas might run away. This article will tell you about the characteristics of Akitas and their chances to run away.

Do Akitas run away?

Akitas can run away. Each dog has the possibility to run away. The same possibility goes for the Akitas. They can have different reasons to run away. For example, the Akita might have a disobedience problem or fear of something. Like other dogs, Akitas can run away from nervousness.

Generally, Akitas weren’t bred as house dogs. They have the instinct to chase, hunt, and protect their family. Sometimes, Akitas can run away for their independence or disobedience.

Sometimes, Akitas get afraid of some noises or strange sounds. However, there might be different reasons for Akitas running away. You have to keep patience and find solutions about how you can get your Akita back.

Why does my Akita keep running away?

Akitas are generally loyal and protective. But sometimes, Akitas can run away. Losing your dog is hurtful for sure. But there are specific reasons for your Akita to run away. Let’s see why your Akita keeps running away.


This is pretty strange but true that your Akita can run away being bored. If you leave your Akita alone, he might get bored. Being bored, Akita can run away.


Akita tends to run away from fear. Sometimes, they get anxiety from sounds or noises. Your Akita get feared if you beat him. Akita can run away from the bear of beating.

Disobedience problem:

Training an Akita is pretty difficult. Sometimes, controlling the behaviors of Akita might be challenging. So, your Akita might not obey your command and run away from home.

Looking for a mate:

If your Akita is in search of a mate, he might run away. Female Akitas spread smell when they are in heat. Sometimes, male Akitas follow the attraction and run away. The same goes for the female Akitas. They can run away in search of a suitor.

How to prevent Akita from running away?

Generally, well-trained Akitas don’t run away. But sometimes, Akitas run away for some reason. If you have an Akita and don’t want to lose him, you have to know how to prevent your Akita from running away. Let’s see how you can do it.

Train the Akita:

Train your Akita to follow your command. Make sure your Akita don’t enter or leave the house before you. Control him so that he might follow you always. Once you train your Akita well, he might be obedient and don’t run away suddenly.

Don’t scold or beat:

Always try to be less harsh with the Akitas. Akitas can be pretty sensitive sometimes. If your Akita doesn’t follow your command or make any mistake, don’t scold or beat him. Beating the Akita might frighten him, and he might run away with fear.

Release stress:

Sometimes, Akitas run away when they are nervous or stressed. Try to arrange something recreational or enjoyable for your Akitas. If Akita has less stress, he might be obedient and don’t go away.

Help to calm down:

If your Akita is afraid of noises or some particular sound, help him to calm down. White noise machines, calming treats, etc., can help the Akitas to be stress-free when they are afraid.

Neuter the Akita:

Your Akita might run away in need of a mate. He might be in heat and go away in search of a female Akita. So, neutering your Akita might help. Whether the Akita is a female or male, he needs to be neutered.

Regular Exercise:

Akitas need regular exercise for their growth and development. If you don’t go for a walk at least some days of a week, the Akita might want to go out on his own. So, take him for a walk regularly.

How do you train an Akita dog not to run away?

Akitas have strong willpower. If they get proper training, they can be very obedient. If you have the fear that your Akita might run away, you have to train him. Let’s see some techniques that you can follow to train your Akita not to run away.

  • Train your Akita the basic rules to follow your commands.
  • Give the Akita treat if he follows your command.
  • Always leave or enter the door before the Akita dog.
  • Try a leash to control the Akita’s movement.
  • Take him on regular walks so that he might not need to go outside.
  • Play with the Akita or get him entertainment to prevent boredom.

What should you do if your dog runs away?

It’s not surprising that your dog might run away. If your dog runs away, whether he is trained or not, you must have to take some steps to get him back. Here are some steps you can follow if your dog runs away.

Have patience:

At first, you have to have patience and think about the reason why your dog ran away. If you notice your dog running away, don’t chase him immediately. If you chase the dog, he might continue to run away more quickly.

Use the command words:

If your dog ran away, you could call by his name again and again. You can use the specific words you use to say to your dog. He might be around. He can come back noticing your voice.

Stop the dog:

If you fail to get the dog’s attention, you should stop the dog from running away. This might be a harsh process, but the dog can’t live well, running away and staying outside.

Care for the future:

Once your dog runs away, he might do the same in the future. So, be careful and practice the training for your dog. A well-trained dog must not run away in the future.

Do dogs come back home after running away?

Most dogs come back home after running away. Generally, dogs are loyal and obedient. They have a strong-smelling sense that they can get the way to returning back home. Moreover, if the reason for running away isn’t serious, the dog will come back home.

If your dog runs away from stress or panic, the possibility of your dog coming back is more. Sometimes, the dog runs away just to have a walk. He might come back some hours later. But if the dog runs away for serious reasons, he might never come back.

Are Akitas good off-leash?

Akitas are good off-leash if they are well trained. Generally, Akitas are hunter dogs. They have an instinct to chase and high prey drive. Moreover, they are aggressive to other animals. If Akitas are off-leash, they have a chase to run away to other animals.

So, it’s better to keep your Akita on leash. But if Akita has enough training, you can try to keep him off-leash. Notice sometimes the Akitas behave when he is off-leash. If the Akita don’t show any aggressiveness or negative behavior, you can keep the Akita off-leash.

Can Akitas be left alone?

Most Akitas can be left alone. Akitas are large brave dogs. They have the courage to live alone at home. But sometimes, when you leave the Akita alone for a long time, he might get bored. Moreover, being bored, the Akita might feel separation anxiety.

If you leave the Akita alone for less than 8 hours, he might be okay. But if you leave him for more than 8 hours, he might start to feel alone and show aggressiveness. So, you can leave your Akita at home alone, but make sure he might not be alone for a longer time.

Can Akitas stay home alone?

Akitas can stay home alone. Akitas are generally guarding dogs. They have the courage to live alone at home for some time. Even they can protect the home from other animals and strangers.

But the Akita has separation anxiety like other dogs. If they are left home alone for a long time, they feel bored and stressed.

Separation anxiety might lead him to be nervous, and he might run away when he gets an opportunity. So, don’t leave the Akita alone at home for more than 8 hours.

Akitas are intelligent dogs that are pretty loyal and protective. Generally, they can be good house dogs. But like other dogs, they can run away too. Many reasons can be responsible for their running away.

Most of the time, Akitas come back after running away from home. If your Akita runs away, keep patience and try to find him. You can also prepare for training your Akita so that he might not run away. A well-trained Akita might be good at home and doesn’t run away.

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