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What Are Akitas Good For? (All You Need to Know)

While contemplating adopting an Akita dog the first question that will arise in anybody’s mind is, “What are Akitas good for?”.

Because they are large and strong dogs that might not be suitable for everyone. So, certainly, you would wish to know what are those factors for what Akitas are greatly known for.

This article will give you an insight into their good qualities by answering all relevant questions along with the main question which is what are Akitas good for. 

What Are Akitas Good For?

Akita dogs are good for being fiercely loyal, courageous, and committed dogs towards their owners and family members. They are vastly known for loving unconditionally and protecting their human family members. They don’t require daily strenuous exercise, and they are independent dogs. 

Things That Are Akitas Good For?

Akitas are good for their numerous good qualities that made them human’s best friend. The main ones have been given below. 


Akitas are greatly known for their fierce loyalty that they have been showing from the past times. If you want a dangerously loyal and committed dog friend for you, Akitas certainly should be the first choice. 


Akitas may give up on their lives but they will not give up protecting their human family from any danger. They will never let a single danger fall upon them.

Even if they see any stranger coming towards their owner, they stand between them to protect him. Akitas will not hesitate once to attack someone if they notice dubious activity. 


Akitas sincerely love their owners and other family members. They like to spend time with them and cuddle them. They gently ask for their affection too. They are also good family dogs.

Less Strenuous Exercise 

Akitas don’t demand strenuous exercise on a regular basis. A daily walk around the park and loads of indoor activities are sufficient for them to stay calm.

Independent Dogs

Like other breeds of dogs, Akitas don’t demand constant attention or cuddling. Instead, they would stay alone and enjoy their own company. Some may not even want to cuddle so much.

What Were Akitas Originally Bred For?

Akitas were originally bred for guarding nobility and royalty in Japan. Because Akitas are filled up with noble values and the natural trait of being loyal to their masters. Also, they were used to train for hunting and tracking wild boar, deer, and black bears in large games.

Later then, Akitas were started to breed for serving Japanese police. As Akitas have a powerful, strong, and large body with a loyal and courageous personality. 

Even still, Akitas work for the Japanese police. Also, they are serving as good family dogs too. 

What Are Akitas Like As Pets?

Akitas are really good as pets. They are packed with goodness that can attract anybody’s heart and mind.

Their best quality as a pet is they are the most faithful furry friend one could find out there. Continuing the good qualities, their love and affection towards the family members come in second place. 

Following then, they are defensive for their family members. Also, they are very intelligent and self-dependent dogs that enjoy their own company.

Akitas don’t even bark so much, neither they do require heavy exercise that. So as an Akita owner, one doesn’t have to put much effort into taking them for exercise.

Well, along with so many goodnesses, Akitas do have some cons too. They can act stubborn, aggressive, and dominant. They are not good for homes with young kids and other pets, especially a dog of the same gender as an Akita.

They are suspicious of every stranger so they can even attack them out of aggression. Also, Akitas Shed a lot which is troublesome. 

Are Akitas Good For First-Time Owners?

Akita dog breed is not good for first-time owners. Because Akitas have a tendency to be stubborn, aggressive, dominant.

So, it’s highly difficult for a first-time inexperienced owner to handle their temperament and train them properly with obedience training. Also, Akitas will try to be dominant over them.

Moreover, Akitas have distrust issues so it takes double work to make Akitas believe in their owner and accept them. First-time owners might not be able to put so much effort to gain their trust. 

Therefore, it’s absolutely not suggested for first-time owners to get an Akita dog. 

Are Akitas Good Guard Dogs?

Akitas are great guard dogs. Their large, strong body and natural trait of striving to protect their owners and family members make them excellent guard dogs. 

Akitas have natural instincts to be protective of their home’s territory and wary of strangers. They take them as a threat and aggressively make them run away.

Therefore, even if they see someone doing a slight suspicious activity or trying to come inside the home inappropriately, they will not hesitate to attack him. 

Akitas are greatly known as fiercely loyal to their owners and their families. And they are committed to protecting them at any cost. 

Are Akitas Good Family Dogs?

Akitas make good family dogs. They are super affectionate towards their owners and other family members that they would shower them with unconditional love. Akitas are courageous, devoted, loyal, and fiercely protective towards their human family. 

They are really playful too. So, often they will be seen playing around being a happy soul around the home that brings a happy vibe in the home. Once they start trusting, they become all goofy and lovable with all family members. 

However, keep in mind that to gain such a good and happy Akita, as an owner you must train an Akita with love and patience. And have to ensure that they are not mistreated in your home. 

Are Akitas Good Apartment Dogs? 

Akitas surely are considered as good apartment dogs. And they live in a good manner in apartments without causing any serious trouble for the owner or neighbors.

Akita dogs don’t require strenuous exercises or long hours of running, jumping, or other tiring activities to stay in a calm temperament. And this is the main factor that made Akitas good apartment dogs.

However, they do need an adequate amount of exercise to release their pent-up energy and a lot of indoor activities to keep their mind occupied. 

Therefore, if you are contemplating keeping your Akita in the apartment, make sure that there are parks around your home so that your Akita baby can go for a regular walk. 

Are Akitas Good Hunting Dogs?

Akitas are naturally hunting dogs. So, in recent times, if they are properly trained for hunting with strict obedience training, they certainly can be good hunting dogs. 

Akitas have a large body with enough strength and power. And all of these traits make them suitable for hunting.

So if they get hunting training and their skills are developed, they can prove themselves as good as any other hunting dogs. However, Akitas are not scent-hunters. They can smell their prey and chase them to hunt. 

But do remember one thing, if you can’t strictly train them with proper obedience training, do not encourage their hunting traits. As it can turn them into a lethal animal. 

Are Akitas Good For Hiking?

Akitas are naturally known as good hikers and hiking partners. In fact, Akitas leave traces on the tracks while hiking. Naturally, they have inherited decent traction so they barely encounter any issue while hiking. Even in difficult, stone-filled, narrow terrains. 

Moreover, if your Akita has gotten proper obedience training, he will stay obedient and listen to your command even if you unleash him. 

Going hiking with your Akita dog will be a fun activity as well as it will strengthen your bond with your furry friend. 

Are Akitas Good With Kids? 

Akitas are really not good with young kids. But they share a well-behaved and good temperament with older kids. 

Akitas are quite possessive towards their toys or stuff. So if young kids touch them or try to take them, Akitas can be aggressive towards them. So, it’s not recommended at all to bring an Akita dog if you have young kids at home. 

And if you want to adopt, adopt an Akita puppy so that he can get training to socialize with the kids in your home and learn to love them as their human brother and sister. 

Are Akitas Good With Small Dogs?

Akitas are dominant and aggressive by nature, they are not good with small dogs either. In reality, size doesn’t even matter to them. If Akitas realize that it’s a dog of the same gender as them, they will try to be dominant over them. Sometimes can even catch a fight with them.

So, it’s suggested not to bring an Akita dog in the home, especially when there is already a same-gendered dog live. 

But if the dog is of different genders, Akitas will show less aggression and dominance. 

Are Akitas Good With Cats?

Akitas share a volatile relationship with cats. Since they show dominance and aggression towards other animals, they will not spare cats either. Sometimes they will behave aggressively and sometimes will not. It’s an unstable relationship between an Akita and a cat. 

But, if you raise and train both your Akita puppy and cat together, eventually they will learn to stay with them and will not show aggression. And it’s the safest solution. 

Also, know that your Akita will definitely not hesitate to attack a stray cat if he sees it strolling around your home’s territory. 

Akita dogs are good for several purposes. It’s you who need to determine what goodness of Akita dogs you want them as your best furry companion.

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