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Can Akitas Live with Other Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Akitas are large breed dogs that have protective intuitions. They were bred to be a guard and noble hunter dogs. Though Akitas are aggressive and dangerous sometimes, they are loyal and excellent as service dogs. That’s why people love them to be a pet in their house.

Generally, Akitas are brave and protective. Though they are hunter dogs, they have many qualities to be a pet in houses.

But you might be confused about whether the Akita can live with other dogs in your home or not. This article will give you detailed information about the Akitas and their behavior.

Can Akitas live with other dogs?

Akitas can’t live with other dogs without any training. They can be very aggressive and dangerous to other dogs. Especially with the same-sex Akitas, they can show destructive behaviors. If the Akita doesn’t get socializing training, he might be aggressive to other dogs, even to the other animals.

If you are a first-time pet owner, you should never own an Akita for the first time. Akitas need a lot of training to socialize and live with other pets and animals. Generally, they are guard dogs and protective. But they don’t show friendly behaviors at first.

If you have other pets in your house, you shouldn’t bring an Akita with the pets without training. The Akita can be aggressive to the other pets.

Especially if you have an Akita already in your house, you shouldn’t bring another one because they get more aggressive with same-sex or same breed dogs.

Can Akitas live with small dogs?

If Akitas get enough training to socialize, they can live with small dogs. But at the first time, they aren’t friendly with small dogs at all. Even they chase other animals too. So, you shouldn’t leave the Akita with small dogs for safety.

Akitas are hunter breed dogs. They have the instinct to protect and chase other animals. They don’t play with other animals too. So, if you don’t get the Akita training, he might be aggressive and destructive to small dogs.

If you have puppies in your house, you shouldn’t bring Akita in your place. Moreover, you must not leave the puppies with the Akita alone at home. Though they can be good family dogs, they don’t like other animals in the house.

Can two Akitas live together?

Two Akitas can live together in the same house if they are of the opposite sex. Same-sex Akitas are not likely to be friendly with each other. They become aggressive to each other and their aggressiveness can harm others too.

Generally, male Akitas like to dominate the animals in one house. But if there is another make Akita in the house, they can be competitive and destructive. But if a male and a female Akita live together, this competition doesn’t exist. So, they can live without any bigger issues.

The same concern goes for the female Akitas. So, two same-sex Akitas can’t live with each other. If you already have an Akita and want to bring another, find the opposite sex Akita dog. Otherwise, you can’t leave the two Akitas in the home anytime.

Why don’t Akitas get along with other dogs?

Akitas can’t live with other dogs. It’s pretty dangerous to leave another pet with an Akita alone. Let’s see why Akitas don’t get along with other dogs.

Independent mentality:

Akitas are independent. They think of themselves as the leader of the other animals in the house. If there is another pet or dog, the Akita considers the other dog as his prey.

Dominant personality:

Akitas love to dominate. Though they are loyal to the family in the house, they treat other animals as their prey. Even if there comes another dog, the Akita tries to dominate and chase the other dog.

Super protective nature:

Akitas are super protective and loyal to the family members. This loyalty can make them possessive.

So, they can’t bear other pets or dogs in the house. They are bred as guard dogs. So, whenever they see other animals come closer to any family member, the Akita chases them.

Hunting instinct:

Akitas have a hunting instinct from the very beginning. So, they love to chase other animals. If you bring an Akita to your house with other dogs, the Akita will chase them by their natural hunting instinct.

How to train your Akita to get along with other dogs?

Akitas are pretty aggressive with other dogs. They need enough socializing training to get along with other dogs. If you are a new Akita dog owner, you have to follow some techniques. Let’s see how you can train your Akita.

Practice him to follow command:

First of all, you have to train the Akita to follow your command. Train him with specific words and give him treats after following an order. Pronounce the particular words over and over to familiarize him with the words.

Use leash:

You can use a leash to control the Akita’s movement. Though Akitas are hard to control for their large size, you need to use the leash for familiarizing the Akita with it.

Introduce the Akita with new things:

Your Akita might be aggressive seeing strangers. Train your Akita to get along with strangers. Take him for regular walks and socialization. These things might help the Akita to get along with new people and places.

Practice with treats:

Practice the Akita socializing with other dogs by giving him treats. Whenever the Akita or other dogs come closer to each other, provide treats for them. This will ensure they get a treat if they are good to each other.

Do female Akitas tend to be less aggressive than male Akitas?

Female Akitas are considered less aggressive than male Akitas. Female Akitas are more patient and easy to train. They also need less time to be family dogs. Moreover, female Akitas tend to show less destructive behaviors than male Akitas.

Even when they are puppies, they get along with other puppies. They develop aggression gradually over time. But sometimes, female Akitas can be aggressive seeing strangers.

How to train an Akita to not be aggressive?

Akitas are aggressive with other dogs most times. But if you train the Akitas, they can get along with other dogs. Let’s see how you can train your Akita not to be aggressive.

  • Practice the Akita to follow your command.
  • Give the Akita treats if he follows your command.
  • Use a leash to control the Akita’s movement.
  • Introduce the Akita to new places and strangers.
  • Give the Akita socializing training.

Are Akitas really that bad?

Akitas can be pretty aggressive and dangerous sometimes. They are hard to control without training. If you are taking a pet for the first time, Akita can be a wrong choice. Owning an Akita can be so challenging.

But Akitas aren’t really that bad. They are super protective and loyal. Akitas are good family dogs and affectionate to the family members.

Why are Akitas so mean?

Akitas are hunter dog breeds. They have a prey instinct. Their natural behavior is exposed sometimes, especially when they see any stranger or other pets. They can be highly aggressive to them.

Akita’s mean behavior is the sign of their intuition. But their aggressiveness can be controlled with proper training. So, Akitas can be mean, but they have good qualities also.

What kind of dogs might an Akita get along best with?

Usually, Akitas don’t get along with other dogs. They have an instinct to get aggressive with other dogs. Owning other dogs with an Akita is pretty difficult.

Even training them to socialize is also difficult. But with training, they can get along with some dogs. Let’s see what kind of dogs an Akita might get along best.

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retrievers are generally playful and friendly. They are also large dogs with a hunting instinct. So, they get well with the Akita. You can train the Akita and Labrador Retriever to keep them together.

Golden Retriever:

Akitas get along with the Golden Retriever well. Golden Retrievers are one of the friendliest and familiar dogs. That’s why people like them as family dogs. They can be friendly and playful with the Akitas.

Bernese Mountain Dog:

Akitas get along with the Bernese Mountain Dog quickly because the Bernese are friendly and good with strangers. They are also very intelligent to follow commands and good with other animals too.


Havanese are brave and friendly to everyone. They like to be with other animals too. So, the Akitas are good with Havanese.  


These dogs are outdoor dogs and love hunting. But they are also good with humans and other dogs. Akitas get along with the Beagle well.

Akitas are loyal and playful dogs. They are large dogs that people love to have in their house. Akitas were bred as a guard and hunting dogs.

So, they still have the instinct to chase other animals. Sometimes, they can be aggressive to strangers and other dogs. So, they need socializing training.

If you are a new pet owner, you shouldn’t take Akita as the first pet. If you already have other pets, you should train the Akita first. After getting training, the Akita will get along with others gradually.

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