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Why Does My Akita Sit On Me? (Explained for Owners!)

Akitas are a self-reliant dog breed so whenever they sit on their owners seem a little bizarre. As it’s not typical Akita dog’s behavior. So, if your Akita also sits on you, you might get the same unusual feeling. And it surely will make you want to know why your Akita sits on you. 

So, to take you out of this confusing situation, this article is going to answer this particular question along with other related topics. 

Why Does My Akita Sit On Me?

Akitas sit on their owners to feel themselves in a higher position and to express supremacy over other pets in the house, (if there’s any).  Or else, if Akitas want their owners near them to spend some time relaxing and snuggling, they will sit on their owners to express that they want them now. 

4 Reasons Why My Akita Sit On Me

It’s understandable if you still feel ambiguous regarding your Akita sitting on you. But don’t worry! To make it clear for you, 5 main reasons are going to be explained. 

Express Dominance

It’s known that Akitas really can’t stand any other pet in the house, except for him. Therefore, whenever your Akita will see you sitting with other pets, he will sit on you. Because by sitting on top of you he thinks is in a higher place than the others and has power. 

So, your Akita dog will sit on you and bark/growl at other pets to express his dominance over them. 

To Cuddle 

When your Akita simply wants some cuddling time with you, he will sit on you. Akitas do this, especially when they see their owners sitting on a couch. It’s just an Akita dog’s cute way of saying that he wants you closer to him. 

To Indicate You Are His Favorite Human

Sitting on you also is a sign that indicates your Akitas abundant trust in you. He simply wants to portray that you are his beloved human and he feels comfortable with you. So, it’s nothing but a sweet gesture of your Akita’s expressing his admiration and love towards you. 

Spreads His Scent 

As Akitas can’t really tolerate any other animal in the home, therefore, if any dog comes to visit your home, you will see him sit on you. Because that time he wants to make sure to get all attention from you. 

Mainly, it’s a way of spreading his scent on you/or the spot you sit to express that you belong to him only. 

Is A Dog Sitting On You A Sign Of Dominance? 

A dog sitting on you will indicate dominance only when there are other pets in your home and your dog doesn’t like it. 

It mostly happens when your dog is seeing with other pets. That time he might feel the necessity of showing dominance over them. So he will sit on you to feel high in position and more in power, and then will bark/growl at the other pet/pets. 

Sometimes, if he wants you really, he’ll sit on you to dominate you and to express he wants you with him now. 

Do Akitas Like To Cuddle?

Your Akita furry friend loves to cuddle but all of his cuddlings are stored for you and his favorite humans in the family. As Akitas tend to adore and believe their masters and the other family members only. So, you Akita will prefer to cuddle only with you all. 

Another thing is, Akitas never trust unknown people and consider them as a danger for them and their families. So naturally, they are suspicious of strangers and will never prefer snuggling with them. In fact, you may see your Akita barking at people if they try to touch them or hug them. 

How Do Akitas Show Affection?

Akitas have the most adorable yet not clingy ways of showing affection to you. Here some of their sweetest ways of expressing fondness towards you have been explained precisely.

Looks Into Your Eyes 

Your Akita’s looking into eyes is just a sweet gesture of them saying how much he appreciates his bond with you.

Also, mutual gazing between a dog owner and his dog releases a love hormone called oxytocin that makes the relationship between them stronger than ever. 

Shows Empathy 

Akitas truly care for their owners. Therefore, if your Akita can sense that you are sad or distressed, they will try to comfort you by sitting close to you or by licking your hands or feet. Showing empathy is Akita’s method of caring and loving. 

Walk Underfoot 

Well, Akitas don’t follow their owners. However, you may notice you following you sometimes because he wants you near him. Also, it’s an affectionate way for him to assert that he appreciates your company. 

Gives You A Big Smile 

Whenever you’ll come home from outside, you will notice your Akita waiting for you and giving you the brightest smile he could upon seeing you. Needless to say, giving a big bright smile obviously is a sign of showing affection. 

Sleep With You 

When your Akita dog accepts you as his best friend, he likes to sleep with you. Because to him sleeping with you snuggling sometimes is an affectionate way of expressing his admiration for you. So, you will discover them making room for them in your bed to sleep with you. 

Lean On You 

Leaning your Akitas body on you is a comfortable and relaxing method to convey their fondness towards you. It also shows their faith in you. 

Why Does My Akita Stare At Me?

Your Akita’s staring at you means that your beloved furry friend is conveying his love, appreciation, and admiration for you. Or in simple words, exchanging gazes is the sweetest way for all breeds of all breeds of dogs to express their feelings for their masters. 

Looking directly at the owner’s eyes also have been stated as, “hugging with eyes”. Because it releases a chemical named oxytocin which is known as love hormone too. This hormone makes the bond between you and your Akita dog stronger. 

Moreover, by staring at you, your Akita also conveys that he believes in you and adores your companionship. 

Why Does My Akita Follow Me Everywhere?

First, come to the good reasons, your Akita will follow you everywhere you go because he wishes you to be near him.

He wants to get petted by you or wants you to pay attention to him. Also, if he desires to cuddle with you he can follow around you. Another possible reason is, maybe your Akita is feeling bored and wants a companion to play with him., so he is walking under your foot.

Now come to the possible bad reasons, if your Akita is suffering from separation anxiety, he will follow you everywhere as he wants you to be with him.

Moreover, to indicate his injury or pain, your Akita will follow you so that you can help him. Also, if your Akita is afraid of any particular noise, he is going to walk right after you upon hearing that sound. 

What Does It Mean When Akita Leans On You?

Your Akita will lean on you mainly because he wants attention from you. It also can mean that your Akita is feeling comfortable around you and want to enjoy some relaxing hours with you.

Leaning on owners indicates trust as well. Your Akita will comfortably lean on you whenever he feels you as his closest friend. 

However, these are the good reasons. If your Akita dog is scared of something and he wants you to protect him, he will lean on you. Because that time he assumes you as his safest place to stay secure. 

What Does It Mean When Akita Sit On Your Feet?

When your Akita sits on your feet, consider it as normal behavior of all dogs. All breeds of dogs like to settle down on their master’s feet. 

Therefore, your Akita will also sit on your feet, sometimes to show affection or sometimes to ask for attention. 

Also, sometimes Akita may like to sit on the floor instead of the couch, so if they find you at that time he will just come and sit on your feet. 

Besides, when Akitas sit near their owners or favorite humans, they prefer sitting close to them, so they just end up sitting on those people’s feet. 

What Does It Mean When Akita Sits With His Back To You?

When your Akita sits with his back to you simply means he considers you as his closest friend and the most secure place. Also, it conveys that he trusts you so much. 

Turning your Akita’s back to you expresses nothing but the immense trust that your Akita has in you. He conveys that he is sure you will not harm him or attack him from behind. 

What Does It Mean When Akita Lay Under You?

When your Akita is lying under you, it simply means he wants some private space to spend some alone time all by himself. As Akitas like their own company quite a lot. 

Another reason is, maybe your Akita is afraid of something, and he is looking for a place to hide to protect himself.

Besides, to find food or if your Akita is injured, he will lay under your bed or table to rest some time alone or will keep looking for food. 

Akitas are a dominant dog breed so to either show dominance on your other pets in the house, your Akita will sit on you. Take it as normal behavior until you find some suspicious issue.

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