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How Do Akitas Show Affection? (Explained)

Akitas are a lovely dog breed known as absolutely affectionate towards their owners. But their ways of showing affection are different from other breeds.

Therefore, as an Akita owner, especially if you are a new owner, it’s obvious for you to think about how Akitas show affection. 

So to put an end to all your thinking, this article is here to decipher all the ways your Akita dog shows affection. 

How Do Akitas Show Affection?

Akitas directly stare into their owner’s eyes, they sleep with the owner, lean their bodies on them, give kisses, lick the owner’s face, hands, and feet, follow their owners, and jumps on them after seeing them for a while. These all are Akita dog’s adorable ways to show affection to their owners. 

Akitas have their own relaxing and sweet ways of showing affection to their owners. They look into their owner’s eyes affectionately to show admiration. They love to sleep snuggling or lean their bodies on the owner’s body or shoulder.

To show affection and empathy Akitas kiss them or lick their owners. Akitas like to walk under the feet of their owners and jump on them giving a full body slam after seeing their owners for a while. 

Akitas may show affection less often but these are the sweetest way of them showing affection to their owners.

Are Akitas Affectionate? 

Akita is such a breed of dogs that are considered as super affectionate. But their all affection is saved up for their masters or the persons they adore the most.

They love to spend time with their humans, cherish their company, act all playfully and goofy around them, and give a lot of hugs and kisses. They are quite protective towards their owners too and love them fiercely. 

However, they really don’t get along with strangers. Neither they show affection nor they allow those people to show affection to them.

It’s because they instantly can’t trust them and assume them as a threat to their master. But when they begin to believe them, they are affectionate to those people as well. 

How Do Akitas Show Affection?

Your Akitas fluffball has its own lovely ways of showing affection to you that absolutely are heartwarming. These fluffy baby’s most common affection showing manners are explained below. 

Stares Directly Into Eyes 

Staring directly into the eyes is just Akitas way of hugging their owner with their eyes. It means they adore you so much. 

Make Spaces To Sleep 

When your Akita considers you as his best friend, he wouldn’t like to sleep alone. Therefore, he would make space on your bed to sleep with you. So that he can stay near you and snuggle to sleep. 

Follows You Everywhere 

Sometimes you’ll see your Akita following you everywhere you go. It’s because he is loving and enjoying your company and doesn’t want you to leave him. So he will just follow you affectionately. 

Licks You And Gives You Kisses

When your Akita is happy with you, he would lick your face, hands, or feet as a sign of expressing fondness towards you. He will even rub his face against yours, it’s just Akitas way of kissing and show admiration. 

Jumps On You 

When you’ll come home from outside, you will see your big fluffy Akita jump on you dearly. He can even give you a full-body slam and wag his tail seeing you. 

Lean His Body On You 

When your Akita is relaxed around you and wants you closely, he would lean his body onto your body or put his head in your lap. It is because he trusts and cherishes you the most. 

Do Akitas Love Their Owners? 

Akitas so dearly love their owners which is beyond imagination. They are fiercely protective and devoted to their owners. In fact, their owner is a big part of their world and happiness. They are affectionate to their owners, adore them, and cherish moments with them. 

Akitas are concerned and empathetic too towards their owner. They try to comfort them if they notice that their owner is sick or sad. They lick them and shower them with kisses to make them feel better. And do all silly activities to make them smile. 

Their protecting behavior towards their owners makes them put themselves between every danger and their owners so that they can protect their owners. 

How Do You Know If Your Akita Loves You? 

The simplest manner of perceiving whether your Akita loves you or not is noticing his certain behaviors that are commonly known as the ways of showing love. 

When you see your Akita dog is jumping happily around you with a big smile on its face and wagging its tail after seeing you. Just know he loves you so much. 

Your Akita may show love to you by sleeping next to you, wanting to cuddle with you, or putting his head in your lap. He will even kiss and lick your face and other exposing body parts like hands and feet. 

Following you wherever you go, starting affectionately in your eyes, considering you his best friend and companion, being protective for you are also the other most typical means of an Akita dogs to show love to his owner. 

So if you are experiencing all of these adorable behaviors of your Akita dog, undoubtedly he loves you!

How Do Akitas Interact With Their Owners?

The interaction between Akitas and their owners is very close. They show both love, pain, and the issues bothering the Akitas while interacting. However, if the interaction between you and your Akita still seems a little vague to you, just go through the explanation given below. 

They Interact Affectionately To Show Love 

When your Akita wants to express his love and admiration for you, he interacts affectionately by licking, kissing, and following you. He would even jump around you to say that he is happy to see you.

Acts Cuddly 

If your Akita wants some quality snuggling time with you, to convey his message to you he would act all cuddly.

He would come near to you to sit closely putting his head in your lap or leaning his body onto you. He would even jump on your bed and wait for you to come and snuggle with him. 

Stares Into The Eyes 

You may see your Akita staring you directly in your eyes. It’s just his interacting method of hugging you with his eyes to let you know that he adores you so much. 

Refuse To Cuddle 

If your Akita refuses to cuddle with you, it means he don’t want to interact with you right this moment. Also, it’s a means of conveying the message that he needs some time alone,  he is in pain, or he is stressed because of his changing lifestyle. 

Chew On Things 

Chewing on stuff is another Akita method of communicating and saying that he is bored or their teething phase has come so you need to purchase them chew toys or treats. Also, light nibbling in your hand is another way of showing love. 

Obeys You 

Akitas are loyal and devoted to their owners. So your Akita will abide by your commands as a way of interacting with you and saying that he is committed to you and your family. 

Guarding You 

Your Akita will guard and protect you from every danger they feel around you. It’s his interacting manner of delivering the message that he will not let any harm come near you. 

Do Akitas Like To Cuddle? 

Akitas like to snuggle but it is not extreme. They usually reserve all cuddling for their masters and the people they love and admire. When they want to cuddle they just would hunch over the shoulders of their owners or sit close to them in a relaxing mood.

To get petted by their owners they would put their heads in their lap. To get some bedtime snuggling, Akitas just jump on the bed to sleep with their owners and be all snuggly babies. 

However,  they don’t like to be cuddly with outsiders because they assume them as a threat to him and his master. 

Do Akitas Need A Lot Of Attention?

Akitas require a lot of attention from their owners and other family members. Because they are not the type of dog that accepts all people instantly.

They first want to trust their human parents and later want to be loyal and a loving friend for them. Therefore, when the owner puts much attention on them it becomes easy for them to accept the owner and the environment he will be living in. 

Will An Akita Protect Its Owner? 

An Akita will fiercely try to protect its owner from any danger. Even if he can sense a slight threat around his owner or if any stranger tries to come to his owner, he would put himself between the threat and his owner to protect them.

Akitas are loyal to their owner and committed to protecting them at any cost. They are vastly known for their protective behavior and loyalty. 

At What Age Do Akitas Become Protective? 

At the age between 12 to 18 months Akitas become protective. Around this age, you will start noticing that your Akita fur baby has started to bark at strangers.

And he is becoming the protective barrier between you and any threat he perceives that might hurt you. Your Akita you’ll be just your guard at this age. 

Your Akita fur ball just knows the right ways of showing affection to you. Maybe they will not cuddle often but they have immense love for you in their heart.

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