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Can Akita Live In Hot Weather? (Important Facts)

It’s known that Akitas are fond of living in chilly weather as their ancestry hails from a cold, mountainous northern Japanese island named Honshu.

Therefore, if you are someone living in a hot weather country who wants to adopt an Akita dog will surely think, can Akita live in hot weather or not. Hence, keeping an Akita in hot weather may prove unfavorable for their health. 

So, to give answers to all your questions, respecting Akitas living in hot weather is going to break down in this article. 

Can Akita Live In Hot Weather? 

Akita dogs can live in hot weather because it’s a double-coated dog breed. This means they have a dense topcoat and undercoat that helps to regulate their body temperature and keep them cold even in hot weather. Also, dogs tend to adapt to the weather they live in so they can adjust to hot weather.

Akita dogs can manage to live in places with hot weather in a quite well manner. Due to being a dog breed with a double coat made them capable of adjusting to hot temperatures. 

Their double coat has two layers, topcoat and undercoat. And the coat work as insulation from the warm temperature. This means whenever Akitas feel hot, their coat absorbs the air nearest to their skin which has a similar temperature as their body. And this helps to keep them cool in hot weather. 

Moreover, dogs are highly adaptable to the weather of any place. Therefore, even though Akitas are known as dogs of cold places, they can acclimate to warm temperatures. 

How Hot Weather Can Akitas Handle? 

An adult and healthy Akita dog will handle hot weather of 86° Fahrenheit /30° Celsius temperature in a good manner without facing any kind of problems. 

However, if you like to take your Akita dog to go hiking, jogging, or running along with you, the suitable temperature would be 68° Fahrenheit or 20° Celsius. At this temperature, your Akita will manage to do all of these strenuous activities without feeling so hot. 

Also, strictly keep in mind that you never should take your Akita dog for running or hiking at a temperature that goes beyond 68° Fahrenheit/ 20° Celsius. 

Are Akitas Good In Cold Weather?

Akitas are perfectly fine with cold weather. In fact, they prefer to live in cold weather more than hot weather. Because Akita’s ancestry originated from a frosty, cold, rugged mountainous island named Honshu of Northern Japan. 

So their ancestors were born and brought up withstanding the chilly weather and they lived there comfortably. As a result, this legacy has been passed to the new generation’s Akita dogs as well. Therefore, naturally, they are good in cold weather. And even they like to play in the snow. 

How Cold Is Too Cold For An Akita? 

A dropping temperature below -20° F/-12°C is regarded as too cold for an Akita dog. As Akitas are originated from snowy, cold weather, naturally, so to a great extent they have made themselves cold-resistant.

Therefore, they somehow manage to hang around some time at -20°F/-12°C. 

Regardless, Akitas can’t stand cold below this temperature as it’s quite harmful to their health. As too much cold can cause them hypothermia and frostbite types of life-threatening health issues. 

Some adults and healthy Akita may tolerate staying some time below -20°F/-12°C. But Akita owners are strictly suggested for not letting their dogs stay outside below this temperature no matter how adaptable the dogs seem to be.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Akita?

For Akita dogs, the ideal temperature to live in cold places or in cold weather is -30° Fahrenheit. 

And the ideal temperature to stay in hot/warm weather or places is 86° F/30°C. Also, the suitable temperature for Akitas to perform strenuous activities like running and hiking in hot weather is 68°F/20°C. 

Remember that your Akita comfortably will adjust to these mentioned temperatures without facing any severe issues. And, the temperature below these mentioned ones can prove harmful to your Akita cause many severe diseases and situations. 

How Do I Keep My Akita Cool In The Summer?

Although Akita can manage cold weather, he really is not a dog that prefers living in warmer places. Therefore, to prevent any disease that occurs due to heat in summer, keeping your Akita cool is a must. 

So, to solve your queries regarding keeping your Akita dog cool in summer, some effective solutions have been provided. 

Trim His Coat

Trimming his coat is the first solution because trimming keeps the hair short and helps the coat to trap air near his skin to keep your Akita cool. 

In a broad sense, matted or tangled hair can’t absorb the nearest cool air similar to his body temperature to make his body feel comfortable. But if it’s trimmed or hairs are short, the skin easily can absorb the cool air. 

Make Him Drink Cold Water 

Summer heat can cause dehydration, therefore, making your Akita drink a lot of water is a must. So, every time fill his water bowl with room temperature cold water but don’t give him ice-cold water. 

Keep Him Sheltered 

It’s better if you let your Akita dog stay inside on scorching bright summer days. Let him stay near windows or stand fans or under ceiling fans. So that he stays cool.

Or if you can’t allow him to stay inside, make sure to give him a well-sheltered place to stay. Make his home in the backyard under trees. As trees will provide share and good airflow. 

Get Him A Plastic Wading Pool

Akita would love to take a dip into cool water on summer days as it will keep him cool. Therefore, you can provide him a hard plastic dog wading pool. It will let him cool off as well as it can be a great playmate of him too in summer. 

Wet His Paws And Stomach 

Every time wet his paws after coming back home from outside. And evenly wipe off his stomach with a damp cloth. It will keep him cool. 

Does Wetting A Dog Cool It Down?

Wetting a dog’s coat definitely makes his body temperature cool down. In this case, you just have to drench a fresh towel at room temperature in cold water and drape the towel over his body.

This will let the excessive body temperature lower down making him feel cool and related. However, don’t let the damp towel stay on him for too long. Also, don’t use ice-cold water to drench the towel. 

Also, you can spray cold water all over his body to make him wet. This also works as an alternative to draping with a wet towel. Wiping off your dog’s stomach and paw pads also can cool down your dog’s excessive body temperature. 

Can Akitas Live In Florida? 

Akitas comfortably can live in Florida. It’s considered as a home for double-coated dogs like Akitas and other breeds. So, if you take steps to keep your Akita cool in those hot summer days in Florida, you can easily make him live there. Also, I can go strolling in Miami beach with him.  

Can Akitas Live In Texas?

Akitas can manage to live in the hot weather of Texas. But they can not be left outside for too long in summer days. Only a short period of playing or walking on summer days are allowed for them. Otherwise, your Akita can be affected by serious health issues like heatstroke. 

Can Akitas Live In Arizona?

Akitas can acclimate to the heat of Arizona as well and can live a happy, healthy life. Because Akitas have great adaptability to weather changes.

Therefore, they can make their body adjust to the hot weather of Arizona. And here, their double-coat plays an important role to keep them cool. 

Can Akitas Live In Hawaii?

Akitas can tolerate the tropical weather of Hawaii as well. And they can live in a good condition too.

However, you have to make sure that your Akita dog gets suitable places to do its regular exercise. So, you must keep him in Apartments with parks or yards around in Hawaii. 

Can Akitas Be Left Outside?

Akitas are independent dogs so if they are left outside, they will just enjoy their own company and will not take it to their heart. However, if they are left outside frequently, this may affect their mental health and to quite some extent make them feel sad. 

Apart from this, when it comes to cold weather, Akitas can not be left outside for a long time. Especially if the temperature is below -30°F. Because staying in such bone-shaking cold weather can cause them hypothermia which can be a fatal health condition. 

And, in the summer season too Akitas can not be left outside for a prolonged time. Because summer heat can cause heatstroke to them. 

Can Akitas Stay Outside In Winter?

Akitas can stay outside in winter as long as the temperature is -30°F. At this temperature, they can quite comfortably withstand the cold.

Well, Akitas can even manage to stay outside for a while in winter at -20°F too only if they are provided with a well-covered, cold-resistant dog house to stay in. 

However, it’s strongly suggested that no one should let their Akitas stay outside in the cold winter season. It can bring miserable health conditions to them. 

Akitas can manage to live in hot weather relatively in a good manner as long as they are being protected from the scorching summer heat and their body in a cool temperature. So, maintain all body temperature cooling methods to make your Akita live comfortably in hot weather.

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