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Why is My Akita So Small And Skinny? (Reasons and Solution)

Akita dogs are a large-bodied dog breed, so it is not common to find a small and skinny Akita.  However, it surely can happen, some Akita dogs can be small and have underweight than a regular-sized healthy Akita dog.

So at this point, if you are an Akita dog owner that is small and skinny, quite undoubtedly you will think why is your Akita so small and skinny. 

Thus, to end your concern regarding your Akitas weight and size, this highly concerning topic is going to be answered in this article. 

Why Is My Akita So Small And Skinny?

Gene, gender, malnutrition, excessive exercise, and underlying health issues are the main reasons behind an Akita being small-sized, skinny, and having underweight. Also, some Akita can go through a slow growth period as they are preparing their body to experience the faster growth period. 

5 Reasons Why My Akita Is Small And Skinny 

Akita dogs are smaller and skinnier than normal size due to major 5 reasons that are directly related to their overall weight and size. For your understanding, all of these 5 factors are deciphered below. 


The first factor that has the most impact on your small-sized and skinny Akita is his genes that he has inherited from his dog parents.

If both of your Akita’s parents were smaller and skinnier in size then the child will be small-sized and skinnier too. Because a fully grown Akita gets the average size and weight of its parents.


Another main reason is gender. Usually, male Akitas are larger and fuller in size than the female ones.

Because the bone structure and hormones are different in each gender. Therefore, if you have a female Akita dog then she will be smaller and slight skinnier than any male Akita 


Malnutrition can be another reason for what your Akita is small and skinny. If he is not getting enough food or enough nutritious food to fill up his body’s daily needs of nutrients, he will turn into a skinny, small-sized dog. 

Health Issues 

Worms are a serious cause that can make your Akita grow up as a skinny and small-sized dog. Because when there are worms in your Akita’s digestive system, soon they will develop in an infestation of worms.

And they will be using the calories that your dog eats to live in his body. And it can make their growth stop or slow. 

Excessive Exercise 

If your Akita does excessive exercise regularly but don’t take enough supplements or food to fill up the lost energy, it can end up being a small-sized and skinny Akita. 

How To Make My Akita Bigger? 

You can not make your Akita dog bigger. Because how big your Akita will get depends on the genes he has inherited from his dog parents.

However, you can make sure that he is getting full nutrition to boost his growth. Therefore, a few essential tips to improve his growth have been given for you.

Proper Diet 

Give your Akita properly balanced diet. Because all the vital nutrients he requires to boost his growth come from food. Therefore, add an adequate amount of all elements like vitamin, protein, calcium, fiber, mineral in his daily food chart.

Also, provide vet-suggested supplements that can help him achieve his standard height and weight. 

Adequate Daily Exercise 

Adequate regular exercise will help your Akita to strengthen his bones and have a healthy body and weight growth. Along with a balanced diet, daily exercise will increase growth rate and stamina. 

Regular Health Check-ups

Underlying health problems can be a hinder to your Akita’s overall growth and gaining weight process. So, take him to the vet regularly for health check-ups, so that he doesn’t undergo any health issues. 

 Lastly, if you really want a bigger Akita, you better adopt one that is born of bigger dog parents. 

How To Make My Akita Gain Weight?

If your Akita is an underweight dog then obviously feeding will help him to gain weight. Therefore, to help your Akita dog to increase a few pounds, go through the tips given below to feed them safely and effectively.

Give Him High Calorie And Protein Food

Choose foods that are packed with calories and protein.

As calories help to put on weight and protein helps to maintain his required body fat. Foods such as meat, fish, boiled egg, rice, and a small portion of bread will help your Akita to fulfill his needs of calories and protein to gain weight. 

Feed In Small Portions Throughout The Day

Try to feed your Akita in small portions throughout the day. This will allow him to consume the needed elements more. Or you can do free feeding as well.

Though it’s not recommended because it allows gaining more weight. However, since it’s your desire, so in this circumstance, you can do free feeding. 

Add Supplements 

Supplements will surely help your underweight Akita to gain his ideal weight. Because supplements can improve the weight gaining process. Also, supplements made with meat are a good source of protein. But, consult your vet before adding any supplements or vitamins. 

Feed Wet Or Fresh Foods 

Consider giving him wet food or fresh food to bring a change in his daily food and food appearance. But always give him fresh fruits, vegetables, and lukewarm wet food if you feed him this way. Also, maintain dog food safety protocols before feeding anything. 

How Fast Do Akitas Grow?

Since Akita is a large-sized dog breed, it takes more time than any other smaller breeds to grow fully. However, around the age of 10 months to 1 year old age, an Akita dog will grow in its full grown-up size. 

But, it will continue gaining its ideal weight until it reaches 2 to 3 years old. 

At What Age Is An Akita Full Grown?

When an Akita reaches around the age of 10 months to 1 year old, it achieves its full-grown adult size. This time period or age is the generally accepted one, as most of the Akita owners stated that their Akita was fully grown up by this time/age. 

However, some Akitas can take more time and be fully grown by 15 months to 2 years of age. It happens because they have sluggish growth than the other Akitas. 

Akita Growth Stages: Height And Weight Chart 

Below is a chart given on the average height and weight of an Akita dog in different stages of his growing up period till 12 months of age. 

AgeHeight Weight
2 MonthsMale: 14-15 inchesFemale: 12-14.5 inchesMale: 18-20 pounds Female: 15-18 pounds
3 MonthsMale: 15-17 inchesFemale: 13.5-15.5 inchesMale: 29-33poundsFemale: 24-30pounds
4 MonthsMale: 17-20 inchesFemale:16-19 inchesMale: 40-44 poundsFemale: 35-40 pounds 
5 MonthsMale: 20-22inchesFemale: 19-21 inchesMale: 48-55 poundsFemale: 42-49 pounds 
6 MonthsMale: 22-24 inchesFemale: 21-23 inches Male: 60-66 poundsFemale: 52-55 pounds
9 MonthsMale: 24-25 inchesFemale: 23-24 inchesMale: 68-75 poundsFemale: 60-70 pounds
12 MonthsMale: 25-26 inchesFemale: 24-25 inchesMale: 79-85 poundsFemales: 75- 79 pounds

How Big Do Akitas Grow? (Height And Weight)

Depending on the two types of Akita dogs: Japanese Akita and American Akita, the height and weight of fully grown Akitas are slightly different. 

A Japanese male Akita will grow nearly 25-27.5 inches and its weight will be between 70-85 pounds. And a Japanese female Akita will grow up to 22-25 inches and weight will be about 48-64 pounds. 

An American Male Akita will grow about 26-28 inches with a weight of 100-130 pounds. And a Female American Akita will grow around 24-26 inches and its weight will be 70-100 pounds. 

The average height and weight of a fully grown American Akita are slightly much than a fully grown Japanese Akita dog.

What Is The Average Weight Of An Akita?

The average weight of a male Akita when is at 12 months old is 79-85 pounds( 36-38.5) kg.

And at 12 months old a female Akita will weigh nearly 75-79 pounds ( 34-36)kg. 

*Here the average weight at 12 months/1 years old is given because at this stage both types of Akitas gain their basic weight* 

How Much Does A Full-Grown Akita Weigh?

The average weight of a fully grown Japanese Akita is 70-85 pounds for a male and a female Akita will weigh around 48-64 pounds. 

And the standard weight for an American Male Akita is about 100-130 pounds and the weight of a female is nearly 70-100 pounds. 

How Big Do Male Akitas Get? 

An American Male Akita will have a height of about 26-28 inches (66-71) cm. And a Japanese male Akita will get big, about 25-27.5 inches ( 64-70) cm. 

The standard height of a Japanese male Akita is slightly shorter than an American male Akita. 

*This height is for both types of fully-grown Akitas* 

How Tall Do Akitas Get? 

By the age of 12 months old, a male Akita will get tall up to 26-26 inches (63.5-66) cm. And a female Akita will get tall about 24-25 inches (61-63.5) cm. 

*Note that this height is until 12 months old, both female and male Akita can grow a little bit taller.*

Is There Miniature Akita?

There are miniature Akita dogs. These Akitas are the smaller version of Japanese Akita dogs. But they are not the purebred ones. These are crossbreed Akitas that introduced dwarfism in Akitas or they were bred for many eras from runts. 

People love to have these mini-sized Akitas, so they were bred.  

Due to your Akitas breed and genes, he will grow smaller and skinnier in size. But if there are other issues, take steps to help him grow fully with good health.

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