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How Fast & Far Can Akitas Run? (With Statistics)

Being a proud Akita parent means you become astounded by how fast your pup can run. However, if you’re planning to adopt these good looking buddies, then let me assure you that you’re going to have an amazing time while hunting, running or hiking with them.

How fast & far can Akitas run?

An adult average-sized Akita can run up to 20-35 mph. With a high energy level, they can maintain the consistency of 19mph for a mile or two and can gain a speed of 40 mph if not interrupted. However, Akitas will get bored after running two or three miles at a pace since they lack stamina.

Furthermore, Akitas struggle to run in a hotter climate due to their double-layered coat and prone to getting heatstroke.

As they possess a great deal of strength and energy, they can run fast and even retrieve small games since they have a high prey drive. But your pooch is most likely to get exhausted after running for two miles because of less stamina.

Do Akitas like to run?

Akitas don’t like to run often. They will be down for climbing or hiking any time but are most likely to give up running after 30 minutes or so. However, you can run your Akita on the grass or ground, ignoring the asphalts.

Your furry friend has a dense double-layered coat type; hence running an Akita in summer is not the best idea. She might get sick or suffer from a heat stroke. But Akitas can go a long way in the winter and will even hunt deer for you.

Nevertheless, you have to be conscious about your Akita’s diet and exercise sessions since he needs a healthy routine to release his energy and power. Akitas don’t usually prefer running because of less stamina, but they can even beat bears and wild animals when it comes to strength.

Despite not accompanying you running while you’re cycling on a scorching summer day, an Akita will surely not miss out the fun with you while hiking or climbing up a mountain. He will share the adventurous experience and can even lead you to your destination with great enthusiasm.

Are Akitas good runners?

Akitas can be good runners depending on the place and time. Your furry friend will run a considerable distance if the weather is cold and you’re not making him run on asphalt.

If you go cycling regularly, you’ll find your Akita running with you, leading your way as he’s pretty dominant. But Akitas don’t prefer to run frequently and for a long time. Even if you two lose each other in the way, your Akita will find his way back and run to your place.

During cold weather, your Akita may run a great deal on grass or climbing up a mountain. But you have to take proper care of his exercise to keep him running. With adequate training and a healthy diet, Akitas can be good runners and cover a substantial distance.

However, if you’re out in the wild, you’ll find your Akita competing with the deer because of high prey drive, and they’re good at it.

What is the top speed of the Akita dog?

Akita dog can run at a top speed of 45 miles per hour. The rate varies from dog to dog. With the resemblance of foxes, Akitas can run almost as fast as a fox. However, Akitas can run at a speed of 20-35 mph on average.

With that incredible speed and looks, Akitas is competent enough to participate in dog shows and sports. These good looking pups are intelligent, affectionate and playful, making them good family pets and watchdogs.

How long can an Akita run?

Akitas can run for a mile or two at one place. He’s most likely to get exhausted after running for some time and will stop running eventually. Akitas were bred such that they’re good at sprints but not for running a long time.

Usually, Akitas can run with a massive speed of  30mph more or less, but they cannot keep up the consistency for more than a mile or two. However, they can maintain up to speeds of 18-20 mph for two miles or so.

According to most dog owners, Akitas seems to enjoy rigorous running and exercise, but there are some opposite statements.

Dog breeders confirm that modern-day Akitas have the stamina for moderate exercise and training. They belong to the athletic breed who run out of energy fast while doing energy-releasing heave works.

However, traditionally, the police and military have used Akitas for fighting, guarding, and hunting purposes, which involves excellent energy levels. Akitas can run to chase small games but not as long as their ancestors, wolves.

Furthermore, Akitas don’t make it for long in warmer climates because of their double black coat type. But they can walk and climb up to three or four miles in a hiking adventure.

Should you run long distances with your Akita?

Akitas excel in sprints rather than running for long distances. However, you can run long distances with your Akita but you have to consider some important factors like his age, health, grooming session and also the climate.

For starters, you shouldn’t make your too young or old pup run a long-distance since it could affect their physical condition adversely.

Akitas take a much longer time to fully develop their bodies which could be around 18 months old. When your pup has fully matured its limbs, you can run long distances with him.

However, your old Akita may struggle running long-distance with you as their endurance level will start to drop once they reach adulthood. Vigorous running may result in various health issues like arthritis, respiratory disease and joint aches in your senior dogs.

Furthermore, you have to schedule your Akita’s pre and post-workout check-ups to ensure he’s healthy. You shouldn’t make your dog run long distances initially; rather, take your time and let him develop strength and endurance gradually.

The weather is an essential factor if you want to run long distances with your Akita. Don’t make him run on hot sunny days, as he’ll give up soon due to the double coat type.

With a bit of grooming session and trimming your pup’s nails regularly, you can run long distances with your Akita.

Do Akitas have a lot of energy?

Akitas indeed have an incredible amount of energy which they need to burn off to keep their calm. Since Akitas were bred for hunting, guarding and fighting other dogs, they show a great deal of energy and endurance while lacking a bit of stamina.

Akitas may get some behavioral issues if they don’t get the chance to release their energy. Hence, take your pooch to walk in a fenced or closed area as the presence of other dogs or beings may irritate him.

Do Akitas need a lot of exercises?

Akitas need a moderate amount of exercise to remain healthy and fit. You have to walk your Akita for 30-45 minutes twice a day, including walking and running, cycling, and walking or agility. You can play fetching the ball or tug of war to exercise your Akita puppy.

Take your adult Akita to a walk, jog or run every day for at least once. This amount of exercise is required for your Akita to keep his cool and to maintain a healthy body. However, don’t make your pup walk on asphalt as it may disrupt his bones structure.

How do I know if I’m overworking my Akita?

Your Akita will show some behavioral changes like refusing to listen to you or show tantrums when you’re overworking her.

Apart from the behavioral changes, there could be worn out paw pads, muscle soreness, joint injury, heat stroke or health issues like hypothyroidism and sebaceous adenitis, etc.

You shouldn’t make your pooch exercise off-leash for an hour as it would be too exhausting for her and decrease her endurance level.

According to studies, Akitas have a high tolerance level; hence, even if it’s hurting their paws, they’ll continue running, and you’re making her so, which can result in thinner, swollen tears, pus on their paws. So check your pup’s paws and body while working out.

Despite exercise being utterly important to maintain your Akita’s health, it will adversely affect if you’re overworking her. For instance, running too much increases the probability of developing a respiratory disorder, back injury, joint injury and cardiovascular issues.

You will find your pooch grunt or cry out a little if they’re overexerting themselves, and they’ll have a hard time getting up. It occurs as a result of muscle stiffness.

Akitas may even get heat stroke when running too much under the sun in a hotter climate due to their dense double-layered coat. Your pup may also hurt their limbs which may lead to sprain and strain.

How are Akitas as running/ hiking partners?

Akitas show great enthusiasm on a hiking adventure. They could be amazing running/hiking partners and lead your way, being energetic and dominant. Your pup can climb up to 2-3 miles effortlessly while running or hiking.

However, while taking your Akita on a hiking adventure, you have to keep in mind the place and time since Akitas can get heat stroke due to the double coated fur. After some time, your pooch may get exhausted since they were meant for strength and energy but not for stamina.

Nevertheless, your handsome Akita can surely make great sprints, perform dog sports, and woo everyone with their adorable looks. But you should never force your pooch to overexert as it might make him aggressive and result adversely.

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