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Why Does My Akita Follow Me Everywhere? (Explained!)

Akita dogs are well known as independent dogs that enjoy their own company quite a lot. So, when you notice your Akita dog is following you everywhere you go, it might seem a little unusual for you.

As Akitas are normally not known for following owners everywhere. In this situation, you possibly will want to know the reasons behind why your Akita is following you everywhere.

Therefore, to end your curiosity this article is going to break down all of the apparent intentions of you Akita’s following you everywhere. 

Why Does My Akita Follow Me Everywhere? 

When Akita dogs want attention, affection, want to play with their owners or want to get treats, they follow their owners everywhere they go. Besides, separation anxiety, boredom, pain or injury, or if Akitas are afraid are the negative reasons that make Akitas follow their owners everywhere.  

6 Reasons Why My Akita Follows Me Everywhere

The most common 5 reasons that trigger the “following everywhere” behavior in Akitas are explained with proper explanation below. 

Want Attention And Affection 

Akitas are closest to their owners. So at times, your Akita can demand to get affection and attention from you, so then he will walk under your feet. So that your Akita can get petted or cuddled by you for some time.


When you Akita will feel that he has nothing interesting activities or games to play to keep him busy, he will want your companionship. So then you will see him following you here and there with his toys in his mouth so that he can get you as his playmate. 

Want To Get Treats

If you have trained your Akita by giving him a lot of treats every time, it may have built a desire in him to get treats from you. So, he will walk after you every time he sees you. As probably he will think that you will give him tasty treats every time.  

Separation Anxiety 

Akitas normally are not prone to separation anxiety. However, separation anxiety surely can trigger a happy and independent breed like them too.

So, when your Akita is going through separation anxiety, he wouldn’t want you to leave him for a long time. As a result, he will follow you every place you go. 


If your Akita dog has injured himself or is suffering from any internal pain, he would follow you to express and indicate his sufferings. So that you can help him to soothe his pain. 


Sometimes loud noises or fireworks can make your Akita afraid. Therefore, whenever he will listen to such sounds, he will get afraid and will want to be with you. So, in that situation, you will notice him following you. 

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Follows You Everywhere?

Dogs that follow their owners everywhere are known as Velcro dogs. So, if your dog is following you every place, he must be one of the Velcro dog breeds. 

Velcro dogs are entirely dependent on their masters and wish to be with them all time. So, they will act clingy with their owners to get their attention and companionship all time. 

Besides, AKC stated that some dog breeds are clingier and prone to separation anxiety than others like Weimaraner dogs. So if you are a Weims parent, he will definitely follow you everywhere. So these are the major reasons that trigger your dog to follow you.

Are Akitas Clingy? 

Akitas are not clingy. They surely are affectionate towards their owners and other family members but they are not clingy with them.

In fact, Akitas are a self-reliant dog breed that appreciates its own company. So they will not be seen underfoot of their owners or constantly asking for attention. 

However, sometimes if they feel like getting some cuddling or affection from their owners or their favorite humans, they will act a little clingy. 

Also, remember that Akitas are not clingy with strangers either. They totally dislike it. So, if any stranger wants to come near them, they might bark at them. 

Do Akitas Need A Lot Of Attention?

Akitas do require a lot of attention but only from their owners and other family members. Akitas are a very reserved type of dog breed that doesn’t accept new people so easily.

Therefore, if you decide to bring an Akita puppy into your life, it’s necessary that you shower him with a lot of attention. So that your Akita puppy can trust you and your family fully.

Also, Akitas demand loads of attention to understand their human families in a better way. And to be the fiercely loyal friend to their families they are known for. 

Moreover, even if Akitas get the attention they want, it becomes easy for them to acclimate to the environment they are going to live in. 

How Do Akitas Show Affection? 

For your better understanding of how your Akita can show affection to you, the most common and lovable manners of him are described. 

Follow You 

When your Akita enjoys your companionship and finds you interesting, he would follow you. Because he wants to stay with you sometime and shower you with his unconditional love. 

Jumps To Give Hug 

You surely will face a full-body slam from your Akita whenever you will return home from outside. It’s his way of hugging you. And he will waggle tails around to you too. 

Makes Space For Him To Cuddle

It’s normal for your Akita to consider his best friend. So he will like to stay attached to you during his sleep time. Therefore, to snuggle with you and feel you near him, he would make space for himself on your bed. 

Kisses You And Licks You 

To show how much your Akita admires you and cherishes every moment with you, he will rub his face with yours.

Also, you will find him licking your face, feet, hands whenever he gets near to you. Because by doing so your Akita wants to say he is fond of you and happily living with you. 

Relaxes By Leaning His Body Onto You

It’s a very adorable yet unique way for Akitas to show affection to you. Since he is not so clingy by nature, your Akita will just lean his body on you in a very relaxing way.

Sometimes he will even place his head in your lap to get petted. He will do such acts to let you know that he wishes you to be with him and he believes you. 

Gazes Straightly Into Your Eyes 

When your Akita loves you so dearly, you will often see him look into your eyes straight. By looking at you he wants to express his admiration for you. 

Do Akitas Have Separation Anxiety?

Most of the Akitas that are mentally and physically healthy don’t have separation anxiety. In fact, Akitas are not prone to suffer from separation anxiety. 

However, if an Akita has recently lost his owner or if it’s left alone for a long time on the street, he can suffer from separation anxiety. Rescue Akita dogs or mistreated Akita dogs also can suffer from separation anxiety. 

Do Akitas Like To Cuddle?

Akita dogs love cuddling. But they prefer to cuddle only with their owners or the other family members of his human family. Because Akitas only love, adore, and trust their human family members. So, they reserve all of their affection, cuddling only for those people. 

And Akitas are naturally wary of outsiders. Because they can’t trust them and take them as a threat. As a result, Akitas will absolutely not like it if any stranger comes near to them to pet them or wants to snuggle with them. 

Why Does My Akita Sit On Me? 

There are a few possible reasons that explain why your Akita sits on you. But the major reason is, by sitting on you, your Akita feels himself in a higher position and wants to show dominance.

If you have other pets in your home, you will encounter this situation more often. As your Akita will sit on you and bark/growl at the other pets to show his authority. This behavior can be proved aggressive with passing time. So talk to your vet or train him to deal with this issue. 

Moreover, if your Akita just wants some fun time or cuddling with you, he will come and sit on you. And these behaviors are harmless. 

Why Does My Akita Stare At Me?

The reason your Akita stares at you is just to express his love, admiration, and affection towards you. Or you can say it’s a very unique and lovable way for dogs, regardless of breeds, to show appreciation. 

This staring is mutual between you and your Akita and it releases a love hormone known as oxytocin that has a great role in strengthening the relationship between you and your dog. 

Mutual staring between you two also increases the emotion towards each other and builds trust.  

Can Akitas Be Left Alone? 

Most of the time, or you can say 90% of the time, you can leave your Akita dog alone without any kind of problem.

Because Akitas are not Velcro dogs who want their owners all the time. Neither are they prone to separation anxiety. They are very independent dogs that know where their owners are. 

However, sometimes they can suffer from separation anxiety, and that time it’s better if you don’t leave your Akita at home alone. Because it can trigger destructive behavior, howling or growling in them. 

Your Akita will follow you around only to get you closer to him. Apart from it, if you notice any other disturbing behavior which is not usual, pay attention to his overall mental and physical health. If needed talk to a vet.

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