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How Fast Can a Maltese Run? (Explained for New Owners)

Maltese are playful and loving dogs. If you own a Maltese, you might be confused about how fast a Maltese can run. Well, Maltese are like other breed dogs. They run pretty well in general. But their speed may not be as quick as the sports dog.

Like other breed dogs, Maltese dogs also need to exercise regularly. You might be thinking about jogging with your Maltese dog. But you have to know his speed to keep pace with running. In this article, we will tell you about how fast a Maltese dog can run.

How fast can a Maltese run?

A Maltese can run 5 miles per hour. They can run quite quickly, but not for distances. Maltese dogs get tired after fast running because of their short legs. Moreover, their speed depends on the age and health condition. Maltese are not sports dogs; that’s why their running speed is moderate.

Maltese dogs are toy breed dogs. They love running but, they are not sports dogs. Like other larger and fast-running dogs, Maltese can’t pace with the high speed. But they can be a great companion for jogging or morning walks.

Maltese have shorter legs, and their size is also shorter comparatively. For their shorter legs, they get tired quickly. Although they love running, it has to be moderate speed.

Are Maltese fast runners?

Generally, Maltese dogs are not very fast runners. Their speed of running is moderate to low. Like other breed dogs, Maltese are not likely to run long distances. But they can be lovely jogging companions.

The speed of Maltese also depends on their size. Larger-sized Maltese dogs are more capable of running faster than smaller-sized Maltese. Moreover, Maltese puppies are not capable of running fast.

If you try to train your Maltese, he can run moderately faster. You can walk at an increased pace day by day to increase your Maltese speed. If they get training, Maltese can be fast runner gradually.

Are Maltese good running dogs?

Maltese are pretty good running dogs but not fast runners. These breed dogs are not designed to be runners. Besides, they have short legs. So, they get tired while running fast. They can run moderately and slowly.

Maltese dogs are the perfect choice as family dogs. But they are not fast runners like sport dogs and larger-sized dogs. Though many small breed dogs are speedy and furious, Maltese dogs are not that type.

So, if you want your Maltese dog to be a good runner, be careful about how much he can run. You might take him jogging or slowly running for a short distance. But long-distance could be the wrong choice for a Maltese dog.

Can I take my Maltese jogging/running?

Yes, you can take your Maltese jogging or slow running. Even Maltese is the perfect jogging companion.

Maltese are playful dogs. They love to be out and be with people. Though they are not athlete dogs, they love slow running. So, if you are worrying about whether you can take your Maltese jogging or not, you should not! Be careful the Maltese doesn’t do over-running.

Maltese dogs need to exercise regularly. But they are not suitable for long-distance and fast running. So, taking them jogging can be a wise decision. Their exercise and your jogging can both be convenient at a time.

How much can a Maltese run?

A Maltese can run 30 to 40 minutes at a moderate speed. Maltese are quite a good runner but for a shorter time and distance. They are very active and energetic. But for their short legs, they can’t run long.

Maltese are small breed dogs. Despite their size, they love to be active. Maltese can be your jogging companion. But how much they can run depends on their size, age, and health condition.

A grown-up Maltese dog can run 30 minutes at a moderate speed a day easily. But a Maltese puppy can’t run this much. 15 to 20 minutes of slow running is enough for Maltese puppies. You can break the running time into two because Maltese get tired after running sometimes.

Do Maltese need to be walked?

Yes, Maltese need to be walked regularly. Walking or exercising is a must for Maltese dogs for their physical and mental growth. Despite their sizes, they need to walk like other dogs. Even Maltese have a boatload of energy. So, they need to walk more than other dogs sometimes.

Walking helps Maltese to keep their immune system in a good phase. It also helps them to regulate blood circulation. Moreover, exercising or walking is necessary for Maltese’s bond and muscle growth.

So, if you have a Maltese dog, take him for a walk every day. A 30-minute walk a day is enough for the Maltese. You can take a break after 15 to 20 minutes to ensure that they aren’t tired. But if it is a puppy, don’t let him overdo the walking or exercising.

How much can a Maltese walk?

A Maltese can walk at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. They can walk once or twice a day. But they can’t walk for a long time and distance. If you want to take your Maltese dog for a longer walk, you must train him first.

Generally, Maltese are energetic. Sometimes, they can’t walk fast because of their small size and short legs. Moreover, how much a Maltese can walk depends on his age, size, and health condition. Maltese puppies are also prone to get tired after a long walk.

Though Maltese can’t walk long distances, they require a daily walk for their physical and mental health. So, a 30-minute walk would be suitable for a Maltese dog’s capacity and good health.

How far should a Maltese walk?

A Maltese should walk at least 1 to 2 miles a day. You can walk your Maltese longer distance if you wish to. But this will not be a wise decision. Because Maltese are not suitable for long walks. They need minimum exercise or walking regularly without overdoing it.

Walking should not be more than 40 minutes a day. So, if your Maltese walks at a slow speed, you should not push him to walk precisely 2 miles. The primary purpose is to keep the Maltese active for 30 to 40 minutes.

For the Maltese puppies, the distance should be according to their age. Before eight months, Maltese puppies should not go far for walking. You can gradually increase the distance with his age.

How often to walk Maltese?

You can walk your Maltese every day for their good health. Walking will be best if you take him two times a day; a morning walk and an evening walk. If you take your Maltese walk once a day, a 30 to 40-minute walk is the best.

For walking the Maltese twice a day, a 20-minute walk is enough for each time. It is essential to walk for the Maltese. They are breed dogs who need exercise for their physical and mental health. Walking can be an excellent exercise for them.

Moreover, you can take your Maltese for jogging. You can take a break after walking for a while. But don’t skip walking so often. Because Maltese require walking or exercise to keep their immune system in good condition.

Can Maltese go for long walks?

Maltese aren’t supposed to go for long walks. They are toy breed dogs who don’t love to go far. Moreover, they are small-sized dogs with shorter legs.

They aren’t sports dogs who run fast and go for long walks. So, Maltese can go for walks for 1 to 2 miles a day. You should not take Maltese more than this distance.

Still, if you wish to take your Maltese for long walks, you should be careful about their ability to walk. You can take a break after every 20 minutes of walking to give your Maltese some rest. Also, make sure to bring water to keep your Maltese hydrated.  

Maltese are breed dogs with an elegant white look. They are adorable with their playful and active behavior. For their small size and affectionate look, people care them as lap dogs. But they need regular exercise also.

Walking and running can be a suitable exercise for them. But they aren’t sports dogs. So, you should care about their running or walking speed and their ability. If you have a Maltese, you can follow this article to keep your Maltese active and healthy. 

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