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How Can I Make My Maltese Happy? (Guide for Owners)

Maltese pups themselves are considered as furballs of happiness, they tend to stay happy and spread happiness in their owner’s life.

And as a Maltese dog owner, you would always want them to stay happy, therefore, there are pretty high chances that you have thought about how can you make your Maltese pup happy always. 

How Can I Make My Maltese Happy?

When you get back home, call your Maltese by his name, pet him, cuddle with him, express that he is equally important, play various kinds of games, take him for a walk, brush his teeth and body hair, buy him exciting toys, and delish treat, all these activities will make your Maltese very happy.

Maltese dogs are typically happy dogs because they have very delightful and sweet characteristics. 

If you call them by their name after getting back home from work, spend some time cuddling and petting them, and express that they are equally important in the family, they will be really happy. 

Also, various indoor games, sometimes a walk in the park, brushing their teeth and body hair, exciting new toys, and tasty treats also can make them happy and pleased. 

What Makes Maltese Happy? 

Generally, they are very happy dogs all by themselves because of their lovely, and playful nature. But yet there are some specific things, elements, persons, and situations that make them happy and these have been listed below. 

  • Cuddling with their owner
  • Going for a walk and run for sometimes
  • Brushing their teeth and body hair
  • Giving them a spa
  • Getting new toys
  • Playing indoor games like hide and seek, treasure hunt, etc.
  • Getting a new collar belt, or a bell 
  • Making them feel important like a family member
  • Having tasty dog treats 
  • And grooming because they are high-maintenance dogs

8 Ways To Make Maltese Happy 

Maltese dogs themselves stay happy and radiate happiness in your life too. So, you don’t have to put much effort into making them happy but your some little gesture and actives certainly can bring the brightest smile on their face.

Here are 8 ways to make a Maltese happy, which have been listed below. 

Call them by their names 

 Maltese love it when you call them by their names. It makes them feel recognized and at the same time makes them feel special. So after getting back home from work, call them by their names and see them coming to you wiggling tails with happiness in their eyes. 

Cuddle with them

Maltese dogs love to snuggle and they are ready to snuggle at any time, it makes them joyous. So whenever you are free or if you feel your Maltese is demanding attention, cuddle with them for some time. It really brings happiness for them.

Take them for a walk

Maltese are indoor dogs but they enjoy having a walk in the park or near any lake. It’s a kind of exercise as well as outside activity for them. They feel energetic after a walk and it pleases them. So take them for a walk and run along with them once a week at least. 

Pet them/hug them

Maltese love human interaction it makes them delighted. So pet them always and hug them as well, sometimes let them sleep on your lap too. It does make them feel glad and loved. 

Play interesting games with them

As they are indoor dogs, they need to stay busy in fun playing games, so play games like, hide and seek, treasure hunt, tug war, and in summer let them enjoy in a baby pool. All these fun games certainly will make them cheerful and pleased.

Brush their teeth and body hair

You need to take care of your Maltese dog’s teeth, so brush them every day and brush their silky coat too. When they feel they are taken care of they are the happiest furballs. 

Buy them new exciting toys and gifts

Maltese likes to get new exciting dog toys, so often buy them toys like new balls, role tug, edible dog dogs, plushies, an all. Also, present them with a new collar belt or jingling bell. All these bring joy to them. 

Buy or make delicious treats 

They are very picky eaters so they enjoy eating delicious dog treats, you can buy them or make them by yourself. Dog cakes, popsicles, crunchy treats to nibble on are the best kind of treats for them and they are delighted to eat them.

Do Maltese Dogs Like To Cuddle? 

Of course yes, it is needless to say that how much Maltese dogs adore humans and enjoy their company.

They love to get human attention so to interact with their human, they will always be seen right underfoot demanding your affection, or directly they will jump over you to snuggle with you or to be held in your arms. 

Your Maltese love when you are close to him, it makes him feel comfy and loved, also eliminate his anxiety. So let him enjoy cuddling on your lap whenever he wants. 

Do Maltese Like Hugs? 

Unlike other dogs, Maltese like to be hugged because they are considered as therapy pups and they absolutely cherish human interaction and getting affection from them. 

As said before, Maltese are very close to humans and love to be cozy in their human’s arms and lap so when you hug your Maltese dog you will often see them give you the biggest smile and wiggle tail. So just know that Maltese loves to be hugged. 

Do Maltese Like To Be Held?

The quick answer is yes, Maltese like to be held. This adorable toy breed dog is generally more cuddly, affectionate, and enjoys human affection than other breeds of dogs.

So if you are a Maltese dog owner just be sure that your Maltese is going to demand a lot of affection from you and going to be clingy with you or your family members. 

Another thing is Maltese are the best homely dogs, so they will just jump over your lap to hold them tightly. 

Why Do Maltese Lick So Much?

Maltese are prone to incessant licking to express their love for their owner. But sometimes they also lick when they are bored. 

Maltese dogs lick their human a little more than other dogs as they adore them and sometimes they lick too much because they think they are helping you clean yourself. Apart from that, if they need your attention or they are hungry they lick much.

And sometimes, if they are in pain and want you to notice them, they lick excessively. So you better not neglect their licking whether it’s full of love or seems unusual. 

What Kind Of Toys Does Maltese Like? 

Maltese pups are small in size and very homely dogs, also they love to stay attached to humans, considering all these facts 5 toys perfectly go for Maltese furballs and they enjoy playing with them. These 5 types of toys are listed below.

Teething toys for Maltese pups:

Best for small groups which are going through the teething phase. Maltese dogs enjoy rope tug toys.

Chew toys for all ages of Maltese:

Maltese need something to munch on as it makes their teeth and gum strong. So purchase them proper-sized, durable chewing toys to enjoy nibbling on. Maltese would like Kong Puppy Goodie Bone Toy With Rope as chew toys. 

Stay busy toys:

Maltese are indoor dogs so they enjoy toys that keep them busy and active throughout the day so get them Pet Qwerks Babble Balls or Multipet Look Who’s Talking toys. 

Bonding toys:

They enjoy bonding toys because it makes the bond strong between you and your pup. Kong Wubba for Puppies or Zanies Mini Tennis Balls would be your Maltese’s first choice.

Home alone toys:

When Maltese are left hone alone, they mostly like toys that don’t make them feel lonely and helps to fix anxiety issues, so they would like Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy toys as their companion.

How Do Maltese Dogs Show Affection?

Maltese dogs show affection by snuggling with you, wanting to be held by you, walking right under your foot wagging tails, licking you frantically, dancing for you, staring at you with bright eyes full of love, and jumping on you with their full body. 

Do Maltese Love Their Owners?

Maltese dogs love and adore their owners with all their heart because they are very close to their owners, cherish their company, and clingy to them.

Their sweet, affectionate activities express how much they love their owners, and they are very protective towards them too. Their curiosity, licking, smuggling, protectiveness shows they love their owner. 

You don’t need to do much to make your Maltese snowy pup happy, just express your love, care, and concern to them and keep them entertained with small activities, these are enough to make your Maltese dog happy. 

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