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When Do Maltese Calm Down? (Ways to Calm Down a Maltese!)

Maltese dogs are typically very playful, energetic, and active dogs that would go play around all-day full of energy and excitement.

But after coming to a certain age such excitement calms down and as a Maltese dog owner, you definitely would want to know the exact time or age when do Maltese calm down. 

When Do Maltese Calm Down?

Generally, Maltese dogs calm down at the age between two to three years old as by the time they reach full maturity and all the extra puppy energy become a past thing. But the calming down age is not always rigid because all dogs are different and many other factors also affect the calming down age.

Maltese dogs are typically the most playful and full of energetic ones but like other dogs, they also calm down gradually at the age between 2 to 3 years old.

And sometimes the age can be between 1 to 2 years old as well. There is no exact day for Maltese pups to calm down and mature.

As all dogs are different, they have different energy levels, physiological states, social structures, and others. All these factors highly impact Maltese pup’s calming down age and energy level. 

At What Age Do Maltese Puppies Calm Down?

Maltese puppies normally calm down when they are at the age of two to three years, but sometimes these pups can even calm down at the age of one to two years. 

The maturity level and calming down age of Maltese puppies depends on the different breeds, their physiological states, social position, fertility rate, and other factors. Therefore, the above-mentioned age is commonly accepted but it is not the exact age always. 

How To Calm Down A Maltese Puppy

You Maltese pup at times can become get hyper and act super excitedly and can keep you on your toes. In this situation, you would want to know ways of calming down your Maltese puppy. 

So to make it easy for you, 5 ways to calm down a Maltese pup have been listed below.

Provide Regular Exercise 

The most effective way of claiming down your furry friend is to let them exercise regularly because regular exercise will make them use up their energy. Therefore, they will remain active and have a balanced energy level. 

Remember, pent-up energy is the worst foe during Maltese’s puppy phase. So keep them active and busy. 

Mind Stimulation Games 

Just like physical exercise, your Maltese need mental stimulation too. As they are indoor dogs, so easily they get bored and start hyped behavior. So to occupy their mind play mind simulation games like puzzle feeders, treasure hunt, or give toys like treat-dispensing toys. 

Create A Fixed Routine 

Keep your Maltese furball in a fixed routine and stick to it. Because when they will get to eat, sleep, play, going for a walk, and do mind-stimulating activities routine-wise, it will become a fixed habit for them and they will not stay in uncertainty or feel anxiety or be hyped. 

Teach Practical Skills 

Teach your Maltese pup practical training such as being obedient training because they must obey your command and you can use it as an advantage to calm your super playful pup to calm down. 

So while teaching practical skills be a little strict and command them strongly to sit, listen, calm down, and obey your orders, this will help to calm down the dog. 

Ignore When They Are Adamant

It might sound cruel but you should ignore your Maltese puppy sometimes when they are being too adamant to get your attention.

It is a very effective way of calming down overexcited Maltese dogs as when they will see that their demand is not being fulfilled, they will calm down and move on by themselves. 

How To Promote Calmness In Maltese Dogs? 

When your Maltese dog is in its puppy phase or even after the puppy phase is getting hyped and behaving excitedly often, you are required to promote calmness in him. It seems challenging but not difficult, therefore, 5 effective yet easy ways have been listed below for your convenience.

Keep A Daily Schedule

Maintain a daily schedule because it promotes a sense of security in them. As these are creatures of habit so when they will know what they are going to do next, they will feel relaxed and will stay calm. 

Boredom-Busting Toys 

Maltese dogs are indoor dogs so most of the time they stay home and it can ignite boredom in them, therefore, they can even feel frustration so you to promote calmness in them purchase some boredom-busting toys like Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball as it will keep them occupied and their mind will stay calm. 

Relaxing Brushing Session 

Maltese are high-maintenance dogs so when you are giving them a relaxing brushing session it will not only keep them clean and fresh but also will help them de-stress. So with a long brush stroke brush them to calm their body and mind down. 

Daily Exercise 

Provide them daily exercise, it will help them to stay active and occupied as well as will let them use up their energy. And this method will certainly promote calmness in them as with a tired body they would love to rest. 

Give Ear Rubs 

Any Maltese dog would enjoy ear rubs as when ears are massaged it sends specific nerve impulses to their brain releasing stress reliever chemicals. So per day give a 10 minutes ear rub to promote calmness. 

Do Maltese Need A Lot Of Attention? 

Undoubtedly yes, Maltese dogs require a lot of attention from their owner and family members because these adorable, sweet pups love human companions and interaction.

Therefore, they will walk around under you feel you draw your attention, sometimes they will lick you incessantly, or even jump on you to hold them in your arms. 

They will even demand to snuggle with you because they just adore and cherish when humans hug them, hold them, and pet them. 

Are Maltese Puppies Hyper? 

Yes, Maltese puppies are prone to hyperactivity but as they mature they tend to be calm and quiet and not be extremely hyper. 

Baby Maltese dogs are comparatively more energetic and hyperactive than the older ones as they are in the puppy phase which is quite normal. And it’s possible to calm them down with proper methods of promoting calmness in them.

But sometimes older Maltese dogs are also hyperactive because of their breed, physical status, stress, and fear of separation. In that case, they need to be handled carefully with love and proper guideline to calm them down. 

How Do I Teach My Dog To Calm Down And Relax On Cue? 

Teaching your dog to calm down and relax on cue a smart method that can help you in a rough situation where your dog needs to be calmed down. An easy and effective training method has been given below for you.

  • Method 1: Attempting the “catching behavior” softly say the cue “relax” and keep stroking with long motions when your furry friend is lying in a relaxed state. 
  • Method 2: Repeat it every day in a distraction-free environment and when your furball is in a relaxed condition.
  • Method 3: After practice days, try it on her by asking her to lie down and say “relax”, at this stage your pup should learn it then praise him/her. 
  • Method 4: Above all, gain your dog’s ultimate trust so that it can rely on you. 
  • Method 5: And then try teaching calming down in busy environment by saying relax but don’t push him/her too much when it is absolutely not in a condition of relaxing. 

Are Maltese Calm Dogs? 

Generally yes, Maltese dogs are considered as calm and peaceful dogs. Because they are a well-behaved and highly adaptable breed that can get along with any human, other pets, and in any situation. 

Maltese dogs are very gentle and obedient kind of dogs that behaves wonderfully with everyone. They are playful and great people pleasers. They love your attention and are very unaggressive.

However, if they are stressed, or under anxiety, or if you leave them alone for often it can create uncertainly in them, and then they can get hyper and show their destructive sides. 

Are Maltese Nervous Dogs?

No, Maltese are not nervous dogs, but if they face emotional stress, anxiety, and fear of separation, they become nervous. 

When your Maltese furry friend is staying home alone or staying in a chaotic environment or being ignored and mistreated they become nervous as they are not finding comfort, a trustworthy owner, or a companion.

All these create nervousness in them because they love to be loved and adored by humans. 

How Do You Calm An Anxious Dog?

Here are 7 effective ways suggested below to calm an anxious dog that you can adopt. 

  • Provide him/her with regular exercise 
  • Keep him/her in a calm place
  • Pet him/her for a long time 
  • Give him/her obedience training 
  • Purchase him/her stress reliever toys 
  • Use CBD oils to calm your dog
  • Lastly, veterinarian prescribed medicines  

Maltese dogs are calm and peace-loving puppy breed. But as they are energetic and many factors can ignite tension and fear in them they become hyperactive and overexcited. 

As time pass and with proper calmness promoting methods, they can down at a widely accepted age. So it means, sooner or a little later Maltese puppies eventually will calm down. 

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