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When to Cut Maltese Hair? (New Owners Guide)

Maltese dogs have silky and shiny white coats. Their hair grows quite fast. So cutting Maltese hair is essential to keep up their elegant look.

Uneven growth of hair is also difficult to maintain for Maltese. So, if you are thinking about grooming or cutting your Maltese hair, you should know when to cut.

Maltese need haircuts regularly. Without regular grooming, some physical signs start to show. You can style your

Maltese hair short or long. But you have to maintain a certain time when to cut Maltese hair. In this article, we will tell you when and how you can give a haircut to your Maltese.

When to cut Maltese hair?

If the Maltese are a house dog, a haircut with a gap of 2 or 3 months is needed. He can have a haircut between regular grooming sessions. But if the Maltese are a show dog, he will need a haircut every month. Moreover, some physical signs in Maltese can show the need for a haircut.

You can notice some signs in your that show your Maltese require a haircut. For example, the white coat of the Maltese will look dull and smell bad. Generally, the Maltese’s coat is white and shiny. But if it looks dull, it may require a haircut.

The uneven and bad smelly coat can cause irritation to your Maltese skin. So, a regular haircut is essential. You can set a time with the grooming session for a haircut. Within every 2 or 3 months, a haircut will help to keep the coat silky and shiny.

5 signs that your Maltese needs a haircut

You should maintain the regular haircut session for your Maltese. If you don’t give concern to their fast-growing hair, it might cause other skin problems to the Maltese.

So, here we are discussing some signs that you can notice. From the signs, you can understand when your Maltese needs a haircut.

Dull coat:

The hair of Maltese grows continuously. It can absorb dirt and other environmental elements.

Though you give your Maltese a regular bath, the hair can be dull over time. So, if you notice the hair is losing its shiny and silky look, your Maltese may need a haircut.

Bad smell:

Dirt, debris, and other environmental elements can damage your Maltese hair. It can cause a bad smell and skin irritation too. So, a bad smell can be a sign that your Maltese needs a haircut.

Dry and Damaged hair:

You might know that hair is a expired-cell in our body. The longer the hair, the more expired-cell will attach to the body.

Moreover, sun rays can attack these expired cells easily and damage the hair. The end section of the hair is more vulnerable to damage. So, notice this sign and give a haircut to your Maltese regularly.

Skin irritation:

A Maltese needs a haircut not only for their elemental issues. Without a haircut for a long period of time, it may cause skin problems to your Maltese. For example, skin irritation can occur.

The Maltese tend to lick and scratch his coat more to get relief from the problem. But you have to notice carefully that the Maltese might need a haircut.

Matted and tangled hair:

Generally, Maltese have straight hair. They often play with water and mud. Dirt and pollution can cause matted and tangled hair. A haircut might help them to get free from matted and tangled hair.

How often should a Maltese dog be groomed?

The frequency of the grooming session depends on your Maltese hair length and thickness. If your Maltese hair is thick and long, it needs care and grooming every month.

Contrarily, if the hair is short and thin, it will require less grooming. But the average grooming can be within every 6-8 weeks.

Grooming doesn’t mean only the haircut. The claws cutting, ear cleaning, etc. are also related to grooming. If the Maltese claws grow fast, the Maltese will need grooming more frequently. Grooming also depends on how long the length of the hair will be.

Some other signs, like allergies, skin issues, smelly and dull coats, smelly ears, scooting, etc. also indicate that the Maltese need grooming. So, try to groom your Maltese on a regular basis every 6-8 weeks.

When should a Maltese get first haircut?

A Maltese should get his first haircut at the age between 12 to 16 weeks. Before 12 weeks, the Maltese should not get his first haircut. Because a Maltese puppy has to stand still for about 1.5 hours for his grooming.

Moreover, many new things, like blow drying, nail clipping, slight trimming, etc. will be introduced to the puppy. Maltese are sensitive. So, this whole experience of their grooming can be a sensitive issue to them. Puppies should not get the first haircut at a very early age.

So, Maltese should get the first haircut after 12 weeks. Then it will be more manageable to handle the puppy to stand still while grooming. Moreover, the first haircut will remain in the puppy’s memory forever.

Can I cut my Maltese hair?

Yes, you can cut your Maltese hair. But you have to know the basic grooming techniques. Handling a Maltese during a haircut can be difficult. You have to calm down the Maltese and attract him with treats to make him obey you.

Maltese hair is soft and difficult to hold evenly. So, try to be gentle when cutting the hair evenly. Moreover, you should give a little experience of haircut to your Maltese. You can make him familiar with scissors and combs so that he might not be afraid.

How do I cut my Maltese hair?

A Maltese haircut can be difficult sometimes. Especially when they are puppies and getting their haircut for the first time.

If you want to give your Maltese a haircut by yourself, you have to be concerned and follow some general rules while cutting the hair. Let’s see how you can cut your Maltese hair.

  • Make your Maltese familiar with the haircutting equipment, like scissors, combs, clips, etc.
  • Give the Maltese treats before a haircut to make him obey you.
  • Make him stand him still while cutting hair.
  • Use clips to keep the hair even while cutting.
  • Gently cut the hair from the body and gradually move towards the head.
  • Cut the hair over the head carefully so that the Maltese don’t get hurt.
  • Comb the hair to know if the hair is evenly cut.
  • Finally, bathe the Maltese with shampoo and dry his hair with drier.

How long will it take for my Maltese hair to grow back?

Your Maltese hair will grow back about 3 to 4 inches after 3 months. This rate is average for all types of dogs, but it can vary for other factors. If your Maltese is a healthy grown-up dog, he will get his hair back within 3 months. If the Maltese have health issues, the hair growth can be late.

If you give your Maltese a regular haircut, the growth of the hair will also be consistent. So, try to give your Maltese a haircut every 2 to 3 months.

When does Maltese puppy hair change?

Maltese puppy hair starts to change from 8 months. Generally, Maltese puppy has short, thinner, and combination colored hair at an early age. Over time, the coat starts to change. It becomes stronger and thicker.

After 8 months, you can notice the changes in the coat of your Maltese. It will a become white, silky, and shiny coat. That means the actual coat will start to appear.

How long does Maltese hair grow?

Maltese hair grows continuously. The length of the hair depends on how long you want to keep the hair of Maltese. The hair can be very long and touch the floor.

Generally, the hair of Maltese grows half an inch every month. The growth of hair is continuous if you skip cutting it. But extremely long hair can cause many problems. So, try to keep the hair short.

How short can you cut a Maltese hair?

It depends on the style you want to give your Maltese. Generally, most of the owners try to keep long hair on the head and tail of the Maltese and short on the body. For this purpose, you can keep your Maltese short on the body about half an inch or an inch short.

How do you brush a Maltese hair?

For brushing Maltese hair, you can follow the steps.

  • For an enjoyable brushing experience, brush the uncomfortable areas first, like tummy, rear, feet, etc.
  • Then brush the tail from the base.
  • Brush the head and face.
  • While brushing the head and face, try to cover the eyes with cotton balls.
  • Brush the full body.
  • Give a final touch with the conditioner.

How can I keep my Maltese hair straight?

For keeping your Maltese hair straight, you have to maintain regular grooming. You can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Use shampoo and conditioner while bathing the Maltese.
  • Complete the cleaning and dry him very well.
  • Brush the Maltese hair with a pin brush.
  • Finally, brush the dry hair and brush every day to keep it straight.

Maltese hair is white, shiny, and silky. You have to maintain regular grooming and haircut for your Maltese to keep the hair healthy and good-looking. You can also style your Maltese hair with different styles. Groom your Maltese regularly and keep his elegant look as always. 

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