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Do Maltese Have Curly Hair? (All You Need to Know)

Malteses are ancient dogs although the exact origin of these dogs is uncertain still. They supposedly originated from the dog breed- German Spitz in south-central Europe. Some even think the place was rather the island of Malta.

They belong to the toy group of dogs; smaller in size and light in weight! The purebred Malteses are white. The adult ones have long hair and the younger ones have small hair. They are extremely friendly and fancy-looking dogs.

Do Maltese Have Curly Hair?

Curly hair is seen in Malteses every so often. The puppies especially have curly hair. They have short hair and it is sometimes curly. This curl can sometimes be inherited or can happen due to the dust and humidity outside. Nonetheless, Malteses, if purebred, has straight white hair.

Do Maltese Have Straight Or Curly Hair?

Malteses can have both curly and straight hair. As they grow, their hair grows with them and their hair can grow pretty long. Usually, their hair grows straight.

However, this white long hair doesn’t stay straight 24/7. Malteses are very playful dogs and they love playing outside. If the weather outside is dry or dusty or even if there’s humidity, their hair can get messed up and curl up a bit.

Do Maltese Puppies Have Curly Hair?

Maltese puppies have short hair which is still bigger than most dog breeds. If purebred, the hair of Maltese puppies is supposed to be straight. As puppies are extremely playful by nature, the hair eventually looses shape and gets a wavy structure.

However, the hair, when short, can still be naturally wavy. If the puppy is a hybrid, (either the father or the mother belongs to a different breed) it may inherit the curly hair from the family line.

Why Do Some Maltese Have Curly Hair?

Malteses can sometimes have curly hair. This might be genetic. However, it can also be because of how the hair of the Maltese is managed.

If you cut too thin, if you cut too short, the hair of your Maltese pup may look wavy and sometimes it can even grow to that very same extension. It entirely depends on how you’re looking after the coat of your hairy friend.

What Kind Of Hair Does A Maltese Have?

A Maltese is supposed to have straight hair. However, it can have both straight and curly hair depending on the inheritance it possesses. The sustainability of the particular shape and structure of the hair will depend on how it’s taken care of.

Do All Maltese Have Long Hair?

Maltese hair keeps growing and they grow really long! Unless any genetic variation or any genetic disorder, it’s quite natural that all the adult Maltese will have long hair. However, if trimmed or styled anyway, the hair can be kept shorter.

How Do I Make My Maltese Hair Silky?

Maltese are white hairy dogs. Maintaining Maltese hair is equally tough and necessary. Only proper care will keep your Maltese hair healthy and silky.

Here’s how we suggest you to take care of your Maltese hair-

Always Use A Suitable Groomer

Maltese hair can be pretty sensitive. If grommed hard and rough, the hair can come off in a cluster. And honestly, you don’t want that.

Be gentle and always use a good quality groomer to groom your dog coat. If possible use a professional groomer. It might be a bit expensive but it’s worth the beauty of your long-haired mate!

Bathe Your Furry Friend Once In A Month

Bathing your Maltese is necessary to keep the silky texture of its coat. However, you cannot bathe your Maltese often. It will weaken the root of the hair and it will start falling off.

If it’s not necessary to bathe your dog within a month, you can also delay about another week or two. Just make sure not to rush the time gap.

Always Use Mild Dog Shampoo and Dog Conditioner

It’s highly recommended to use shampoo and conditioner specifically made for dogs. Human usable shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful for your dog’s coat and skin.

Dog products are usually made with dog-friendly ingredients and thus you can avoid any unexpected health issues in your dog.

If possible, we recommend you to use shampoos and conditioners made for a particular breed. It’s not that necessary but if you’re okay with the cost of the high maintenance that is required for a Maltese, go for it.

Use Hair Dryer To Dry Your Maltese Hair

Using hair dryer is highly recommended. As dogs are extremely playful animals, they’ll not be patient and wait for their hair to dry and then go play. And wet hair catches dust unimaginably easily.

So, use a hair dryer instead of letting your dog’s hair dry naturally. It’ll do not good to the bath you just gave to your dog. Instead, it’ll do quite the opposite.

P.s. remember to use the cold air blow from your dier. Never use the hot air function.

You Can Use A Softening Spray

A softening spray is like an ally to your need. There might be times when even bathing cannot keep your dog’s hair silky for long and you cannot even bathe your dog often. In a situation like this, a softening spray is a savior.

You just need to spray only a little all over your dog and then part throughly with a soft brush. It’ll help the spray reach the root of the hair and keep the hair soft and silky.

Provide Your Dog With Healthy Food

In order to keep your dog’s hair naturally healthy, silky and strong, you need to feed your dog healthy food. Maintain a proper diet and feed your dog accordingly. Healthy food helps keep the balance of nutrients inside your dog’s body and helps the hair coat become stronger.

These are the simple ways to keep your dogs hair silky, smooth, healthy, and strong. Just follow them accordingly and hopefully you’ll reach your goal!

How To Detangle And Brush Maltese Hair?

As Maltese hair grow long, they get tangled easily. If not detangled soon, they can create a pretty bad mess and it can become undoable. Follow the following methods to detangle and brush your Maltese hair easily!

  1. There are some sprays especially made for detangling. Try them!
  2. Try using a softening spray (you can also use vinegar solution as an alternative) before brushing your Maltese hair.
  3. You can also use coconut oil or baby oil in the tangled area.
  4. If necessary use your fingers gently to detangle the designated spot.
  5. Be patient with the brushing process and never go rough through the tangled area.
  6. Always brush in the direction of hair growth; never change the direction.

That should be all and the detangling should as well be done!

How To Keep Maltese Hair From Matting?

Whenever the hair is tangled, there’s a chance for matting to construct. This is very discomforting for your dog. So, it is really important to follow some tactics so that the matting cannot form at the first place.

  • Brush your dog hair regularly because it keeps the hair untangled, smooth, and parted.
  • Keep your dog’s hair short for longer hair has the tendency to get tangled easily.
  • Groom your dog regularly with a professional groomer if possible.
  • Again, if possible, groom your dog’s hair by a professional.
  • Always use conditioner to keep the hair smooth because smooth hair don’t easily get tangled.
  • If, however, the hair is matted and trim the particular area before it gets bigger.

Do Malteses Have Curly Tails?

Malteses don’t really have a curly tail. The length of their tails are in most cases 5 to 7 inches long. The tail is mostly curved from the base and leaned towards the back of the body; almost like an arch and sometimes semilunar.

This is not a curly-tail structure. If the hair in the tail part is longer, the tail is once again leaned on the back and it remains on any one side.

Malteses, being the hairy dogs that they are, are very adorable and playful by nature. People fancy keeping a Maltese in their home because of their virtues and good-looks.

They can have curly hair but that is only a genetic variation just like it has been stated before. Nonetheless, they are white furr-balls with straight and silky furrs. 

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