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How Long Can a Maltese Hold its Pee? (Explained)

How long a Maltese can hold its pee in the bladder depends on its age, as old and young pups have a huge difference in urine holding capacity. Considering a two-month-old Maltese puppy can hold its bladder for not more than two hours.

In that case, a much older dog of ten to eleven-month-old Maltese puppy can hold its pee for four hours or more.

How long can a Maltese hold its pee?

A Maltese cannot hold its pee not more than two or three hours at maximum. Its pee holding capacity is primarily dependent on its age, metabolism, growth, and bladder capacity. Most times, they want to pee is right after having their meals. Training at home can help to teach a dog to hold their pee.

Maltese is very small, and they will follow you everywhere you go. They are one kind of breed dog from the toy class. It is often said that they have originated from the southern part of Europe despite having no verified connection. 

You should never expect to let your dog hold their pee for more than six to eight hours. Maltese are known to be the most delicate breeds, and they have a tiny bladder pretty much smaller than other breeds.

Even during training, if they hold their pee more than the aforementioned time frame, they might get sick and might run a threat for infection.

Do Maltese pee a lot?

Most often, a Maltese needs to pee within every two hours frequently in a day. This helps them to regulate their urinary bladder and helps them keep going throughout the entire day. 


The reason your Maltese is peeing a lot because it is very small and hasn’t become of mature age. Age plays a major role in its physical development. The more it ages, its urine holding capacity increases with its growth.

However, your Maltese generally cannot hold their pee for more than six hours as it might create separation anxiety leading to some serious infections. So you should always check with your Maltese if you are leaving it unattended.

How often do Maltese need to pee?

Maltese need to pee every two hours. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if it has eaten or not to pee. However, they will always want to pee after playing, exercise, and playing. If your pup

is peeing a lot continuously, you need to arrange home training to teach your dog to hold their pee. 

It might need a lot of and patience but in the end, it will be worth it both for you and your dog.

Why does my Maltese pee everywhere? 

If your Maltese puppy is peeing a lot inside the house, this can create a lot of trouble in your house. One of the main reasons can be because of the house training issue and not marking its territory of peeing. 

When you make certain spots marked in your home only for your pup’s peeing and train it accordingly, it will only pee in those certain places and if it doesn’t recognize those places while being on training it will pee around the house.

Why does my Maltese pee so much?

While there can be many reasons why your dog pees so much such as their diet, their sleep routine, their vigorous exercise, and their urinary bladder capacity. If they are excessively peeing, urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney, or liver disease can be another major reason.

The best recommendation would be to consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible as they can run some tests and can offer some quick remedies.

Are Maltese hard to potty train? 

Maltese can be really hard to potty train because of their tiny bladders. They are very well known for being difficult in potty training because most of them don’t get to start their training at their young stage.

Their tiny bladder makes it harder for the owner to teach them to hold their pee for longer, and thus, it makes it a difficult task to complete. 

Though training your Maltese can be a really stressful job, don’t take it as one of the biggest challenges for both you and your dog.

Potty training is not a difficult task because you can use many tricks and tips to make it easier like using puppy gates, setting a timeline, marking a potty spot, or take your dog outside frequently. 

Moreover, Maltese should be very easy to train as they try to stick to every instruction you make. 

How do I stop my Maltese from peeing in the house?  

You can easily stop your Maltese peeing in the house by following some simple steps. All you need to do is to make sure that your dog listens to you and follows every instruction you give.

In this way, you can easily train your dog without any punishments and can prevent it from peeing the house. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Mark a spot outside your house and take your dog on a leash:

Take your dog right after it wakes up in the morning, has its meals, performs the vigorous exercise, or whenever it shows any intention of peeing. Make sure it gets accustomed to recognizing its regular spot. 

Avoid leaving the dog locked in the house when you are out: 

If you leave your dog unattended in your absence, there’s a huge possibility that your dog will pee in the house. A simple reason for its repetitive mistakes is because it’s a baby and you will never leave your baby unattended unless it’s grown up to understand everything on its own. 

Make sure to lock the house and make a boundary inside the lawn so that it can play, pee, and have its meal on time when you are leaving. 

Appreciate and reward your dog:

A little appreciation doesn’t hurt and we must believe that appreciation helps anyone to push them forward and not repeat the same mistakes they are making. Reward your dog every time it pees and recognizes its marking spot. 

Training a dog can be really frustrating until it learns and acknowledges to not repeat the same behavior again and again.

So if we start to appreciate your dog with cuddles and love, it will remember to pee outside every time you reward them and this will make your job easier than before. 

It’s absolutely the time and patience you want to invest to train your dog, but make sure that you don’t lose your temper while doing it. Maltese are very soft-hearted animals and they will suffer from panic attacks if you shout at them.

How to train a Maltese to pee on a pad?    

You can easily train your dog to pee on a pad. Consider restricting your pup’s access inside the house during the training period. While supervising, keep it on leash with you in a free-standing pad on an easy-to-clean floor. 

Keep feeding her as scheduled and take her to the pad regularly. There’s less chance of your dog going on the floor. So spread them out using a lot when. It’s time for a bathroom break to put your dog on the pads. And use keywords like potty.

How to train a Maltese to pee outside? 

Firstly, take your puppy outside frequently while training at least for two hours after they finish taking their nap, exercise, or their meals. Mark a bathroom spot outside the house and always take your pup to pee there.  

Training an older Maltese should never be a difficult task as they are easily flexible to train.

How to potty train an older Maltese? 

It’s an excellent practice to potty train your puppy in its earlier stage. Eight weeks should be a good count. You should always take it outside on a leash and make a healthy schedule so that they follow the instructions.

Training older Maltese is rather an easy task as they will always follow the instructions and make fewer mistakes.

Training your dog shouldn’t be a difficult task if you start early. Keep training your dog on a regular basis until it recognizes its marked spot and continues to pee on it.

Never reprimand or rebuke your dog for not being able to keep up with you. As always, in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to us because we are just a knock away!

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