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When Do Maltese Stop Teething? (Guide for New Owners)

If you have a Maltese puppy you must be worries as to why your pup hasn’t started growing teeth yet. Well your furry friend needs a bit more time to start the teething process. A Maltese puppy will start their teething phase later than any other breed

But after the process starts it’s all the same for them and any other breed of pup. You have to take extra care for them and be alert for any accidents.

When do Maltese stop teething?

It usually takes several months for a Maltese puppy to stop the teething. At around six months when the adult teeth starts to come out, the teething process ends. This chewing phase is very intense for the pups as they feel pain of losing the baby teeth just like infants.

Teething is a quick yet frustrating phase for growing Maltese pups. As their milk teeth start to poke up, the chewing starts to get more and more intense. This is equally frustrating for the dog and the owner.

As the milk teeth starts to poke out, the teething phase starts. This is when your pup gets an urge to bite and chew on things to help ease the discomfort in their mouth.

When does a Maltese puppy stop teething?

A healthy Maltese puppy needs about 16 to 24 weeks to grow the entire set of teeth. This means the teething process of a puppy will last up to 6 months.

The canine teeth and the other baby teeth start to come up around the 8 weeks of age. As for the adult teeth, it takes 5 to 6 months for the full set of teeth to grow. That is when this painful process ends for your small puppy.

How long do Maltese puppies teething last?

The usual teething phase of a puppy lasts from 3 to 4 months in general. Once the baby teeth start to grow the chewing starts and only gets intense as time passes. Until the entire set of the adult teeth are there, the chewing doesn’t stop.

At 3 weeks of the time teeth start to touch the gum from the inside. By 6 to 8 weeks of age the baby teeth start to emerge and the teething starts.

It usually takes several months to complete the entire teething phase. 3.5 to 4.5 months is the general time. It may take longer, and in that case you should visit a vet.

At what age do Maltese puppies lose their teeth?

Around the age of 5 months, a Maltese puppy will start to lose its baby teeth. This is not usually the case for other breeds as most breeds lose their baby teeth from three and a half months.

The teething process of a Maltese puppy starts around the age of three and a half months. And the entire chewing and teething phase lasts up to three months.

What do Maltese dogs do when they are teething?

As soon as the teething phase starts a Maltese pup will start biting and chewing almost everything it finds around. This is to ease the discomfort of the gums and emerging teeth.

The teething process is very irritating for the little pups. This is why they try to comfort by biting onto something chewy or hard. This does a lot of harm and cause more pain.

Sometimes little puppies lose their appetite and resist eating anything because it feels uncomfortable to chew. Loss of appetite and the discomfort makes the happy puppies very fussy sometimes.

Pay attention to your pup when it eats. Their food taking habit gets slower during this phase. They eat more slowly as there is significant pain in their teeth, mouth and gum.

Pups are seen drooling more than normal in this phase. This amount increases as they eat. They will drool and slobber over their food in an unnatural amount.

Is teething painful for puppies?

Teething is a very frustrating and equally painful experience for puppies. The entire phase is very uncomfortable and they poor puppies can’t even express it properly. Extra care is definitely needed during this time.

Their entire face and mouth starts to hurt as the teething phase begins. During the six weeks of age, when the adult teeth start to show, their gums hurt and swell up a little. As the adult set grows more the pain increases and the pups suffer a lot.

A little bit of bleeding is also very common in these times. As the gum swells up it gets red and starts to bleed a little bit.

This is the time when they bite and chew on stuff to ease the pain but it makes things worse. You need to be extra careful during these times as an unsupervised pup could get severely injured. 

How can I help my Maltese puppy with teething pain?

We know how painful it is to see your little puppy suffer from this phase. The phase is very irritating and painful for your dog. This is why you should take extra care of you furry pup during this time. Some of the ways you can ease the pain are-

  • Give them frozen fruits or bagels; they can chew on them and the cold of the ice will ease the pain. And the fruit will get softer for them to chew on;
  • Cold carrots are a common remedy for pups during this phase. This is safe, easy and nutritious for the puppy. But try not to give more than one carrot a day as they are high in fiber;
  • A “Cold Pack” is also very popular but as it is a bit messy most owners choose not to give this to their dog;
  • Wet and twist a towel or a dishrag into a rope like shape and freeze it. Chewing on this will give your pup comfort and improve their biting habits;
  • Do not give them ice cubes. They are very harmful for their sensitive gum;
  • Avoid medications without the authorization of our vet;
  • Take your puppy to the vet for regular checkups and cleanups.

The teething phase lasts a several months. During this time show patience and love to your beautiful pup. They suffer from this a lot and need your love and care.

Is there a teething gel for puppies?

Recently a teething gel has become very popular to comfort the pain of the teething phase of puppies. These gels are safe to use but should be used under the authorization of your vet.

The puppy teething gel helps sooth the pain of the mouth and gum of your puppy when it is in the chewing and teething phase. It is a dog safe medication that has been used only very recently.

This get should be used when your dog is suffering unbearably. But in every situation, you should use this gel under the permission and authorization of your vet. And also make sure your pup doesn’t swallow too much of the gel.

Do dogs get sick when teething?

Teething phase can make your dog sick as well. The loss of appetite makes them weak and also makes their stomach upset. It is very common for dogs to get sick during the teething phase.

The common sickness are upset stomach and unusual stool. These happen due to lack of proper food as they lose their interest to eat anything at all. All the symptoms and problems are short term however.

If your dog is showing symptoms other than these or if the symptoms are there for a significant amount of time, visit a doctor as soon as possible. Try not to take the symptoms lightly.

Are Maltese chewers?

Maltese are cute, small breed who love to play along and yes, chewing includes in their play time routine. They like to nibble on things. Usually these pups do not destroy or bite aggressively. But they are known to bite and chew from time to time.

Hard rubber, bones, rawhide are their most favorite toys to chew on. Give your Maltese puppy a chew toy and they will stick to it for a long time.

A Maltese dog doesn’t always chew for fun or to play. sometimes when the dog feels bored and isolated it starts to chew on what it finds.

It is also common for these dogs to chew when they feel stressed and anxious. Try to notice the pattern of chewing. In this case they will chew more aggressively.

Give your Maltese pup more care and time when their teething begins. These times are very frustrating for your small pup. They suffer a lot. Make sure to give them proper care and keep them under constant supervision to prevent any serious injury.

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