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Why Does My Maltese Cry So Much? (Ways to Calm Down Maltese)

Having a whining Maltese primarily would break your heart. But day by day your beloved fur baby’s continuous crying regardless of day or night certainly can become a disturbance.

And while spending sleepless nights, such a nuisance can create the burning question in your mind that why does your Maltese cry so much. 

Why Does My Maltese Cry So Much? 

Maltese dogs excessively wail or moan because they might be suffering from separation anxiety, loneliness if they are left alone for a long time, fear upon seeing strangers, hunger, boredom if he has loads of pent-up stamina, and if he wants love and affection from his owner. 

Naturally, a Maltese pup is a happy lively one. But if they whimper, moan, or howl more than usual then it’s a concerning matter. Because there are some major reasons behind a crying Maltese. 

Maltese are attached to their owner and demands loads of love so if they are in separation anxiety or trying to draw attention to get love and affection, they cry a lot.

Moreover, they hate being lonely so if they feel lonely for a long period or gets frightened to see new people or boredom grasps them, Maltese can whine excessively. 

Besides, hunger and sickness can be another reason behind Maltese pup crying so much. 

5 Reason Why Is My Dog Crying For No Reason

To get an answer to this question, you need to go to the root. And here is the list of 5 major reasons behind your furry companion’s constant crying. 


Dogs are very needy when it comes down to human interaction. So if they are not getting enough attention or companions, they tend to get lonely. And to express that they cry and howl, especially at night. Because they are asking someone to be with them. 

Pent Up Energy 

After not getting enough chances to lose energy by doing any active activities like running, jumping, exercise, etc. your dog stocks up energy. And that makes him overexcited and makes him whine unnecessarily to burn out the pent-up energy. 

Demanding Something 

When your lovely fur baby wants or demanding something, for instance, a toy, playing games with you, a walk outside, or food. It will sob day and night non-stop until you get him what he wants. 

Asking For Attention 

When you are not giving your dog the proper time that he expects from you, he can get upset or jealous. And to draw your attention towards him, he may cry out his heart. Especially when you come home from outside or at night. 


Dogs easily get bored if they don’t get anything exciting to do or a companion to pass time. So to express his boredom, he moans. It’s also a way for dogs to get rid of boredom and demanding affection. 

Is It Normal For A Maltese To Cry? 

Maltese dogs are known as happy-go-lucky types of dogs so they don’t cry normally. So crying is not a Maltese thing unless they are going through depression, separation anxiety, fear, or sickness. 

So to express their pain, stress, and fear. Maltese puppies cry abnormally. So if your Maltese furball is moaning and sobbing more than usual, pay attention to them to know their sufferings. 

How To Calm Down A Crying Maltese Puppy?

If your Maltese is crying excessively, you can try out these 5 effective ways of calming down your crying Maltese pup. 

Observe His Physical Condition

If your Maltese is sick, he will cry nonstop. Therefore, to calm down him closely observe his physical condition whether he is sick or injured. Then take him to get immediately and provide him with all necessary medical tests and medicines to calm him down.

Comprehend What Triggers Him To Cry 

Maltese will not cry unless something triggers his crying behavior. So calmly observe when he cries, for example, does he cry upon seeing strangers, does he cry after you coming back home, or does he cry after hearing a thundering sound.

Observe and take action to eliminate these things from your dog’s life. 

Provide Him Adequate Exercise 

Pent-up energy can make your Maltese cry a lot. So to stop him from crying, you can take him out for a walk. Where he can run, jump, and exercise to lose his stocked-up energies. 

Avoid Your Maltese

If you realize that your Maltese is crying excessively and unnecessarily to get your attention, affection, or demanding something simply avoid him. And never encourage such behavior. Then after some time, you’ll see him calm down all by himself. 

Apply The “Quiet” Command 

All dogs are required to learn the “Quiet” command. So does your Maltese. Practice the “Quiet” command on him regularly and if you see him cry, in a gentle yet tough and firm voice tell him “Quiet”.

Why Is My Maltese Whining?

If you notice your Maltese is crying excessively, he must be going through one of these most common and usual reasons. 

Separation Anxiety 

Maltese are really attached to their both dog and human parent. So if you get a new Maltese dog that has been separated from its dog parent or former owner, it will cry extremely as the separation anxiety has grasped him. 

Expressing Pain Or Discomfort 

If your Maltese pup is sick, hurt, or injured, he will cry a lot. Because through crying he wants to express that he is in pain and discomfort. Also, wants to grab your attention so that you can help him to get relief from this pain and discomfort he is suffering. 


Maltese go through stress. Reasons like, not getting their things done on time, staying alone for a long time, not getting proper exercise or activities to keep them occupied, or fear raises their stress level. Also, triggers their crying behavior. 


All puppies need some time to adjust to a new place and people and lifestyles. If he is afraid of social interaction with other dogs or people or if he gets frightened to see strangers or loud noise triggers him. Your Maltese will cry. Especially, when these things are happening repeatedly. 

Seeking Attention 

Maltese dogs love to get human affection. But if you are not showering them with enough affection and love, they will become desperate and will cry a lot to get your attention. You 

How Do I Stop My Maltese From Constantly Whining? 

To stop your Maltese pup’s constant whining, a few beneficial ways are going to break down below for you. 

Keep Him In Playpen Or Crate 

If you have newly adopted a Maltese puppy and it is crying badly because of insecurities or separation anxiety. You can try keeping him in a playpen or crate. He will feel safe and secure in that small area. And keep the playpen or crate near to you.

Redirect His Energy 

Your Maltese can whine for not getting a chance to burn his energy. So try redirecting his pent-up energies by taking him for a walk, run, or provide him with loads of activities and exercise. After few a days, he will stop constantly crying as he will be losing his energies. 

Build Trust 

If you see that your Maltese is afraid of specific things that trigger his crying behavior, work on making him feel secure and build a solid trust between you and your Maltese. It will help them to rely on you and adjust to the environment. 

Provide Mental Stimulation 

You can try increasing your Maltese’s mental stimulation by keeping him occupied with new exciting games, tricks, training them, and getting some chew treats or companion toys. All of these will help your Maltese keep mentally busy and will keep away from boredom.

Respond Selectively 

If you realize your Maltese is crying for no reason. Better avoid them until they stop by themselves. And stopping moaning praise them, pat them, and give them some treats. 

Why Does My Maltese Cry At Night?

Your Maltese cry at night maybe because he is feeling lonely and wants your affection. Or he might want to go washroom, or perhaps he is afraid of some noises.

Also, if your Maltese is sick, he will cry at night out of pain and discomfort. Well, hunger also can make your Maltese cry at night. 

Do I Ignore My Dog Crying At Night? 

As long as you can realize that your dog is whining for no good reason at night, you better ignore him. As paying attention will encourage his this unnecessarily crying behavior.

But if the moaning is for a prolonged time in a painful voice then don’t ignore him and check what’s wrong with him. 

Should I Let My Dog Cry It Out? 

You never should let your dog cry it out for a prolonged period, especially when they want the basic requirements. As this might result in difficulties in training them later. So, if your dog is crying too much, comfort them and try to solve their problems. 

Unless, they are in healthy and comfortable condition but still crying, let them cry it out. Because this crying will last for a short period.

Can A Maltese Puppy Cry Enough to Risk It’s Life? 

A Maltese puppy can quite actually cry for hours. If he is really going through physical pain, anxiety, stress, and fear. Also, during this situation, if you are not picking them up and comforting them, this can trigger more hours of crying. 

Excessive whining of your Maltese pup is an indication of some serious issues. So observe it and try to comfort him, also take the vet’s help if needed. 

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