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Are Maltese Good Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Maltese dogs are such fluffy cuties that make people’s hearts melt in seconds with their affection, playfulness, and gentle behavior. But yet if you are contemplating adopting one of these soft babies, for even just once you may have wondered are Maltese good dogs or not. 

Are Maltese Good Dogs?

Maltese dogs have such cheerful and adorable personalities that certainly have made them good dogs. They are such people-pleasers, cuddly furball, obedient, gentle, and loving to their owners which also proved them as great indoor pets. They are really close to humans and enjoy their company.

Maltese dogs are absolutely lovable and packed with sweet character traits that would please anyone with their gesture and affection. Not only with their owners, but they are also close with others in the house and fill them up with their love as well. 

There are quite a lot of breeds in Maltese dogs, but Maltese Shih Tzu, Maltese Poodles, and Teacup Maltese are the widely adopted and famous ones. Therefore, their wonderful traits are going to break down here in brief to answer some common questions. 

Are Maltese Shih Tzu Good Dogs? 

Yes, these freaking adorable ‘designer breed” Maltese Shih Tzu have earned the status of being a good dog go because of the outgoing yet calm nature. They are so gentle and loving towards humans that makes them an excellent playmate for anyone.

Especially, for first-time or timid owners Maltese Shih Tzus are the best kind of pets that would shower them with affection and help them to get rid of the fear. 

Are Maltese Poodles Good Dogs?

When it comes down to the Maltese Poodles mix, they are another awesome breed of dogs because of the happy, cheerful nature that would bring joy to any pup parent’s life.

They are mostly known as people-pleasers because they would do all kinds of playful activities to lit up the mood. 

These are also considered as good dogs because they can be excellent indoor pets and would fill up an elderly or an alone owner with their boundless love and cuddle. 

Are Teacup Maltese Good Dogs? 

Loved by every dog lover at first glance, Teacup Maltese is one of the extremely lovable and beautiful toy dogs existing on earth, and from such praise for them by now it is evident that how much of good dogs Teacup Maltese are!! 

These softies are greatly known for their gentleness, soft behavior, and friendliness that make them exceptional than other toy dogs. . When these four-legged shiny furball walks around home, your place will be filled up with endless love. 

Do Maltese Dogs Bark A Lot? 

Yes, these small furry babies do bark a lot. Because Maltese dogs share quite a lot of characteristics trait with most of the toy dogs and therefore, they have a specific temperament that ignites to bark uncontrollably.

Also there are various reasons such as stress, enthusiasm, boredom, fear, frustration, and so on that stimulus such behaviour. 

Maltese generally calm kind of dogs but these furry little friends sometimes tend to bark literally at everything because of external reasons for example incentives trigger their territorial attitude.

As well as internal issues such as fear, stress, boredom also triggers such non-stop barking behavior of the Maltese dogs. 

Are Maltese Dogs High Maintenance?

Maltese, these furballs of happiness are one of the most high maintenance dogs. As they are very delicate and fragile due to their size and their drop coat is highly needed to be maintained in the best way. 

As Maltese pups have a long silky coat, therefore, it needs grooming done by professionals for maintaining their beautiful coat. Also, you need to bathe them twice a month, brush their teeth daily, and brush their coat as well.

Moreover, you need to clean the hairs around their eye area every day to avoid discoloration caused by tear staining. 

Also, they are very lucky eaters so you just have to spend extra bucks on buying dog treats for them. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Maltese? 

Maltese dogs are indeed the sweetest, affectionate and charming dog breed that spread happiness in a home. But like any other dog breed, they do have some pros and cons that you must consider before determining to adopt a Maltese dog. 



A Maltese dog is the sweetest cuddle partner that would come over to you any time to snuggle with you. It is playful and active so it’s always ready to go along with you for a walk. 


Due to their teeny size they are prone to adapt in any apartment and don’t require much space. So even if you have a small apartment, you can keep this easy-going pup without even worrying about giving them much space. 


A Maltese dog can be anyone’s best friend because they are so friendly and get along with anyone or any other pet. Its gentle and affectionate behavior can melt hearts. 


The Maltese dogs are fast learners, so you can train them and teach them various activities and games. 



Maltese dogs require high maintenance because of their silky white fur coat and physical structure. You really need quite a lot of money to groom them and maintain their beauty. 

Non-stop barking:

Barking is normal for dogs but for a Maltese non-stop barking has become normal, sometimes if they feel fear, pressure, or boredom and want attention they bark a lot, and it seems troublesome at times. 

Can’t say no:

Their adorable face and doe eyes will definitely make you say yes to their every demand but you shouldn’t refrain yourself from spoiling them and should set boundaries. 

Are Maltese Good Dogs For First-Time Owners? 

Absolutely yes, this little four-legged furball is a perfect pet for first-time dog owners because of its sweet, affectionate nature, small size, and adaptability as well as trainability. 

New dog owners are not aware of all methods for taking care of a pup, some even are afraid of dogs.

But if they want to adopt this snowy fluff Maltese pup they will not face too many difficulties as these dogs are super human-friendly, cuddly babies, great playmates, and excellent indoor pets. 

Are Maltese Dogs Good Family Pets?

The quick answer is yes, they can be an excellent family pet. Generally, Maltese dogs are family and human-friendly, they are attached to their owners quite a lot. And their obedient, as well as gentle characteristics, make them highly a good family pet.

They can create great bonds and attachment with elderly family members and children, for elders they can be their companion in lone time, and for children they can be their playmates. 

Also, as an owner, you would love to snuggle with these babies after long hours for tiring works as they would lit up your mood instantly with their playful activities and affection. Therefore, Maltese dogs are really good family pets.

Are Maltese Dogs Good With Cats?

Certainly, Maltese dogs are good with cats. Maltese dogs are best known for their socialization trait, means it can get along with anyone regardless of humans or other animals.

Also, their friendly nature allows them to be friends with other pets like cats. Sometimes, it’s seen that a Maltese dog and a cat have become best friends. 

It’s understandable that if you already have a cat and wondering to adopt a Maltese dog you might think thousand times whether they will be friends or not, but you better not worry as Maltese dogs are guaranteed as cat-friendly dogs, so they will be a good companion for your beloved cat as well. 

Are Maltese Good Apartment Dogs?

Maltese dogs are the best apartment dogs, due to their miniature size and adaptability. They are also best known as active indoor dogs which don’t require to outside frequently for a walk, they can do fine indoors playing some games. 

As Maltese are small sized so they can stay in any size of apartments without taking much space and their adaptability allow them to adjust to any kind of situation so you can just keep them busy indoor with some exciting games or other pets if you have. 

Are Maltese Good Guard Dogs? 

No, Maltese dogs are very protective towards their owners and can be even good watchdogs but they are not guarding dogs due to their small size and less strength in comparison to guard dogs.

Guard dogs are meant to engage physically with an invader if needed, but Maltese dogs don’t have such strength in fact, they are considered as toy dogs, 

But they are really protective and cautious, and if see any suspicious activities they bark to alert their owner and this makes them good watchdogs rather than a guard dog. 

Are Maltese Good Therapy Dogs?

Maltese dogs are indeed good therapy dogs because they are so lovable and affectionate.

Their sweetly unique characteristics like friendliness, gentleness, and always ready to be a cuddle partner help people to gain comfort and feel loved, especially in retirement homes, and hospitals.

Maltese dogs allow strangers to interact with them and enjoy their company by hugging and petting them, also their temperament traits let people find ease through their playful activities and friendly behaviors. Therefore, such attitudes proved them as the loveliest therapy dogs. 

Maltese dogs are the loveliest furballs that make anyone happy with their energetic, joyful, gentle nature. They are excellent as indoor pets and therapy dogs as people find joy in their playful activities. These four-legged snowy pups surely can be your best companion.

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