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How Long Should Maltese Nails Be? (Explained for Owners!)

If you’re concerned about your dog’s nails and started to notice your malt struggling to stand up, running or walking on concrete pavements or sidewalks, it is because your pup’s nails have grown too long. You’ll likely get yourself hurt on the bare skin from such long nails of your puppy.

How long should Maltese nails be?

Maltese nails should be such that it doesn’t meet the ground while your malt is standing up or walking. It is ideal for keeping your pup’s nail up to the quick, the blood supply area. Trimming off the lost tissue leaving the live tissue should keep your malt’s nails at the optimum length.

If your malt is facing difficulties while walking or running, he has grown too long nails. You will notice the clicking sound from his toes when he is walking on the ground.

You should cut your pup’s nails up to the tip of the quick. Your malt will get good support from such nail length and make a good run. Cutting the quick will cause bleeding and make your Maltese weak.

Overgrown nails can make your dog’s toes dirty and might get sick. Hence, to maintain cleanliness and for the well-being of your pup, you have to keep his nails short.

How do you get your dogs to let you cut their nails?

Seven tips to get your Maltese to let you cut their nails-

Let them sniff the clipper

Show the nail clipper or grinder to your dog and let him sniff it. Praise and treat him.

Let them play with the clipper for a while

Let your pup touch the nail clipper or grinder and play with it a bit to get accustomed. Put on your grinder and make him feel the vibration while holding it to each paw. Don’t start to trim nails yet.

Make them familiar with the sound of the grinder

Wait till your malt gets familiar with the sound and vibration of the grinder. Treat and give him praise.

Do not force them to cut

Don’t force the nail clipper or grinder on your little bud if he doesn’t feel comfortable at first. Give him some time. He will come around.

Praise them

Once your pup gets comfortable, try trimming his one front paw nail. If he lets you, give him a lot of praise and reward. Don’t try cutting all five of his claws on the first day. Gradually increase the frequency.

Give rewards

Gradually start trimming all of his five nails after two or three grooming sessions of single claws. Reward your pup if he lets you trim all five paw nails.

Let them get used to with the process

Keep trimming other nails gradually. Get your pup used to this process by practising trimming his nails frequently.

How to cut Maltese nails?

Eleven steps to cut Maltese nails-

Pick the right items

First, make sure you get the right items for your dog, especially designed to trim dog’s nails. Take a guillotine-type or pliers-type sharp trimmer, whichever you find suitable. 

Take your malt in your lap to put him upside down

If your malt is friendly enough, take him on your lap and turn him upside down. Cutting nails in this position is more effortless. You can also use a grooming table or put him on a washing machine. The slippery surface will make your dog cautious and stop him from unnecessary movements.

Look for ingrown nails

Before you start trimming, investigate your pup’s nails for any ingrown nails, swelling discharges, redness or soreness. Call a vet if such conditions appear.

Locate the blood supply nerve

Take your Maltese’s paw and observe to locate the quick. This is the blood or nerve supply area, which is pink. Don’t cut into that.

Clip at 45 degree

Now start clipping at a 45-degree angle below the quick. Start with tiny cuts. This way, you’ll not cut the quick.

Apply flour, cornstarch, styptic powder or pad to disinfect and stop the bleeding

If your dog has darker nails, then you won’t be able to trace the quick. In such cases, you may face some bleeding. Apply flour, cornstarch, styptic powder or pad to disinfect and stop the bleeding.

Avoid big clips

Avoid making big clips. Stop clipping right away when you see a black spot. This is the quick.

Reward and praise

Reward your Maltese and praise him every time you cut a nail. Because malts can get anxious in the process, and treats will keep them calm.

Smooth nail surface

Smooth your pup’s nail surface with a file if he has a cracked or rough nail. Go from the base of the nail to the tip softly while smoothening. Repeat the process a few times.

Clip regularly to avoid future bleeding

Clipping your malt regularly will make the quick go deeper into the nails. So there will be fewer chances of bleeding as you continue with the trimming.

Remove the dewclaws

Remove the little fifth claw on front legs known as dewclaws of your malt if he still has it.

How often to trim Maltese nails?

You need to trim Maltese nails once every two or three weeks. This process helps to keep your malt clean and healthy. It’s easier to cut nails after a bath as the nails are moisturized and softer then.

Start trimming your malt when he’s still a pup or after two or three weeks since you’ve adopted him. Thus he will get used to it. You can also start trimming your old malts as well with proper training. Remember always to reward them.

How do you tell when your Maltese’s nails are too long?

When your Maltese’s nails are touching the ground while standing up, or making clicking sound while walking, it means the nails are too long, and you need to give him a trim.

Too long nails will bring the quick closer to the tip, making it difficult to cut nails the next time. Your malt will face difficulties while standing up and walking if the nails grow too long. You can even get scratches and hurt yourself. So don’t let that happen to your malts nails.

Does walking your dog trim their nails?

Walking your dog on hard surfaces like concrete pavements or sidewalks will help in trimming his nails. It depends on how long or often your dog can walk on the sidewalks. And thus, keep your dog’s nails under control.

However, only walking on the sidewalks will not help if your dog’s nails are too long. A malt won’t be able to stand on the sidewalks in the first place. So you have to trim your dog’s nails with a clipper or grinder in such scenarios. 

Nevertheless, you can’t ignore trimming your Maltese’s nails or stop cutting them after a while. It is an ongoing process for your pup’s health and longevity.

Trimming your dog’s nails will not only ensure his well-being but also save you from random scratches and injuries. Keeping your malt’s nails the correct nails will provide safety to both of you while enjoying each other’s company.

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