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Why Does My Maltese Howl, Growl, Snore, Grunt, or Snort?

Maltese are generally peaceful and adorable dogs. They love the companion of people. That’s why most people own Maltese as their house dogs. But if you have a Maltese, you might experience different behaviors of your Maltese.

Sometimes, Maltese howl, growl, snore, grunt, or snort. You might not know the reasons behind these behaviors. There might be some serious issues, or some behaviors might be very normal.

In this article, we will tell you the reasons why your Maltese howl, growl, snore, grunt, or snort.

Why does my Maltese howl?

The main reason for your Maltese’s howling is anxiety. Maltese anxiety might come from different causes. Generally, Maltese howl for separation anxiety. Besides, Maltese howl getting excited or trying to get attention. Sometimes, Maltese outcry to the reply of a specific sound or medical need. 

Maltese don’t howl so often. They are pretty fun-loving. Maltese can howl for simple reasons. But sometimes, it can be a severe problem. You have to understand the reason behind the howling.

If you want to pamper your Maltese to stop howling, you have to know the reasons behind it.

Reasons of Maltese howling

Maltese are small dogs, but they can howl like crazy sometimes. You might be afraid of why your Maltese is howling so dangerously. You have to notice your Maltese because it can be a medical emergency. Let’s see what the reasons can be for your Maltese howling.


Maltese are sensitive about separation. When Maltese come into a new family, they might feel anxious. This separation anxiety triggers the Maltese to howl.

Responsive howl:

Maltese are pretty responsive. They might howl in response to other dog’s howling or different sounds they hear.

To get Attention:

It is pretty common to howl when the Maltese need attention. They can howl when they see you having food. Otherwise, they probably need your attention.


Maltese can be excited when they see anything strange. If your Maltese is howling, maybe he has seen something strange or got excited about anything.

Medical Need:

Contrary to the other reasons, your Maltese can howl if any medical emergency is needed. If the Maltese get hurt or feel any unusual occurrence, he can howl.

How to stop Maltese from howling?

To stop your Maltese from howling, you should know the cause behind howling. First, try to understand the reason, then take a step to stop the reason. If your Maltese howl for anxiety, give him time. Notice whether your Maltese is hurt or not. If he is hurt, take him to the hospital immediately.

Other reasons can also be responsible. You can distract your Maltese with toys and treats if he is excited or howling to respond to other dog’s barking. But if your Maltese howls for getting attention, you must ignore him. Otherwise, howling might be his habit.

Solutions of Maltese howling

Though howling of your Maltese can be a simple issue. But sometimes, excessive howling can disturb your house’s peace. So, you can follow some steps to stop your Maltese from howling. Let’s see the steps.

Distract your Maltese:

Sometimes, Maltese howl for responding to other dog’s howling. You can distract him by sound-making toys or by giving him treat.

Don’t give Attention:

Your Maltese might be howling for giving him attention. But giving him attention in this situation means his howling works.

So, you can ignore him continuously if he howls for attention. Ignoring will eventually show him that howling doesn’t work to get attention.

Pamper your Maltese:

When your Maltese learns to stop his howling, give him treats and pamper him. This way, he will know that howling doesn’t work; somewhat calming down can catch attention.

Give time:

Howling from separation anxiety is common for Maltese. Give him time and companion. Maltese love to be with people. So, make him feel relaxed.

Why does my Maltese growl at me?

Your Maltese growling reason might be for pain, fear, or medical issue. The typical medical condition for Maltese’s growing is small dog syndrome. Sometimes, growling can be a simple issue, like communication between two dogs. Some potential reasons can also cause growling.

Growling can be a form of communication or aggressiveness. You have to notice the reason whether it is a pleasure growling or aggressive growling. Sometimes, your Maltese can growl for hurt or pain. So, see him carefully and take the necessary steps.

Reasons for Maltese growling

Maltese can growl for different reasons. You have to know the causes before stopping your Maltese from growling. Here you can see the following reasons why your Maltese growls.


Though Maltese are peaceful, they can growl when they get fear something. Growling is a communication method for Maltese to reach his voice to you. So, notice carefully whether your Maltese is in fear or not.


Dogs often bark or growl while communicating with other dogs. Your Maltese might be responding to other dog’s barking. Growling can be as simple as the communication method of your Maltese.


If your Maltese get hurt from anything, growling or barking is the only way to get your attention. So, if you see your Maltese excessively growling, he might need your help. There can be a severe issue, like small dog syndrome.


Maltese can growl when they are aggressive. This aggression can come from different reasons. But Maltese show their aggressiveness through growling, barking, crying, etc.

How to stop Maltese from growling at me?

If you want to stop your Maltese from growling, you have to investigate the reasons behind it. A lot of reasons can be the trigger point of your Maltese growling.

For example, fear, pain, aggressiveness, attention-seeking, responding to other dogs, etc. Even the Maltese can growl from pleasure sometimes.

So, to stop your Maltese from growling, you have to follow some techniques. If there is a medical issue, take him to the hospital immediately.

If the reason is fear, find out what your Maltese is afraid of and remove it from him. Thus, distracting him from the reason, you can stop your Maltese from growling.

Solutions of Maltese growling

To solve the problem of your Maltese growling, you can follow the techniques.

  • If your Maltese growls for pain or medical issue, take him to the hospital.
  • If your Maltese growls being excited, give him treats to distract him.
  • If your Maltese is in fear, take him away from there and distract him with toys.
  • Socialize you Maltese so that he doesn’t growl when meeting strangers.

Why does my Maltese snore?

The reasons for your Maltese snoring can be different. For example, your Maltese might have allergies. Other medical issues, like brachycephalic nasal issues, obesity, dental problem, colds, etc., might be the reason for snoring. Sometimes, the problem is temporary for restricted nasal passage.

Reasons for Maltese snoring

Maltese snore for various reasons. Especially for medical issues. Let’s see what can be the reasons for Maltese snoring.

  • Some breed dogs, like Maltese, have a history of snoring.
  • Your Maltese might have allergies.
  • Your Maltese might have brachycephalic nasal issues.
  • The reason for your Maltese’s growling might be his obesity.
  • Your Maltese might have dental problems or fungal infections.
  • Your Maltese might have a cold. 

How to stop Maltese from snoring?

Snoring can be a simple problem or a medical issue. So, whenever you notice your Maltese snoring, take it seriously. You can try to stop your Maltese from snoring following some techniques. Let’s find out how you can prevent your Maltese from snoring.


If your Maltese is snoring lasts more than a week, he might need treatment. If the medical issue is not so serious, snoring will stop eventually when your Maltese is okay. If the problem is with teeth, dental treatment will help.


If your Maltese snores for allergies, or fungal infection, remove the things he is allergic with. Clean his bed and other stuff regularly. Thus snoring may reduce gradually.

Medicine or surgery:

If your Maltese have brachycephalic nasal issues, he must need vet treatment and medicine. Sometimes, surgery is the only way to get rid of snoring. After surgery, the reason for snoring might remove.


If obesity is the reason, take your Maltese to exercise. Maltese are prone to obesity. They need regular exercise also. So, take him to walk every day and make him healthy gradually.

Why does my Maltese snort?

Maltese snort for their medical issues. Snorting is common in Maltese when they try reverse sneezing. Snorting or reverse sneezing occurs when Maltese have an obstacle in the airway passage and facing breathing problems. When they try to remove the barrier, it causes snorting.  

Reasons of Maltese snorting

Some medical issues can be reasons for Maltese snorting. Let’s see what can be the reasons for Maltese snorting.

Reverse Sneezing:

When Maltese face reverse sneezing when there is irritation of the palate or laryngeal area. Then Maltese have breathing problems, and they snort.

An obstacle in the airway:

When Maltese have any airway obstacle, such as debris or fluids stuck in the airway, they have difficulty breathing. This time Maltese use to snort.

Other reason:

When Maltese are happy, they sneeze more often. This causes a snorting sound when sneezing.

How to stop Maltese from snorting?

You have to know the reasons behind your Maltese snorting. If the cause is severe, you can take the necessary steps to stop snorting. You can follow the techniques below.

  • If the snorting is from reverse sneezing, massage your Maltese’s throat to calm him down.
  • If another medical condition, such as allergy, infection is the reason, take him to the vet.
  • If snorting is for an obstacle in the airway, take him to the hospital for treatment.

Why does my Maltese grunt?

Your Maltese may grunt for communication or some other reasons. There might be some medical issues, such as gastrointestinal problems, laryngeal paralysis, respiratory problems, etc. Maltese can also grunt when they reverse sneeze or face any obstacle in their airway.

Reasons for Maltese grunting

Some reasons might be responsible for Maltese grunting. If your Maltese grunts, you can notice the Maltese for ensuring the reasons. Here are some of the reasons why your Maltese grunts.

Reverse Sneezing:

If your Maltese face any obstacle in the airway, they try to reverse sneeze. Then they can face grunting. 


Maltese can grunt to communicate with you showing any difficulty he is facing. It can be a medical emergency. So, try to notice your Maltese if he grunts.


If your Maltese gets hurt or in pain for some reason, he can grunt. If you see your Maltese grunting for some time, notice him and try to treat his pain.

How to stop Maltese from grunting?

For stopping your Maltese from grunting, you have to know the reasons behind his grunting. If it is just for communication or getting attention, you don’t need to worry.

But if it is for some serious reason or medical issue, you have to take proper steps. It would help if you took him to the doctor immediately or remove why he is grunting.

Solutions of Maltese grunting

You can take the following steps if you notice your Maltese grunting.

  • If grunting is for medical issues, take your Maltese to the hospital for treatment.
  • For immediate action, you can massage your Maltese’s throat gently to calm him.
  • If your Maltese has an obstacle in his airways, you need to take him to the doctor.

Generally, Maltese are pretty gentle and fun-loving. But they can show aggressiveness or negative behaviors sometimes. They can howl, growl, snore, grunt or snort. The reasons for these behaviors might be simple or severe.

You have to notice carefully and take the necessary steps to stop the unusual behaviors. If you want your Maltese in good health and manner, you need to take these actions carefully.

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