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Where and How Long Should Maltese Puppies Sleep? (Explained)

Raising a Maltese puppy is so much fun that you will never be bored of seeing a Maltese grow up from a puppy to an adult dog.

Henceforth you need to take some caring points into your account, which includes the most crucial point that is finding the suitable place for your Maltese to sleep and how long there should be their sleeping hours.

Where should Maltese puppies sleep?

The best option is to let Maltese puppies have their silent area, which gives them “den” feelings because of their canine instincts. Alongside if you set up a quality-sized canine bed inside a dog’s playpen and filled it with loads of playing stuff, then it will make the dog feel more secure.

Any kinds of dog breeds love to sleep in their own space, and so does Maltese as it makes them feel homely and, most importantly, secured because of their canine characteristics.

This makes them sleep comfortably and also without any trouble. Also, a dog can spend time with themselves in their own bed, which improves their mental health.

It’s better if you provide a quiet area and not near the family hall ( where family people tend to gather around with lively conversations)  for your Maltese puppy to sleep because it will not feel disturbance whenever there are gatherings of people or someone walks by.

On account of this, you need to be very careful that the sleeping area is not far away from your bedroom as the Maltese breeds are very sensitive in nature which is why they will feel alone or abandoned.

Side by side, you can place an indoor dog playpen for your Maltese puppy as they will feel more secured, and also, when they are home alone, it will abide them not to roam around the house unnecessarily.

Finally, the most important is to set up the perfect bed for your Maltese puppy. The priority should be selecting a comfortable mattress of size 2.5 inches of solid foam, which is very important for better body growth.

You can also fill the bed with their favorite playing toys for companions and also keep the litter bowl beside the bed.

Thus, after the above discussion, it must be clear that a Maltese puppy feels comfortable sleeping in their bed in their own area.

How long should Maltese sleep?

Young newborn Maltese can sleep around 20-22 hours per day, whereas puppies between 2 to 5 months old sleep around 18-20 hours per day. The sleeping hours might vary among the adult Maltese, which is 12-14 hours in a day; however, the sleeping hours gradually increase when they grow much older.

As we said before, sleep had been an integral part of the Maltese because it shapes their health and improves their mental health, so it is crucial to note their sleeping hours.

The sleeping hours vary from age to age when it comes to the Maltese breed because they have the same sleeping reason as humans: reset of body and restoration both physically and mentally.

Maltese can take small naps whenever they feel they are tired and need a bit of rest. 

The sleeping hours from age to age of a Maltese is given below:

Newborns (age between 1 to 6 weeks)

The young newborn pups can sleep around 20-22 hours per day except for nursing hours. As they are weak and cannot able to walk, so they pass their time by sleeping. 

Puppies (2 to 5 months old)

Maltese puppies take more naps during both daytime and nighttime rather than sleeping for long hours. But still, they manage to sleep around 18-20 hours per day.

Puppies aged from more than six months old usually sleep for fewer hours which is 12-14 hours, because mostly they spend their time exploring the new world. 

Adults ( 1 to 10 years old)

Adult Maltese dogs usually sleep around 12-14 hours a day which is the same sleeping pattern as humans. The sleeping hours gradually increase when the Maltese become ten years old because they can get tired and weak when they grow older.

Senior Maltese dogs can sleep around 15-18 hours a day, and it is entirely normal comparing other older breeds of dogs.

Can Maltese sleep outside?

Maltese cannot sleep outside because of their sensitive nature, and also, a toy breed like Maltese needs more attention and human touch.

Many buyers found it’s cruel to leave a breed like Maltese outside of the home, and it’s completely true. A small dog breed like Maltese can face many dangers living outside of the house, including temperature, predators, poisonous plants, etc.

The main factor which obstructs Maltese puppies from sleeping outside is the temperature.

Because neither they have an extra layer of fat nor thick fur hair in their body, which will protect them from the cold weather, they can suffer from hypothermia in the cold and also heatstroke in hot temperatures.

Being a small breed and skinny in health, it is very much easy that your Maltese puppy will get attacked by predator animals. They are much easy prey for predators like eagles, coyotes, wild foxes, poisonous snakes, etc..

Finally, Maltese aren’t the breeds made for living outside and protect your home instead; they are made for human affection and human attention. They are socialistic breeds that thrive for more attention and care from you rather than suffer from life-risking factors by living outside.

Can Maltese sleep alone?

As we discussed before, the Maltese is one of those social breeds that need a lot of care and attention; therefore, it is better not to let your Maltese sleep alone. Maltese can develop different behavioral issues if they are left alone for a long period of time.

They will get scared and depressed if they are left to sleep alone. They can suffer from separation anxiety and stress if they get to sleep without a companion.

They feel comfortable and secured in your lap and can lift up your mood for their energetic and jolly nature.

But if they are any special cases that you need to leave your Maltese puppy to the left alone, then you can train them through a lot of techniques such as commanding, pointing, and getting them to bed by lurking a treat, etc.

But most importantly, always remember not to rush about anything because a small factor can greatly affect your Maltese mental health.

Why does my puppy not want to sleep?

There can be many reasons why your puppy does not want to sleep. The reasons are noted below:

  • New environment: Puppies can be super stressed when they shift to a new environment because they get highly confused by the new smell, sound, sightings, etc.
  • Health problems: Your puppy may be suffering from different health problems like allergies, flea problems, anxiety, pain in the stomach, etc.
  • Change in the routine: Even slight changes in the regular routine like eating hours, playing hours, and even change in the bathroom hours can seriously affect your Maltese sleeping pattern.
  • Nightmares in sleep: This is very common among dog breeds because nightmares related to trauma or anxiety can be the reason for not having a proper sleep.

How do I get my Maltese puppy to sleep?

There are lots of tips that you can follow to make your Maltese puppy sleep. They are noted below:

  • Ensuring comfort and security: Whenever it is bedtime for your Maltese puppy, you should give them extra care and comfort by providing belly rubs or blankets over them, or dark crates can help them sleep peacefully.
  • Comfy bed: Uncomfortable bed can be one of the reasons for your Maltese not able to sleep, which is why it is suggested to set up a high-quality bed for your Maltese puppy.
  • Regular exercise: Regular exercise can burn off extra fat and improve health, helping them have a sound sleep.
  • Consulting with a vet: if your Maltese is suffering from sleep deprivation, then you should immediately consult with a doctor.

Do Maltese Puppies sleep a lot?

Sleeping patterns vary from age to age incase of Maltese breeds, but yes, they do sleep a lot. The puppies can sleep around 20-22 hours in a day except for the hours of nursing.

It is common for the puppies because they are weak and do not have the required strength to play around the house. Also, it is very important for puppies to have a proper sleep to improve their health condition. That is why they pass almost all the time by sleeping.

Why does my Maltese sleep on his back?

It is really common among Maltese puppies to sleep on their back because that means it fully trusts you and is trying to keep their body temperature cool.

The Maltese puppy sleeping in this way means that it loves the environment and feels comfortable falling asleep in this position.

Sometimes you might notice that they don’t sleep so much on their backs because of aging and arthritis.

Can Maltese be left alone?

Maltese cannot be left alone by any means because of their socialistic character and sensitive nature. Maltese are one of those small breeds of dog who loves to play with you and feels comfortable and secured by your presence.

They can be seriously affected by depression and stress if they are left alone for a long time. They can feel ignored and suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone in the home for a short period.

But in special cases where you have no way other than leaving them alone, you can slowly train them by following expert techniques. But make sure you do not affect your Maltese mental health by training them.

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