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Should I Get 2 Maltese Puppies? (Explained for Owners)

Maltese are adorable balls of fluff that are energetic, friendly, and make for a great apartment or “toy” dog companions.

If you have one, you already know the charms they hold and what a delight it is to have them in your life. Which is why you are considering getting another, we presume.

Should I get 2 Maltese puppies?

Maltese are friendly toy breeds that work well with other dogs and family members. However, you should be wary of getting two puppies at once for looking after two new puppies is harder than it seems. You also run the risk of littermate syndrome which will hinder the bond you have with your pup.

There is absolutely no harm in wanting two furry companions, especially if you have a legitimate reason for wanting them. You could want another Maltese to keep your current pet company, or simply because you feel like another furry friend will bring joy to you and yours.

However, there are certain things you need to look after to make sure it is the best decision for both parties. Maltese are super approachable breeds that are notably good with other dogs, and those trained properly make for a delightful time together. 

This breed is also prone to severe separation anxiety so it is advised to space out getting another pup so the timing is right and the age gap works for the best of all involved.

You should also make sure you have the time, money, and energy for a second dog before getting one since basically, they will require the double amount of what you are giving now.

Is it better to have two Maltese dogs?

The saying is two is better than one, and in most cases, the math checks out. But does it run true for Maltese? As mentioned earlier, the undertaking of two dogs is no joke and the pros and cons should be weighed in with thorough research. 

It has been reported that Maltese are great for small apartments for they do not need a large yard to be active and healthy.

The cost of feeding them is also quite low due to their small stature and appetite, even if you get high-quality, exquisite dog food. Walking them is also easy since a brisk space with them does not cover much ground, compared to bigger breeds.

On the other side, since they are so small you have to be careful around them, constant vigilance is a must. If you have toddlers, you might not look into getting a Maltese now since close supervision is absolutely necessary.

Keeping the breed characteristics in mind, owners believe dogs are meant to be in herds, better if they live in a pack. Most maintain the belief they are livelier and happier in the company of other dogs, regardless of their breed. What matters more is their temperament and if they complement each other.

You should also keep in mind that it is comparatively better to have two older dogs or one older and a puppy at the same time, rather than two puppies together. The obvious benefit being double the adorableness, the others include:

They can exercise together and keep each other entertained

Since Maltese are active, peppy bundles of joy, they need regular exercise to channel that energy so homebound destruction does not occur later.

Playtime is vital for any dog, since it develops their health, works on their social cues, and increases happiness. Having a playmate greatly increases such development and keeps both parties entertained.

Makes training easier

Let’s say you now have a younger dog to keep your older one company. This also works out training-wise since dogs are pack animals and so your elder pet will naturally take on the role of leader and provide guidance to the youngling.

The puppy will start to look up to the senior canine and model their behavior after them. It should also make potty training easier as well, which is a welcome bonus since Maltese are notoriously hard to housetrain.

Lessens separation anxiety

Maltese are also notorious for their rather “clingy” nature since they are heavily dependent on their owner and need constant supervision. If you think you are starting to get a busier life and your beloved pet is starting to feel the blues, another Maltese might help lessen the pain.

The cost isn’t as high as expected

Since they are the same breed, having two Maltese results in double the charm but not the finances.

Aside from their grooming needs (which you can also do it yourself), regular checkup and immunizations, other costs are significantly lesser since they are smaller dogs and generally do not mind sharing toys, bed, and other supplies.

It should also be noted that by having another dog, you are actively playing against the euthanizing of far too many animals by directly saving their lives by giving them a happy home where they can be safe too.

It is true that having two dogs also mean twice the work and care for these furry friends, but one can easily admit that the pros far outweigh the cons since it makes it easier to train them, provide better mental, physical and emotional health for both the pets and the owners.

Are Maltese happier in pairs?

Maltese is a social, happy dog that plays with other dogs and pets well. Though they can be left alone for a little while, they are significantly happier in the company of others. It should be noted that temperament matters more than the age, breed, and sex of the dog when it comes to compatibility.

Should I get a second dog to keep my dog company?

It is a viable option to look into getting or adopting a second dog to keep yours company and combat separation anxiety.

Dogs are reportedly happier and more sociable around other dogs but it should be noted that the second furry companion cannot be a substitution for absent or inattentive owners.

Is it hard to have two puppies at once?

Experts agree that it is best to not have two puppies at the same time since it increases the risk of littermate syndrome where they bond more with each other than their owners. Socialization and training are also harder since it needs twice the time and effort.

What is the best age to get a second puppy?

The general consensus is to wait until the first dog is older, if not an adult before getting a second pup. The first dog should have their basic training completed and be young and energetic enough to entertain their playtime together. Age-wise, the first dog should be around 2-4 years old.

Is it better to have two dogs of the same breed?

The breed of the dog does not matter as much as personality does. While some breeds have a specific personality, it mostly depends on the individual dog and the experiences that shaped them.

The breed has little impact on how they will behave; temperament, size, and energy play a bigger role.

Maltese is a wonderful companion that is a delight to have around. Since they also tend to have separation anxiety, it is understandable why you would want to look into taking in another, but make sure you have the time, effort, and money to do right by your furry friends and family.

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