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Does My Maltese Need a Sweater? (All You Need to Know!)

If you are into small-sized dogs who are friendly and full of energy, you have probably heard the name of Maltese.

Originating from the isle of Malta, these white mini dogs are the cutest of all. They love to jump and play with you. They are really lovable and one of the best kinds for in-house pets. 

Does my Maltese need a sweater? 

Yes. Maltese needs sweaters to keep themselves warm and comfortable. Maltese have a single layer of silky hair in their body. The content of fatty acids in their body is low, which does not help them produce heat for themselves. That is why they need a warm sweater in Winter or cold weather.

Maltese have white hair all-over their body. Previously, Maltese of different colors were available. But later, only white color was in use for Maltese breeds. You must cut and trim their hair regularly to maintain these little buddies.

When do my Maltese need a sweater?

Dogs feel cold in Winter like humans. We need a sweater when we feel cold. Similarly, many dogs of different breeds also need sweaters in winters. Maltese is one of them.

Maltese needs a sweater when the temperature falls. It needs a sweater when it goes out for a walk in Winter.

Maltese is a small breed dog. Put on the sweaters on your Maltese if the temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

If the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, check on your dogs for some vital signs of diseases. Take extra precautions and keep them warm in any way possible. 

How do I know if my Maltese needs a sweater?

Dogs are friendly animals. They have different needs according to their nature and build.

Do Maltese needs sweater? Consider the characteristics and body mechanics of the Maltese dog, and you will have the answer.

Small dogs need extra protection from cold than big dogs. Moreover, some dogs do not have an extra coat on their body. It makes them more vulnerable to cold.

Maltese are small dogs with short hair. They do not have a double coat in their body. So, they have weaker immunity against cold.

Maltese are short dogs. Their belly is very close to the ground. It makes them receive more cold than other breeds.

Moreover, if your Maltese have any medical condition, they can catch a cold easily. Reverse sneezing, arthritis, and collapsed trachea are the common cold-related disease of the Maltese.

You have to save your dog from catching a cold or any other health hazard. So, you will need a sweater to keep your Maltese warm and control its body temperature.

There are younger and older Maltese dogs who cannot control their body temperature by themselves. They will definitely need sweaters to keep their body temperature stable.

Are dog sweaters necessary?

Yes, sweaters necessary for some dogs. But many dogs do not need sweaters as well.

The requirement for a sweater for a dog relies upon the layering of the dog.

Some dogs have extra protective layers in their body. They are born with this structure to adapt to the environment around them.

The dogs with double-layered coatings do not need a sweater in winter. They are born to adapt to the cold.

Then some dogs are small in size and have only one layer of fur in their body. These dogs are more vulnerable to catch a cold.

These small dogs have weaker immunity and less body hair. So, sweaters are necessary for these types of dogs.

Whenever you are going out, put on a sweater on your dog.

Do Maltese need sweaters indoors?

It is not necessary to make your Maltese wear sweaters inside the house. Because usually the temperature indoors is suitable for your Maltese.

They need sweaters in cold weather outdoors.

If they wear sweaters indoors, this can cause over-heating. Moreover, itching and irritation in their skin may also occur.

Say your Maltese is feeling cold at night. Use a blanket or warm spot in your house to make your dog feel warm and cozy.

Most of the time, dogs squeeze in warm places inside the house if they feel cold. So, you do not necessarily need a sweater for your Maltese indoors.

Maltese are lightweight dogs with short hair. They need sweaters while going outside in lower temperatures.

Do Maltese get cold in the winter? 

There are a lot of dog breeds in the world. Maltese is one of the small breed dogs. They are sensitive and cannot tolerate cold weather.

Maltese has a high energy level. They love to play. And there is a high risk of Maltese getting cold in Winter.

The Winter air is harmful to your Maltese. They can catch a cold staying indoors as well.

If you take your Maltese outside in Winter without sweaters, it will catch a cold. Moreover, it can catch a cold if it stays for a long time outside with sweaters.

There has to be a limit in its outdoor time. And it needs a warm sweater as well.

Maltese have one layer of hair but not warm fur. At the point when dogs are cold, they may shudder. They may also have a slouched stance and lift their paws off the ground.

Do Maltese dogs get cold easily? 

Yes, Maltese dogs get cold easily. Maltese have one layer of hair covering their body. They are delicate dogs.

They are energetic and playful. Maltese are intolerant of cold because of their body structure and its mechanism.

Long outings in the Winter can lower their body temperature. Moreover, lack of adequate clothing can also act as a catalyst for catching a cold.

Comfortable pet beds and heat pads can increase their immunity. Sweaters and fatty acid supplements control their body temperature to rise too high.

Take the dirt and snow off their feet after an outing. Trim their nails and clean their feet regularly.

Use a comfortable sweater for an outing with your cute Maltese. Reaching home, do not forget to clear their feet off of any snow or dirt.

How cold is too cold for a Maltese?

Maltese dogs are suitable for indoor pets. They are house-in dogs.

Maltese can have various health conditions. These conditions can also make them susceptible to cold.

Various factors like dry air, sleet, snow-fall, rain, etc., controls the temperature of the weather.

They cannot tolerate too much cold or heat.

If the temperature drops to 30 degrees Celsius/ 86 degrees Fahrenheit and underneath, it is better not to keep your Maltese outside for a long time.

If the temperature hits 25 degrees Celsius/ 77 degrees Fahrenheit, you have to take proper caution for your Maltese.

The fatal temperature for your Maltese is 20 degrees Celsius/ 68 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

What is the ideal temperature for a Maltese dog?

The ideal temperature for your Maltese depends on some factors. The coating of your canine, its size, weight, health, and age.

Maltese are caring in nature, and they are fond of humans. They are the best house dogs.

They cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. The temperature of the house in Summer should be within 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

For older and younger puppies, this temperature may vary a little.

The temperature of the house in Winter should be 69 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Use higher temperatures for older and new-born Maltese.

Do Maltese like cold or hot weather? 

The history and linage of Maltese go back in history. Maltese are said to originate from the isle of Malta.

Malta is one of the warmest countries in Europe. Judging from this point of view, we can say Maltese like hot weather.

But Maltese are dogs with a single layer of hair. They cannot bear extreme hot or cold weather.

Some Maltese do enjoy cold. But it can cause a lot of health issues for them.

Their nose might turn pink if they do not get enough sunlight.

Moreover, extremely hot weather is also harmful to the Maltese. They can over-heat and get sunburn.

They do not like anything extreme. Be it cold or hot.

Do Maltese like snow? 

Maltese have less fat in their body owing to their small structure. The content of fatty acids in their body is low. It does not allow them to produce much heat in their body by themselves.

They do possess a thick layer of hair. But that layer is not cold resistant.

We can derive from these facts that they do not like snow that much. But they do not even hate snow.

There have been events of Maltese enjoying the snow. So, we can say that they moderately enjoy the snow.

The Maltese can jump and play a lot which can easily tire them.  Keep them safe and hydrated in extreme hot or cold weather.

Maltese are so loving and playful in nature that you cannot help but adore them. They love their owners and are brave dogs. Keep a close eye on this lovely breed in winter and cold weather.

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