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Does Havanese Hair Keep Growing? (All You Need to Know!)

Havanese dogs are perfect for you if you love petting your dog and felling soft, silky hair. The glorious hair coat of a Havanese dog makes it so adorable and lovable to dog lovers in general. The maintenance of the hair coat is not as difficult as it seems.

With just the basic care guidelines you can keep your dog beautiful and happy. These non  shedding pups come in all shapes, from straight to curly. Every hair coat is just as beautiful as your wonder furry little friend.

Does Havanese hair keep growing?

The hair development of a Havanese dog stops when the coat reaches maturity. The growth does stop afterwards. The full coat looks very long after it has matured but it does not reach the floor most of the times.  However there is no absolute measurement for the hair length.

 Havanese are beautiful dogs with smooth and silky coat of hair. As a matter of fact, their hair is why they are so popular. They experience what is known as a “coat change”, that is when the hair starts to grow long and smooth.

This growth is not everlasting however. When the coat reaches maturity they growth stops. Most of the dogs do not have hair that touch the ground. Though there is no specific measurement to how long the hair grows.

How fast does Havanese dog hair grow?

The growth of the Havanese dog coat is pretty fast. If you do not trim it every six to eight weeks the coats get too long and does not look good. The naturally mat textured hair of a Havanese dog grows faster than any other coat of contemporary dog breeds.

A Havanese puppy is born with one cm smooth hair. By the age of eight to twelve weeks the hair should be around 3 to 5 cm long. In a year, your dog should have 13 to 15 cm long beautiful and smooth coat of hair.

How long does Havanese hair grow?

There is no absolute length in terms of the measurement of the hair of a Havanese dog. But in can grow up to approximately 15 to 25 cm, which is around six to ten inches.

The growth, length and texture of the coat of a Havanese dog depends on the breed, diet and genetics of the dog. How you groom your dog matters a lot as well.

The breed line and genetics have a good role to play in the growth of the fur. A breed line with faster growth will see a growth up to 17 to 20 cm ( seven to eight inches) within a year. In one year, a breed line with slower growth the dog will have hair 13-15 cm (five to six inches)

Can you keep Havanese hair short?

A Havanese dog would look absolutely adorable in a short hair. Though the dog breed is known for their smooth and long coat of hair. A change in hairstyle is always accepted and appreciated.

There is no problem with keeping the hair of your Havanese dog short. There are some very popular cutes as well for the breed. One such hair cut is the Havanese puppy cut. The hair is trimmed and cut up to two inches.

Take extra care of the hair after it has be cut. Groom and trim regularly to keep the beautiful new hair cut popping.

How to take care of Havanese hair?

The long and beautiful hair of you Havanese dog needs extra care, for obvious reasons. The dog is not known to be high maintenance, but the hair care of the dog should be taken seriously. There is not much to it, just some simple thing to keep in mind-

  • Try to bathe and groom the dog frequently;
  • Full brush out two to three times a week should be perfect for the dog;
  • Use shampoo and conditioner every time your dog gets a bath;
  • Use a towel and go for a downward motion to dry off the water, avoid circular motion;
  • Use a brush to detangle the hair coat;
  • Avoid dry brushing the coat;
  • Lightly moist the hair with any good quality hydrating spray.

The trick is to take care of the hair coat every now and then and keeping it tangle free. Brush frequently to avoid any mess. These should promote healthy growth for your dogs hair coat.

How often do Havanese need to be groomed?

A Havanese dog does not require regular grooming. There is no need for a routine wash and bath. The beautiful dogs require moderate maintenance.

Try to give your dog a full brush out 2 to 3 times a week. Avoid using a dry brush. If you do not want to bathe him, use a hydrating gel to soften the hair coat. You can bathe your dog once or twice a week. They do not require frequent bathing.

Keep your dog clean and maintain a healthy diet. These beautiful dogs are fairly low maintenance. So you do not have to worry about it too much.  

How to keep Havanese hair out of eyes?

It is very common for the long and silky coat of the Havanese dog to get in its eyes. Most of the times it will dangle in front of the eyes. It gets irritating and can be dangeruous as well. This is why you need to be aware of such incidents.

Trimming near the eye is a common and easy way to keep hair out of the eyes. But you have to be very careful while trimming in that section. There are many ways this could go in the wrong direction. Get the help of a professional if you can.

Trimming the overhangs near the eye area is necessary and you should do it once the hair starts covering the eyes. This helps with clear vision and no other irritation.

Can you shave a Havanese dog?

Shaving your Havanese dog is not recommended at all. These dogs are non shedding breeds so it is not necessary to shave them. You can trim their hair and keep it very short. But shaving it off completely is unnecessary.

Havanese have coats of hair rather than fur. This is why once shaved, the coat of hair might get permanently damaged. The coat of hair might never grow back as beautifully as before. Avoid shaving your Havanese dog. Keep the hair short and trimmed. 

How long does it take for Havanese hair to grow back?

For a full growth of the coat of a Havanese dog, it takes about 3 to 4 years. The adult coat takes almost a full four years to properly develop and reach full length. Though there is no concrete measurement of the growth length but it never keeps growing with no stopping.

If yoy shave your dog however, it might take a longer time to reach the normal and previous length. The coat of hair will not be as before either.

A small trim will take about two weeks or more than a month to grow back to the previous length. Keep your dog groomed and trimmed. This promotes healthy growth of the hair coat. 

How to keep Havanese hair from matting?

Matting is a very common problem in terms of the Havanese dogs hair coat. This is when the hair of the dog gets tangled and wrapped around itself. It forms a tight wound clumps of the lost hair. More and more hair starts to wrap around it and the tangle keeps getting bigger.

As the hair coat of the Havanese dog is lengthy and smooth, the risk of matting is higher than any other similar dog breeds. To prevent you dogs hair from matting try to mainting the following steps-

  • Brush and comb the hair coat everyday if possible;
  • Keep the hair coat clean and give your dog a bath when necessary;
  • Comb it in the direction of the natural hair growth;
  • Give extra care when the shedding season starts and the coat starts to change;
  • Use hydrating gels to moisturize the hair before combing;
  • Avoid dry brushes;
  • Use a coat conditioner;
  • Divide your dogs hair coats in sections and brush part by part to get in all the parts of the coat;

Matting can cause irritation and later on many skin damages for your dog. This is why you should be careful and take care of your dogs hair before it happens. Try to prevent it from happening so your dog does not face any severe issues.

Havanese are beautiful dogs with smooth and lengthy hair coats. It is a part of their beauty. The adult hair coat of a Havanese dog will stop growing after a certain length. 

There no need for much maintenance and care. Just do the basic grooming and trimming to keep the hair beautiful and smooth.

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