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What Were Havanese Dogs Originally Bred for? (Explained)

Have you ever wondered about the origin of your pet? Who thought of the idea to breed such a small and adorable dog? What were they thinking? Well, if your Havanese is the perfect pet for your family, then that is exactly why your dog was bred

The popular and adorable Havanese were bred to be the perfect companion for you and your family. From the entire Cuban region to the Royal family, everyone is in love with this perfect pet. And that is the origin purpose of the Havanese dog. 

What were Havanese dogs originally bred for?

The small and cute Havanese dogs were initially bred to be the perfect companion dog. They were known as Velcro dogs because they were always close to their owners. They are a very old breed. These playful and small dogs were bred so they could always be with their owner.

Havanese are small dogs which are also the national dog of Cuba. That us where they originate from. These affectionate dogs were bred to accompany their owners. They would always be by their owner’s side and would stick to them at all times.

Why were Havanese bred?

The Havanese gods were originally bred for the aristocratic families as companion dogs. This dates back to the 1800s. They were bred to be family pets. The dog was always found with their owner.

These small and adorable dogs were very popular among the Cuban aristocrat families. They made their way in the wealthy European community and soon to the royal family as well. The reason behind it was their affectionate nature and their adorable size.

The Havanese dogs are known to be playful and friendly dog breeds. This is because they were bred to be companion dogs and that is how they have been going on. The genes have not changed, so haven’t their friendly and cuddly nature.

What are Havanese dogs used for?

The friendly and affectionate Havanese dogs are mostly used as a companion dog. They make the perfect family pet, from their size to their nature. These dogs are amazing pets to keep around you cuddle whenever.

The super patient nature of the Havanese dogs makes them a good therapy dog as well. These small pups are found in many hosiptals to give emotional support to patients. They are good as assistant dogs as well.

Their cool and friendly temperament makes them the ideal  dog for people who love cuddle and need time.

Havanese we bred to be companion dogs. They are genetically used to staying beside their owner. this is why The Havanese dogs are known as great family dogs. For emotional support and therapy these breeds are perfect as well. The dogs are used to keep their owner company at all times.  

What are Havanese dogs known for?

The adorable dog breed Havanese are known for their friendly temperament. The dogs are popular as family pets and companion dogs. That is why they were bred in the early days. They have been the perfect family-friendly companion dogs ever since.

Their affectionate and cuddly nature has earned them the nickname “Velcro Dog”. They are always by their owner’s side.

They stick to their owner at all times and curl up to them whenever they can. These very affectionate pups are known for their super patient temperament and friendly behaviour.

The Havanese dogs are known to be great family dogs and companion pets. Most of the times a Havanese pup will just curl up to their owner. They can stay inside the house and have more patient than any other breed. This is why they are used as therapy dogs as well.

 What kind of dog is a Havanese?

The havanese dog breeds are Bichon type dogs. The dogs of such type are known as a distinct type of toy dog. They are mainly kept as companion dogs.

The bichon type dogs are known to be the descendants of  the Barbet. These dogs are typically small and cuddly dogs. Their facial structure and other features resemble a toy. They make the perfect pet and amazing family dogs. They are known to be cute and cuddly.

The Bichon type dogs are known to be around since the 11th century. The dog breed were also farly common in the Fourteenth Century, specially the France and related regions.

The Havanese dogs are originated from the Cuban region. The features they have are similar to the Bichon type dog breeds.

They are small toy like dogs with a adorable size. The facial and other features of the dog resemble a toy as well. The cute and cuddly Havanese dogs are perhaps one of the more popular breeds of dog in the entire Bichon type dogs.

What two breeds make a Havanese ?

Havanese are the oldest breed of the Bichon type dogs. They are from the little white dogs. The two dog breeds that are known as the main ancestors of the Havanaese dogs are believed to be the Bichon Frise and the Maltese dog.

There are some historians who believe that the Havanese dogs are the descendants of the ancient The Bichon Tenerife and the Blanquito de le Habana. Both of the breeds were small dogs with long and silky hair.

The hair coat of the Havanese are believed to come from the two breeds. Both the mentioned breeds are now extinct.

The Havanese are known to be the direct descendant of the modern Maltese and Bichon Frise. The small dogs resembles it’s ancestors perfectly, from its appearance to its behavior. The coat of hair specially, the dog breed has successfully carried off the ancestral trait.

Are there different types of Havanese dogs?

There are no other types of Havanese except the short hair Havanese. The dogs coat of hair does have many colors however.

There are several colors to the hair coat of the Havanese dog. Some of the more popular colors of the dogs breed are-

  • White
  • Black
  • Black and Tan
  • Sable
  • Gray
  • Black and Silver
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Chocolate
  • Black Brindle
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Gold Sable

There are about sixteen different colors of the coat of the hair. The colors come in many combination as well.

Are Havanese dogs from Cuba?

The small and beautiful havanese dogs are originated from Cuba. In fact, these adorable dogs are the national dog of Cuba. They are known to be the only native dog breed of the country. Some people have referred to them as the Cutie from Cuba.

The ever cuddly Havanese dogs were once known as the Havana Silk Dog and the Spanish Silk Poodle. The dog breed is the direct descendant of the Bishon type dogs, which have Spanish background which are known as the Tenerife family of dogs.

These cuties from Cuba have won the hearts of America and Europe equally. Most of the dogs that come from the Spanish region have somehow been mixed with dogs of other regions.

The Havanese however are directly from the two extinct breeds Bichon Tenerife and the Blanquito de le Habana.

Are Havanese dogs high maintenance?

Havanese have beautiful coat of hair which are amazingly silky and very hard to maintain. The dog requires extra grooming and care not only for its hair coat, but also for it to be healthy in a more colder climate.

The maintenance of the hair routine of the Havanese dog is fairly tough and need extra care every often. The grooming of the dogs hair is very difficult to maintain. They require several conditioners and gels to keep the hair from matting.

It is also very important to take care of them during colder times. They are prone to catching cold faster than any other dog breeds.

A Havanese is a very beautiful dog and will not make a fuss about being out and exercising. But in terms of hair care, they are very high maintenance.

What’s bad about Havanese?

The Havanese dogs are known to be family pets and are the perfect dogs to keep you always cozy. However, they cannot stand being alone. When left alone a Havanaese will throw a literal fit about it.

Even though the Havanese dogs are known to be soft tempered, they will start to bark uncontrollably and will start to chew on whatever they find close by. This is why you should never leave your Havanese dog alone or without a companion for too long.

Havanese dogs are also very prone to allergies and cold. They require much extra care during the colder times. These two are probably the only complains found about the adorable and friendly Havansese dog breed.

A Havanese dog is known as the people’s dog. Because of their super friendly nature and adaptable mindset. They were bred to be the perfect companion dogs and have been successfully fulfilling the duty since the eighteen century.

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