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Why are Havanese Puppies So Expensive? (Important Facts)

The adorable face, sweet and gentle behavior, such long, and silky hair, and gorgeous look of Havanese puppies can melt anyone’s heart and make them want to adopt one. 

However, if you are someone who already has determined to adopt one Havanese dog, know that you might change your decision.

Because the first thing that is going to surprise you is their high price. And seeing such a costly dog you must be wanting to know the reasons why are Havanese puppies so expensive. 

Why Are Havanese Puppies So Expensive? 

Havanese puppies are so expensive because they are really popular and the supply and demand for them are too high. Then other factors such as their grooming cost, exercise and training cost, medical cost, and labor cost while staying with a dog seller or in a pet shop make these puppies so costly. 

Havanese is a very popular dog breed and if it’s a puppy then popularity gets even higher. Therefore, the supply and demand for these puppies increase too and that makes the strongest factor why Havanese puppies are so costly.

As it’s known that popularity and supply and demands can drive the price of a product. So pet shops or dog sellers sell them at a high price. 

Moreover, few more factors make these puppies so expensive. As they live with a dog seller or in a pet shop from their birth so the cost of their early grooming sessions, training and exercise cost, medical cost, and the labor the owners are putting on them increase the price more.

Because obviously, the owner would want to make a profit that covers all of these costs as he is doing a business after all. 

What Are The Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of A Havanese Dog? 

Even though Havanese are expensive dogs but some factors certainly do affect the cost of Havanese dog. For your knowledge here the major factors are described. 


Most of the people like to have a Havanese puppy than an adult one. Because puppies are easy to pet and they adjust better. So the price of a Havanese puppy will be more than an adult one. 

Mixed Breed 

Another important factor is mixed-breed that affects the cost of a Havanese dog. The demand for pure breed Havanese is higher than a mixed-breed Havanese dog. So sellers normally sell a mixed-breed dog at a lower price. 

Exotic Hair And Look

A Havanese dog with exotic hair and look will cost higher than a normal-looking Havanese dog. For example, a Havanese dog with blue or green eyes will cost more than a Havanese dog with brown eyes because blue or green-eyed Havanese are rare. 

Initial Caring Cost 

Before you bring your Havanese to your home, it lives with the dog owner or in a pet shop. So since a dog’s birth the expenses of his food, training, grooming, veterinary care, toys, treats, and emergency, all are taken care of by the owner or shop. 

So while selling a puppy they want to cover the cost by making a fair profit. So if the overall cost is more the selling price is higher. If the cost is less the selling price is low too. 

Pedigree Andi Genetic History 

Now the main factor, breed quality and genetic history affect the cost most significantly. Because the finest dog breed costs the highest. 

How Much Should I Pay For A Havanese Puppy?

If you want a purebred Havanese puppy then you have to count $1000-$1500 and it’s the standard price for a purebred Havanese puppy. Because Havanese are expensive dogs.

However, if you want a mixed breed Havanese puppy then you can get at $700 or might be a little more. 

But in case the Havanese puppy is a purebred one with the finest quality breed and a reputable genetic history it will cost really much than $1500. And if it’s an exotic puppy with a rare look or hair then also the cost will be higher. In such cases, you might have to pay $2500 or more. 

Types Of Havanese Breeders: What Are Their Prices? 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “breeder” but don’t know much about the breeder type. For your info, a Havanese dog’s price depends on his breeder type too. And to break down all of these queries, here is the list of breeder types and the price range. 

Puppy Mills 

Puppy mills are known for the mass breeding of puppies. Their aim is making a profit by paying little to zero attention to those puppy’s health and other issues. 

Most of the puppy mill owner has no knowledge about breeding and they target the pet stores as their main sale location. 

Havanese puppies born in a puppy mill live in an unhygienic environment, they lack of nutrition and socialization. And due to a lack of proper health care, these puppies are more likely to get sick. 

However, if you want to get a Havanese puppy at a low price, you can contact a puppy mill near you that meets your needs. But remember those puppies are poorly bred.

Price Range: The standard price of a Havanese puppy from a puppy mill is around $500-$1000. 

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders refer to the personal dog owners who breed a few pups to satisfy his known people’s demand for a pup. Havanese dogs bred by them are quite healthier, socialized, and well-behaved. 

They don’t do mass breeding of puppies, neither they aim to make a profit. They sometimes crossbred their dog with their known person’s dog to satisfy someone’s desire to have a puppy. 

But they are not experienced and breed without proper guidance from experienced breeders. Neither they do attend activities related to dogs.

Some may even not carry out regular health check-ups of newly born pups. Some may even lie about the health status of their bred dogs to sell them off.

Therefore, if you want to get a Havanese puppy at a moderate price then you can choose backyard breeders but do proper background check before buying. 

Price Range: Since backyard breeders don’t aspire for profit so you will get a Havanese puppy at an average price between $1000-$1500. 

Responsible Havanese Breeders

These breeders are the most professional and knowledgeable ones. 

Their breeding process of Havanese dogs is well thought out and they target to develop the breed more. This types of breeder are trained and experienced ones by different experienced dog breed club members. 

Responsible Havanese breeders ensure the finest breed type, sound health of pups, their good temperament, and longevity.

To breed puppies, they always chose suitable pairs of foundation dogs and mostly don’t dwell on the same pairing. And, they make sure the puppies go through regular health check-ups and medications. 

So, if you have a hefty budget then you must choose a responsible Havanese breeder. You’ll not only be buying a healthy pup that with your money but also you’ll get guidance from the breeder as well. 

Price Range: Havanese puppies from a responsible Havanese breeder will cost around $1500-$3000 and it’s the average price.

Are Havanese Dogs High Maintenance?

Havanese dogs are a high-maintenance dog breed if you want to keep their coat in full length. When your Havanese dog is in a full coat, the hair will grow up to 6-8 inches in length and will require routine grooming of its coat.

Because routine grooming will keep his hair long, smooth, silky, and tangle-free giving a gorgeous yet sweet look. 

If your Havanese is in full coat, you need to give him a daily brushing session and a weekly bath. Also, every 6-8 weeks you must provide him with a trimming session.

You also have to give your dog a monthly nail trimming and need to brush his teeth two times a week. All of these are part of his maintenance routine. 

Cost Of Caring For A Havanese

The average cost of caring for a purebred Havanese do for a lifetime( average lifespan if a Havanese is 14 years) will be around $32,280 including the first year’s cost and other subsequent year’s cost. 

The average cost for the first year will be around $4800( if the purebred puppy costs like $1800-$2000). And then for an adult Havanese, the monthly average cost will be $180. All of these cost range includes all cost of a dog’s basic needs like food, treat, toy, vet, vaccine, dog license, etc. 

Should You Buy A Purebred Havanese? 

If you want to get a Havanese puppy for yourself, you are always recommended to get a purebred one. Because purebred Havanese dogs get the original look, temperament, good health, and stays the same in both their puppy and adult phase. 

How Much Does It Cost To Groom A Havanese Dog?

A full grooming session by a professional without a scissored cut will cost around $55-$65 and with a scissored cut it will cost around $85 or more. 

And if you want your dog to have minimal haircuts(head and ears) with a full grooming session then it will cost nearly $90-$125. Also, if you take a scissored cut for full-body, it will go for between $175-$200 per dog. Well, the grooming cost for a pup of 2-4 months old is $35.

Price may vary depending on the haircut. 

Havanese dogs are gained mass popularity and demand for their appearance and for having a reputable genetic history. These all made them one of the expensive dog breeds.

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