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Why Do Havanese Howl or Growl? (With Solutions!)

Havanese dogs are known as happy dogs so most of the time you’ll see your Havanese furry companion behaving gently, softly, and calmly. So your sudden encounter with your Havanese dog’s howl or growl might surprise you. 

And it may even leave you with many queries and you certainly would want to know the reasons behind why do Havanese howl or growl. And this article will answer all of your common questions regarding this hot topic. 

Why Do Havanese Dogs Howl?

Havanese dogs are happy and quiet dogs so normally, they howl to draw attention, to make communication with others, and to express their presence. Apart from these reasons, if Havanese dogs are upset, are injured, and suffering from any kind of anxiety or depression they howl for a long time. 

If a Havanese dog is both mentally and physically healthy and fit, it will howl to draw the attention of its owner or other people to pet him and love him. 

Howling of Havanese dogs is a method of communication with other dogs too. So if he sees any other dog in the park or road it might start howling.

Another reason behind howling is expressing his presence. If the dog thinks that he is being avoided or left for a long time, he will howl to express his presence. 

There are some concerning issues too that trigger howling excessively. If a Havanese dog is upset he will howl in high pitch with a sad voice for a long time. Other reasons are separation anxiety and stress.

If a Havanese dog is left for a long time or a Havanese is adopted a few days earlier, separation anxiety or stress will trigger them to howl. So they will howl to express their sufferings. 

5 Reasons Your Havanese Dog Is Howling?

Here is the list of the 5 major reasons behind your Havanese dog’s howling is given below.

Indicates Injury

When Havanese dogs are in pain or injured along with licking that specific area they howl in a high pitched painful voice. Because by howling they try to vocalize their pain and sufferings. Also, try to indicate about the injury. 

Separation Anxiety Or Stress 

Havanese dogs go through separation anxiety if they are separated from their dog mom or former owner. 

Because they miss their dog mom or former owner and want to go back to them. So they vocalize their separation anxiety by howling. 

Also, if your Havanese going through stress, because his things are not getting done on time, he is being left alone, or other external issues are bothering him, he will howl. 


When your little dog doesn’t find any amusing activities and toys or he is not being pampered enough, he gets upset. Sadness leads him to howl in both your absence and presence.

Draws Attention  

Havanese wants loads of love and affection. So they howl do draw your attention so that you pet them, snuggle with them, and give them enough time.

Communicate With Others

Howling is a method of communication for all dogs. So when your havanese will see other dogs by howling he will try to communicate. 

How To Stop My Havanese Dog Howling At Night/Left Alone?

There are 3 ways to stop your Havanese fog howling at night or when left alone at home to avoid the nuisance created by his continuous howling. The ways are explained below. 

Exercise And Activities

Provide your Havanese with adequate exercise and exciting activities so that his mental stimulation gets done properly. It will help him to get over separation anxiety. As his body and mind will be tired from losing energy. So he will stay quiet at night. 

Familiar Sound 

Leave your voice recorded in a tape recorder playing before you are leaving your Havanese alone at home. Or keep a familiar sound on the radio or TV turned on so that your dog doesn’t feel alone and stressed while you are out. It will also stop him from barking. 

Companion Toys 

Leave a lot of exciting companion toys with him regardless of day and night. It will keep him occupied and free from boredom, loneliness, and sadness. So he will not howl. 

Are Dogs Sad When They Howl? 

Not always dogs are sad when they howl. However, if your dog is left alone for a long time, your absence can make them sad and howl. Also, if they don’t find any exciting toys or companions to play and interact with they can get lonely and upset. This also triggers howling. 

Remember, the time period of howling will be comparatively more if your dog is sad. 

Is It Bad To Howl With Your Dog?

Howling along with your dog is not bad. In fact, it’s a fun activity for you and your furry friend as it creates a strong bond between you and your dog too.

However, do it in limitation and don’t encourage their howling by doing so. As it may result in the constant howling of your canine. 

Why Do Havanese Dogs Growl?

Havanese dogs growl if they weren’t well-socialized at their puppy phase and this makes them uncomfortable around new people, kids, or other dogs. Also, Havanese may growl in fear of certain things and situations, in pain, if someone breaks into their territory, and if they are guarding something. 

Havanese are known as very sweet-natured dogs however in certain situations they can growl as well. 

If a Havanese dog is not well-trained to be social from its puppy phase, as he will age, he will start growling upon seeing any people, kids, even other dogs.  Because he will not feel comfortable around them. 

Moreover, a Havanese can even growl in certain situations and at certain things like during a thunderstorm or if he sees fireworks because these things trigger fear in him. 

If Havanese dogs are in pain or if he sees someone breaking his territory or if someone approaches him to take his toys or anything, they will growl too. 

3 Reasons Why Your Havanese Dog Is Growling And Biting

Your Havanese might growl for many other reasons but if he bites along with growling then any of these 3 reasons can trigger this aggressive behavior of him.


When your Havanese is afraid of strangers, unknown places, or specific persons, he can start growling. And if those people try to approach him or touch him he can bite them. Also, a specific situation or thing can trigger fear in him that will make him growl. 


Havanese are very protective regarding their territory so if someone tries to break it he will start growling and will start biting that person to protect his territory.

For example, if any delivery person comes, your Havanese may think he is dangerous and don’t belong here so he will growl at him, and will even bite. 

Possession Aggression

This can be referred to as resource guarding as well. It means your Havanese dog is protective of his toys, food, or any other playing items.

So if someone approaches to take that thing from him it triggers possession aggression in him. And he will growl and bite that person to protect his belongings. 

How To Stop My Havanese Growling And Biting?

To rescue you from such a tough situation, 3 effective ways to stop your Havanese pup from growling and biting have been narrowed below. 

Professional Training 

Take your Havanese pup to a professional trainer. There he will get proper training by a professional to control and behave himself. Training will help him to socialize with other people, dogs, and strangers too. 

Eliminate The Triggering Things

Until you find a perfect solution, eliminate all those triggering situations and things from your pup’s life temporarily for stopping him from growling and biting. For example, don’t introduce him to new people, kids, other dogs, and strangers.

Or keep him away from delivery or postman, or don’t approach to snatch his things from him instead try to trade with another stuff.

Teach Calmness 

Teach him self-control and calmness. You can teach him to relax on cue. When he is in the calmest position, you can slowly pat him and say him to relax/calm down in a gentle yet firm voice.

After practicing regularly, you will see him calming down on saying relax/calm down whenever he growls or try to bite. 

Why Is My Havanese Aggressive?

Your Havanese dog will behave aggressively if he didn’t meet and greet a lot of people, strangers, kids, or other dogs when he was just a puppy. Because he is uncomfortable in such a situation. 

Also, any aggression triggering stuff or circumstances can make him aggressive. However, if your Havanese is a puppy, he may behave aggressively sometimes as a part of growing up. But he will calm down after the puppy phase or at a certain age. 

How Do You Calm A Havanese? 

Here are a few effective tips to calm you Havanese.

  • Provide him with adequate exercise and activities for mental stimulation 
  • Train him by a professional trainer 
  • Teach him calmness through relaxing on cue method
  • Give him affection 
  • Eliminate all triggering things 

Howling and growling along with biting is the most bizarre behavior of a Havanese dog. Therefore, if your Havanese dog howls and growls pay attention to his level of aggressiveness and howling or growling nature and take steps according to the situation.

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