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How Long Does Havanese Hair Grow? (Explained!)

Havanese are the dog breed that has earned worldwide popularity for their silky, smooth, shiny long hair. But their hair has a tendency of growing long if left alone.

So as a Havanese puppy admirer, new owner, or an old one, you certainly would want to know how long does the Havanese dog breed’s hair grow. 

How Long Does Havanese Hair Grow?

A Havanese dog’s hair grows up to six to eight inches long.  It’s the natural hair length of a Havanese when their hair is left alone for a long time without giving any trimming or haircut. However, if they are under regular grooming sessions, their hair can’t grow such long.

Havanese are born with long hair genes. So biologically, they grow their hair up to six to eight inches long. And you will see this hair length in every Havanese dog if their hair is left alone for a long time.

This means if a Havanese dog’s hair doesn’t go through regular grooming, trimming, or haircut sessions, it can grow its hair up to 6-8 inches. But not more than this length. 

However, if a Havanese get regular grooming, trimming, and haircut every 6-8 weeks then it doesn’t grow its body hair such long. 

How Fast Does Havanese Hair Grow? 

Havanese is a dog breed of fast hair growth. Every month they can grow their hair by 1 to 2 centimeters long and that is natural for a Havanese.  

A Havanese dog with a sluggish coat developing gene will grow its hair by 5-6 inches(13-15 I’m) by the age of one year. And a Havanese with a faster coat developing gene will grow its hair by 7-8 inches (17-18 cm) by one-year-old. 

Also, after coat changing in the puppy phase, a Havanese will take up to 3-4 years to grow its adult hair in fullness and length. 

How Long Does It Take For Havanese Hair To Grow?

A Havanese will take up to 3-4 years for growing its adult coat in fullness and length.

Havanese are a double-coated dog breed so they have both undercoat and topcoat. Also, they have very long hair up to 6-8 inches long. So after the coat changing in the puppy phase, a Havanese needs 3-4 years to grow his long, shiny, silky hairs fully in natural length. 

Also, just know that after shaving your Havanese might take three months to grow its body hair evenly. But it’s not fixed. Some may take a longer time and some may take a shorter time. 

Can You Shave A Havanese Dog? 

Havanese are double-coated dogs and shaving a double-coated dog only brings misery for them. So a Havanese can’t be shaved fully. As it is harmful and will cause damage to their coat and skin. 

Shaving a Havanese will prevent the cool air to get into its skin to cool it down. As the undercoat grows in the first place so it is already there, becoming a barrier between cool air and skin.

Besides, if you shave your Havanese dog fully, you will just let the skin be exposed under the sun. And that’s greatly harmful to its skin. Because it will make it suffer from overheating, sunburn, and even skin cancer. 

Moreover, a shaved body can’t protect the body from bug bites. 

So, instead of shaving your Havanese fully, you better brush and bathe him to keep his body cool and comfy in summer. 

How Long Does It Take For Havanese Hair To Grow Back? 

A Havanese will take approximately 3 to 4 years to grow back its adult coat in full length after coat changing in the puppy phase. But after the coat changing phase, the puppy coat will be replaced with an adult coat in 2 to 4 months.

And if you shave your Havanese fully you will see their hair growing back in 3 months. Within 3 months they will have an even hair coat.

But some Havanese dogs may take a longer period to grow back hair and some dogs may take less time than 3 months. It varies from dog to dog. 

How Often Do Havanese Need To Be Groomed?

Havanese are a dog breed of silky, smooth, long hair so to maintain their beauty you need to groom them between every six to eight weeks by a professional groomer. 

And you must provide your Havanese with routine grooming at home. You need to brush your Havanese dog’s hair 2 to 3 times a week.

Also, you should bathe a Havanese every 1 to 2 weeks with suitable tearless dog shampoo and conditioner. But before bathing don’t forget to detangle their tangles and mats in hair. 

How To Cut A Havanese Dog’s Hair?

Going to a professional groomer sometimes can be a bit costly, so you certainly would want to know how to cut your Havanese dog’s hair at home. So to rescue you here is a step-by-step guideline. 

Detangle the mats and knots in the hair 

The very first necessary step is to detangle the knots and mats in your Havanese’s hair before cutting them.

Spray any suitable detangling spray or you can even spray a mixture of water and conditioner as a detangling spray. Lightly damp the hair and gently brush root to tip. As most of the knots or mats create in the root. 

Give a nice bath 

Then, you need to bathe your Havanese. For that use a mild dog shampoo and conditioner to keep his hair smooth. After shampoo and conditioning, precisely rinse off all soapy water. 

Dry the hair fully

After that, dry his hair fully with a hairdryer but remember to keep the air warm, not cold neither hot.

Brush all hair

After drying, brush all body, face hair evenly as it will help you to cut the hair easily also will detangle if any knots are still there. 

Choose your preferred hair cut and use the right tools 

After all of these processes, now you need to choose a suitable haircut for your Havanese. Most of the puppies get a puppy cut so if your Havanese is still a pup you can give him a puppy cut.

Or if it’s an adult you can give him a teddy bear cut that will make him look like a soft baby bear. 

Use the right tool. Because eyes, mouth, ear, and areas around his tail are very sensitive so gently trim or slowly cut the hairs in these areas. Also, just cut about one or two inches and give him a nice even looking coat. 

Cut front to back, means cut the hairs on his face first then slowly cut the hairs of the body, legs, and back. 

Keep your fur baby calm 

Havanese are playful dogs, so while cutting their hair keeping them calm is necessary so if your one is too playful then you can keep him in a dog harness or keep him occupied with treats.  

Again brush off to remove the fur residue

Lastly, brush off thoroughly again to remove all cut hair residues from his body. 

Can You Keep Havanese Hair Short? 

A Havanese dog’s hair can be kept short. But you shouldn’t trim or cut their hair more than one inch.

Havanese are long-haired dogs so specifically only in summer you can trim their hair about one inch. This will make it easier to manage them. Also, a little shorter hair makes them feel comfortable in summer and prevents matting to some extent but not much.

Well, you can keep their hair long too and they are preferred in long hair mostly. All you need to do is brush and comb them regularly to prevent matting and tangling.

What Is The Difference Between A Puppy Cut And A Teddy Bear Cut? 

A puppy cut is usually used for trimming your little puppy’s hair in an even-length coat. But a teddy bear cut is used on both an adult and a puppy’s hair to make the little buddy looks all cuddly and cute.

However, these days a puppy cut is being used for trimming adults too. 

A puppy cut gives the whole body an even coat and cuts the hair/fur about one to two inches in length. A teddy bear cut trims only the body hair/fur about one to two inches but keeps the leg full and round. Also, the hair around your puppy’s face is kept round and full. 

A teddy bear cut requires more maintenance than a standard puppy cut. And needs a touch-up between every six to eight weeks. 

How Do You Groom A Havanese Head? 

Grooming a Havanese head is a little tricky as they have abundant hairs on their face. 

So first, you need to wipe off your Havanese pup’s eyes, nose, and mouth area with a soft damp cloth. Then you must use a detangling spray to smoother out any mats or tangles in his facial hairs. Then gently brush or comb his facial hairs to detangle them. 

After detangling, trim the hair on his inner corners of the eyes with thinning shears. Then trim the hairs that are on the muzzle’s side. Also, comb his head and give it a round shape. Trim the hairs on his cheeks, jawline, and under eyes as well. 

Havanese are a dog breed of long hairs and they are admired for having such long hairs. So they will grow their hair up to their natural hair length of 6-8 inches to look full, gorgeous, and a furball.

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