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Why Do Havanese Dogs Lick So Much? (With Solutions)

Licking is a common characteristic of all dogs. And if you are a Havanese dog parent, you must have faced their licking too. However, excessive licking may indicate to some serious issues as well. 

Therefore, if your Havanese is licking excessively or constantly, this may raise a common question that why do Havanese dogs lick so much, is it normal behavior or not. So all of your queries are going to break down in this article. 

Why Do Havanese Dogs Lick So Much?

A healthy Havanese dog licks so much either to give himself a self-grooming, to show and demand affection, and to express boredom. But mental and health issues like obsessive-compulsive disorders, separation anxiety, stress, or any recent wound can also trigger excessive licking behavior. 

Havanese dogs love human interaction therefore a healthy and fit Havanese dog will lick so much to show his unconditional affection and love towards his owner or other members. Sometimes a Havanese can lick excessively to express his boredom too.

And naturally, all kinds of pets regardless of dog and cat sometimes lick them too much to give self-grooming/cleaning. 

However, these are the less-problematic to non-problematic reasons behind a Havanese licking excessively. There are some severe reasons too that trigger obsessively licking of Havanese dogs.

 If a Havanese dog is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorders, separation anxiety, stress, skin problems, or a recent wound, he will insanely lick himself and other stuff. 

6 Reasons Why Dogs Lick So Much

To clear your confusion about your dog’s excessive licking behavior, here the main 6 non-problematic reasons are going to be explained in detail and brief. 

To Taste Something 

To taste something dogs lick their food bowl, floor, or even their own body if there are still any food particles left. So if your dog is licking too much after eating means he is liking the taste.

Also, your dog might lick your face and hand too much. It’s because either our skin is left with food particles that dogs can taste or the saltiness of our skin that dogs like to lick. 

To Show Affection 

Most of the dogs love to show unconditional love towards their owner or their favorite person. So whenever they see them after a long time or they simply want to show love, dogs start licking their face or hands excessively. 

Expressing Boredom 

When your dog doesn’t find any amusing activity or he thinks that his toys are not exciting enough to keep him busy he can start licking himself too much. It’s a dog’s way of expressing boredom as well as keeping himself occupied with something. 

Demanding Attention

Dogs are naturally attached to humans. So if you don’t give enough him time, he will be demanding your attention by licking your hands, feet, or face. 


Due to some other reasons, many dogs tend to make licking as their habit, therefore you can see your dog licking his paws obsessively. 


Dogs lick themselves excessively to give self-grooming. Licking is a natural way for all animals to clean themselves.

Well, this excessive licking doesn’t take a too long time and a few times in a day dogs might lick extremely.

Why Does My Havanese Constantly/Excessively Lick Everything?

There might be some mental or physical issues that are triggering your Havanese to lick excessively and constantly everything. Here is the list of 5 common reasons behind extreme licking.

Separation Anxiety 

Havanese dogs are attached to both of their dog parents and human parent. So if you have adopted a baby Havanese he might miss his dog parents and go through separation anxiety.

And that can cause excessive licking behavior. And you’ll find them licking almost everything including themselves. 

Or even if you brought a Havanese from a former owner, he may go through the same situation, so in beginning, you’ll see your dog licking everything obsessively.  

To Heal A Wound 

Another main reason behind excessive licking is trying to heal a wound. If your Havanese is hurt, he will lick a specific area on his body for a long time and almost all day long. Because there’s enzyme in a dog’s saliva that works as a natural healer for dogs. 


Havanese can be affected by food or environmental allergies and that can cause itchiness in their body. So your Havanese will try to scratch the areas by licking obsessively.

Pent-Up Energy 

Havanese dogs are very playful and energetic. But if they don’t get enough chances or exercises or any other activities to lose their energy. They will lick all most everything constantly and obsessively. Because they will try to lose their pent-up energies by doing so. 


If your Havanese is going through OCD(Obsessive-compulsive disorder) then he will lick things obsessively.

OCD is caused by stress, it can be environmental change, pressure of socialization, stress, or even he is left alone for a long period. Also, early separation from dog mother can cause OCD too.  

How Can I Stop My Havanese From Excessive Licking?

It’s understandable that your Havanese’s excessive licking might be creating disturbance and concern as well. So wanting to stop such behavior is natural for you as a dog owner. Therefore, here are 4 effective ways of stopping your Havanese’s from excessive licking.

Avoid Licking

 If you can realize that your Havanese is licking for no good reason and just wants your attention or demanding something. You can avoid his licking. Then after some time he himself will stop licking. Giving attention all time can spoil him.

Redirect Excessive Licking 

By providing him with adequate exercise, games, and activities you can increase your Havanese dog’s mental stimulation. That will redirect his excessive licking by occupying his mind and making him lose energy.

Pay Attention

When you realize your Havanese is suffering from stress and separation anxiety, make him feel loved and secured. So that he can build trust on you and stop licking.

Visit Vet

If any of the ways is not working then visit a vet. Maybe your pup is having other physical issues and mental issues. And a vet is always the rescuer. 

Why Does My Havanese Lick Me So Much?

Your Havanese may lick you so much because they are showing their love to you. Or maybe they want your attention and affection that’s why they are licking you so much. 

Moreover, dogs like the saltiness of our skin so maybe this is another reason your Havanese is licking you too much. Also, after eating small food particles are still there in our hands and dogs can smell it so this is the other reason why your Havanese is licking you so much.

Why Does My Havanese Lick His Paws?

If your Havanese dog is mentally and physically healthy then he may lick his paws just out of boredom, to seek your attention, if it has become his habit, or he just wants some food.

These are all good reasons behind your Havanese dog’s paw licking. And you will notice time limit for this type of paw licking doesn’t last for a long time.

However, there are some problematic reasons too. If your Havanese is suffering from separation anxiety, stress, lack of mental stimulation, if his paws are hurt or paw pads are dry, or if any bug has bitten him, he will lick his paws. 

Why Does My Havanese Lick The Air?

Your Havanese may lick the air if something is stuck in his mouth, if he is smelling strong smells, or moistening his airways, or wetting his nose, he will lick the air. 

Well, if the air licking is excessive do pay a visit to your vet’s chamber with your Havanese dog because it might be indicating something serious issue too. 

Do Dogs Heal Themselves By Licking?

Dog’s saliva contains enzymes that help them to heal themselves naturally by licking the wounded area. Lactose Erin along with some other antibacterial and anti-viral substances have founded in saliva that helps to heal.

By licking the wounded place saliva delivers growth factors and protease inhibitors that make the injury heal faster.

Can Dogs Get Diseases From Licking? 

Dogs certainly can get various severe skin irritation from excessive licking which may pave ways for something more serious disease. And skin irritations are also considered as diseases. 

Skin problems such as irritated skin, dry skin, hot spots, infections can occur because of excessive licking. Moreover, excessive licking also can reopen slow-healing wounds.

That means if your dog is already injured and healing slowly, over-licking will make the wound reopen and it might get worse more than before. 

Should I Visit A Vet For Havanese Excessive Licking?

Without any doubt, you should pay a visit to a vet’s clinic with your Havanese if you notice he is licking excessively, obsessively, and constantly most of the time. Because excessive licking can cause many serious skin problems to him. 

Moreover, if he is going through any OCD or pain from any injury, visiting a vet will clear all concerns. And a vet will also help you to comfort and heal your Havanese dog.

Both natural and problematic reasons can make Havanese dogs lick so much. For a better understanding and stop excessive licking pay attention to their licking time period and licking manner, also pay a visit to the vet.

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