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Why Do Havanese Dogs Dig? (With Solutions!)

If you’re a proud Havanese parent, you must be aware of your pup’s attention-seeking behavior. You might have also noticed your Havanese trying to dig when left alone for a long time.

Why do Havanese dogs dig?

Havanese dogs may dig into your yard or garden when left alone for a prolonged period out of boredom, lack of entertainment and separation anxiety. You may also find him digging to safeguard his treasures, chase potential prey, seeking comfort in hot weather or attempting to escape.

Nine reasons why Havanese dogs dig-

Dogs have a digging instinct by nature:

It is believed that dogs inherited the digging instinct from their ancestors, such as wolves and foxes. They used to dig holes to give birth and for protection and shelter. Havanese pups also dig for the exact instinctual nature.

Hunting or chasing prey drive:

The predatory instinct triggers the Havanese to dig holes in the ground or at the back of your yard to hunt small animals like mice, moles and other underground animals. The high prey drive indulges them into digging for moles or groundhogs.

Hiding valuables like food or toys:

Your pup will dig holes and bury his valuable items like food, chew bones, toys, and cover them with his nose to keep them safe. When he wishes to play, he will uncover the food or toys and re-bury the same or various other items of his essential possession.

Entertaining themselves:

You may often find your Havanese digging when he’s bored and lonely. Digging serves as a reasonable means of entertainment and keeps your pup occupied. You will find your pooch full of energy and enthusiasm after he’s done digging and playing.

Feeling secure and comfortable:

During hot summer weather, your pup feels uncomfortable and becomes restless. The layer under the ground cover is damp and contains moisture. Hence, your Havanese may dig to get a cold and comfortable place for himself where he feels safe and secure.

You may also find your pregnant Havanese digging holes and staying in there as it gives them the feeling of security.

Suffering from separation anxiety:

Havanese are companion dogs and like being with their owners. Hence, they might use digging as a coping mechanism against their anxiety when you leave them alone for quite some time.

Trying to escape:

Your Havanese pup may dig in an attempt to escape the confined area or from humans and other dogs. If you see your puppy digging in front of a gate or fence, it indicates that he wants to roam in an accessible area.

Getting rid of big nails:

Discomfort or irritation from big nails can lead your Havanese to dig holes.  Your pup might want to drill holes to get relief from the irritation caused by big nails. Soreness or pain may also occur from biting, chewing or excessive lickings of your puppy’s paws.

Mimicking you:

You know how mischievous your Havanese can be when he’s in the mood. If he sees you or other family members digging holes in the garden, he may try to join you as a member of the pack. Such mimicking makes him feel included and releases dopamine in his brain cells.

Are Havanese dogs diggers?

Havanese dogs are not naturally diggers as they were bred for the sole purpose of being companions to their owners. They are peace-loving, cheerful and easy-going dogs but often suffer from separation anxiety when left alone, which leads them to digging.

When your pup gets bored, he might want to do something exciting like digging to keep himself occupied. However, Havanese are indoor dogs, but their instinct may sometimes influence them into searching on the floor, ground and bed.

Havanese, known as ‘velcro’ dogs, loves to accompany their owners. Often they get anxious if you leave them alone for a prolonged time and may eventually start digging as a coping mechanism to their anxiety.

What does it mean when the dog is digging?

When you find your dog digging out of the blue, it can be for various reasons. Dogs’ audible range is from 67-45,000 Hz, much higher than humans’, meaning they can hear the ultrasonic sound which you can’t.

Often, dogs hear bugs or animals burrowing the earth, and they start digging to chase or hunt prey.

Dogs are also notorious for their sense of smell and will start digging if they smell something weird. In adverse weather conditions, like storms, thunderstorms, extremely hot and cold weather, if your dog is digging holes, it means they’re looking for a safer and comfortable place to stay in.

Should I let my dog dig?

You can let your dog dig somewhat as you can’t completely prevent him from digging since it is their instinctual nature. Hence, sometimes you’ll have to allow your pooch to dig and just be himself.

Even if you give your puppy a lot of attention and keep him engaged with activities, he might end up digging someday. But don’t get frustrated or mad at them. It is okay for your dog to dig often. However, you can limit the amount of digging for your dog if it’s dismantling your property.

How to stop my Havanese dog digging?

Nine ways to stop Havanese dog from digging-

Figure out the reason behind his digging:

First, try to figure out why your pup is out there digging and making a fuss. Havanese dogs are notorious as ‘Velcro’ dogs; hence, they like to be with their owners, so your Havanese will dig most likely to get relief from boredom or separation anxiety, among various other reasons.

Keep your Havanese occupied:

Always keep your Havanese occupied with toys and play to keep him entertained. As Havanese are highly social dogs, keep them busy with chew toys and bones. Take them on a walk twice a day and play fetch with a tennis ball to keep them occupied and cheerful.

Relief from boredom and anxiety:

Keep an eye on your Havanese’s entertainment sessions so that he doesn’t get bored. Spend quality time with him from time to time. Don’t leave your furry friend all by himself for more than 4 hours, as he can suffer from separation anxiety.

Plan an exercise, playing and training schedule for your Havanese for at least one hour each day. Get him involved in various dog sports if necessary. Let him socialize with other dogs as well.

Discourage your dog’s digging behaviour:

Try to catch your pup in the act of digging and command him ‘STOP’ to make him realize that you’re not allowing him to dig in your yard, and he should stop. Cover the frequent digging area with rocks and wires so that he faces difficulties while exploring.

Use bamboo sticks and fences to close off the area where he digs often. This will give him a hint to stop searching.

Provide him with a digging area:

No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to completely stop your dog from digging as it’s in their nature. And sometimes, there might be no reason for them to be digging. 

In that case, mark them an area of your garden where it is okay for them to explore. It should be their territory.

Build your Havanese a den:

Provide your pooch with an outside shelter or den in your yard, where he can rest and hide in scorching weather, as the temperature is one of the issues of your dog’s digging.

Get rid of preys:

Make your garden free of small animals like rabbits, mice and moles so that your pup doesn’t feel the urge to chase and hunt them. You can trap them with a net using bait or call up for assistance. Do not use poisonous medicines as they may harm your pooch.

Prevent from escaping:

Build up barriers to block the passage from where your pup might want to escape. Bury chicken wire deep into the ground with the sharp edges facing upward and block the way with large and heavy rocks.

Never punish your dog:

No matter how naughty your pup gets and continues with digging, never punish him to curb the behavior, as it will only make situations worse, indulging him to develop bad behavior and he might even try to escape.

Why do dogs try to dig on the bed?

Dogs occasionally try to dig on the beds due to their instinctual nature. You may find your dog digging on your bed in sweltering and cold weather to seek relief from the intolerable temperature like they used to do in the wild.

Dogs often dig to mark their territory. They might dig for the same reason on your bed too.

Your female dog may dig on the bed sometimes to build nests for their puppies whether she’s pregnant or not.

Do dogs grow out of digging?

It is natural for dogs to grow out of digging when they get older. But this might not be the case for dogs who were originally bred for diggings, such as dachshunds and terriers.

However, you can adopt some measures to curb the behavior. Not to mention, it is common for your Havanese dogs to grow out of digging as they get older since they were solely bred to be companion dogs. 

Havanese are companion dogs that are often seen to dig when left alone. Nevertheless, you can always rectify your Havanese’s digging behavior, ensuring your garden’s safety and beauty without harming your pooch.

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