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How Long Can Aussiedoodles Be Left Alone? (Explained!)

It’s already hard enough to leave your pooch alone at home. And when it’s the adorable and friendly Aussiedoodle, it’s like leaving your heart at home.

But can they be left alone for hours? If so, for how long?

How long can Aussiedoodles be left alone?

Aussiedoodles are sociable pets who should not be left alone for more than 5 to 6 hours. If you have trained them well, you may leave them alone for up to 8 hours with precautions. If your Aussiedoodle is a puppy of few months, you may leave them for no more than 2 hours.

Can Aussiedoodles be left alone?

Aussiedoodles are friendly and social dogs, who can be left alone but only with enough precautions. We all know how Aussie doodles would spend hours and days with their favorite humans without a break if they could.

Leaving them alone would mean you’d have to think it through from the start. In fact, you can only be sure they would not turn into violent habits when they are alone if you have trained them as puppies.

Can mini Aussiedoodles be left alone?

Like we mentioned, it’s not that you cannot leave your Aussiedoodle home alone. 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours, your Aussiedoodle will behave or not behave depending on many factors.

For mini Aussiedoodles, it’s more problematic to leave them alone, and experts advise that you leave someone with them while you are away.

Before they are young and small, they would find it difficult to do the basic activities without supervision.

How long can Aussiedoodles be left alone?

Adult Aussie doodles can be left alone for 5 hours straight. If you have provided them with enough distractions and if they are used to it, they can be left alone for up to 8 hours.

As they have to discharge every 4 to 5 hours, they must have a place where they know they will be able to excrete without making a mess.

How long can a mini Aussiedoodle be home alone?

Mini Aussidoodles are more prone to separation anxiety when they are away from their owners.

You can leave them alone for at most 2 hours. However, if your Aussiedoodle is a puppy, you should start with 10 minutes of lone time, and slowly increase the time.

What happens if an Aussiedoodle is left alone at home?

Given, a dog is not well trained to be alone and has separation or isolation anxiety, they may behave in certain ways. Here is what you can expect:

Your home turned upside down:

When Aussiedoodles are left for longer periods, they would either get bored to suffer from anxiety. In times like this, they begin to break things around the house.

If you confine them in a particular room in the house, you can expect to return home and see furniture toppled and scratched.

Messy release here and there:

This is something they cannot control and do out of anxiety as well. An Aussidoodle has to use the bathroom place every 4 to 5 hours. If they are left all alone more than the given hours, they might resort to excreting here and there.

Unless you’ve trained your canine to use that specific pooping spot. Sometimes, they might discharge more often than they usually due to nervousness.

Constant Barking:

If it’s been too long in that lonely room, you’ll probably come home to your neighbor telling you how your cute pet has been barking and whining all day long.

Usually, an Aussiedoodle that has gotten enough attention from its human friend and is happy at heart won’t bark a lot, unless necessary.

Destructive Chewing:

If you leave your Aussidoodle in a room with clothes, curtains, and cushions, you will probably come home to torn pieces all over the place.

Now the destructive chewing on being left alone only happens if you’ve let them be on their own for too long and your pup has isolation anxiety. Sometimes they might resort to chewing if they are too bored.

Do Aussiedoodles have bad separation anxiety?

It’s no secret that Aussiedoodles love to spend time with their family.

They are affectionate and loving companion pets and if they could, they would spend every waking minute with their owners. Hence, leaving them alone can make them suffer from bad separation anxiety.

In fact, it is said that one of the most common traits among a lot of dogs in the breed, is having separation anxiety. Of course, it would depend on how you have trained and tamed your pet from the beginning.

If you leave them alone for a few hours, you may have to make sure there is enough provision and distractions for them to remain entertained.

More hours than that, you might expect chewing, barking, and other more hostile activities. These are simply behaviors they portray when they are upset from separation anxiety.

Can Aussiedoodles be left alone for 8 hours?

You already know that separation anxiety in Aussiedoodle is common and can be considered as a shared trait in the breed. Being alone for 8 hours is a lot to take, even for more independent and confident dogs.

Here are some proper measures you can take if you are to leave your Aussiedoodle for 8 hours or more:

DON’T use a crate:

The first of the many methods you can leave your Aussiedoodle for 8 hours is surprisingly a don’t’.

Never leave your pet in a crate for that long. The breed is active and energetic, and prone to injuries as well. Instead, leave them in a room with a window or two, so they know they are not isolated.

Crating something that has been practiced by many so that their dogs don’t toss the place upside down. For an Aussiedoodle, who requires to excrete every 4 to 5 hours, this could further upset them.

Be home for lunch:

If you are leaving them alone for 8 hours every day and you work around the corner, you may want to take the initiative to come home for lunch.

Just by spending 15 minutes at home with your pet, you can recharge them and assure them again. This way they can comfortably spend the rest of 4 or 5 hours without going into panic or anxiety.

You can also play with them after your lunch and make them tired. This could make them nap or rest for the time you are away. If you cannot come home, you may ask a friend or neighbor to do the same for you.

Hire Daycare or Dog Walker:

If your Aussiedoodle is young, or a canine that is very attached to you, they might get very bad separation anxieties. In that case, it’s best to hire some professional help.

You can leave them in dog daycare where they would be able to socialize enough while being in safe hands. They would also be potty trained and learn to eat and drink without supervision.

You can also hire a dog walker to take the dog out for some time every day.

Potty train them:

One of the problems that most commonly occur for any dog, including an Aussiedoodle is the messy discharge that happens when they are left alone.

They cannot be blamed for it as it is on us, the owners to train them to excrete at specific places only.

How to keep your Aussiedoodle happy when home alone?

You’ll be surprised how an easier way to leave them alone at home is by simply keeping them happy.

Aussiedoodles love to be engaged in something interesting. This way you can leave your dog home alone for a little longer. You may want to try the following:

Mentally Stimulating toys:

Aussiedoodles are intelligent pooches that love puzzles and challenges that make them use the good brain. This is something that engages them greatly for hours at a stretch while keeping them joyous.

Physical Activities:

This is a no brainer. Aussiedoodles are social and energetic dogs. There’s nothing in the world that makes them happier than playing and moving around.

This can be done with ropes and rolling or moving toys.


You can turn on the television and have some sort of show running while you are away. This keeps them happy and distracted for long hours.

Food treats and water:

All dogs love treats, including Aussiedoodles. Be sure to leave them some treats and water when they are alone.

How do I keep my Aussiedoodle busy?

You can keep your Aussiedoodle busy by giving them something they would enjoy. This includes toys that are both mentally and physically interactive. You can let them have puzzles and tugs which would keep them busy for some time.

You can also let them have different kinds of toys so that they can move to another when they are done playing with one. Television shows also help to keep them busy.

Moreover, make sure to leave them in a room where there is enough space to move around and a window to peek outside.

Aussiedoodles love human company and can be left alone only for a couple of hours. With proper training and measures, that can be more than 6 hours as well.

However, if they are feeling bored or neglected alone at home, they might go to the window and let the world know what’s going on.

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