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Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive? (Complete Temperament Guide)

If you’re a newbie dog owner and wondering which breed would be less of a hassle for you, you can opt for Aussiedoodles anytime since they don’t have severe temperament issues.

Are Aussiedoodles aggressive?

Aussiedoodles are not aggressive at all, and are among one of the finest, caring, and peace-loving breeds coming from majestic breeding parents the Australian Shepherds and the Poodles. However, you have to treat them properly to maintain the consistency of their cool temper.

You will get a clear idea about why Aussiedoodles are an incredibly amazing breed with zero temper by looking at the history of their parent breeds. The mighty Australian Shepherds were initially bred to help humans with herding and livestock. Hence, they make excellent companion dogs.

Additionally, Poodles are extremely loyal dogs and would help in hunting by retrieving waterfowls from lakes and rivers.

Are mini Aussiedoodles aggressive?

Mini Aussiedoodles are affectionate, fun-loving, playful but aggressive. In fact, mini Aussies are totally the opposite of being aggressive. If you’ve got yourself a mini Aussiedoodle prepare for lots of hugs, cuddles, and snuggling up in the bed, couch, and even on the floor.

Anyhow, this small adorable breed can be very protective of her close ones but don’t worry. That is far away from aggressive behavior. The breeding parents of Aussiedoodles, the Australian Shepherds, and the Poodles have a great contribution for their easy-going temper and maintenance.

In addition to that, Aussiedoodles have inherited the caring, intelligence, sweetness, and loving nature from both parents. Both breeds used to help humans in farming and hunting. Consequently, Aussiedoodles also feel the need to please their owners and make great companion dogs.

Over time, Aussiedoodles have developed their unique characteristics and show love to their parents, kids, and other animals in their ways which is nothing like being aggressive whatsoever.

Why is my Aussiedoodle aggressive?

Lack of socialization:

Your Aussiedoodle may show an aggressive attitude if not socialized properly. You need to take him out on walks regularly, socialize with other dogs, and let them play with kids if you have any. Thus, he’ll learn to get comfortable around strangers, and in a different environment.


Aussiedoodles are extremely protective of their human family. Hence, she might get a bit aggressive if feels threatened. Moreover, she’s very possessive of her owner and wants all the attention from her. If not raised properly, she might show bad behavior if she’s not the center of attraction.

Being territorial:

Your Aussiedoodles can become slightly territorial about their home and people. And they like to establish it towards everyone that they own this place and person. As a result, whenever a stranger or other animals approach your house it might act out and bark at them.


An Aussiedoodle tends to be dominant if you don’t establish you’re in charge. She’ll think of herself as the alpha and do as she likes and will make a fuss in the house. It becomes quite difficult to handle a bossy Aussiedoodle.


Aussiedoodles are prone to separation anxiety. So if you’re leaving your pup alone for a long time, prepare yourself to have a moody, cranky, and aggressive Aussiedoodle. She’ll become frustrated and bored if you’re constantly leaving her alone. Aussies really need human presence around them for a considerable period.

Irregular exercise:

If you don’t spend enough time training and exercising your Aussiedoodle she won’t get the chance to release her energy and will get frustrated little by little. Hence, she’ll show madness and aggressive behavior with you at home to release her energy. Aussiedoodles need a fair amount of exercise every day.

Pain or illness:

Your Aussiedoodle may have been suffering from any injury lately, hence the bad behavior and aggressiveness. Apart from this, illnesses like arthritis, tumors, lacerations, cognitive dysfunction, etc. can contribute to your pup’s aggressive behavior.

How do you calm down an Aussiedoodle?

Adequate exercise:

Your Aussiedoodle will remain to calm down if she’s getting adequate exercise. She’ll not show excitement or become hyper-active if she doesn’t have the energy for it in the first place. Ensure to wear him out with walks and exercise.

Mental stimulation:

Engage him with games that require brain work and intelligence like some kind of puzzle for dogs, or hide his playing toys and let him figure it out. Such work will keep him focused on this activity and she’ll get rewarded once in a while.

Provide with calming scents:

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. You can calm him down while engaging his nose sniffing those lavender and vanilla flavored scents. Such aura really helps to calm and relax your pup. Introduce these scents while your dog is already calm and notice how she reacts. Obviously, ignore any product that your dog is allergic to.

How do you discipline an aggressive Aussiedoodle?

Positive reinforcement method:

Raise your dog with passive and positive reinforcement methods. If he’s doing something wrong, discourage him verbally. Never punish or hit him since hitting will make him frightened, and your relationship with your pup will be ruined forever.

To add to that, always encourage his positive attitude with praise and rewards.

Never enforce adhesive training method:

Adhesive training methods can never discipline your Aussiedoodle for good. This method will give your pup fears and trauma. And she’ll be terrified of you because she won’t be able to figure out why you hit her. Hence, she’ll remain in constant worry and will never warm up to you again.


You should always maintain consistency while training your Aussiedoodle. Address the bad behavior immediately when she’s acting out and make her stop. And this behavior must be followed by all the family members. Ensure to start this training when she’s a puppy as old dogs don’t learn new tricks.

Never give too much attention when she’s being needy since it might spoil your furry friend.

Establish boundaries:

You can introduce a crate to your Aussiedoodle to put a limit and make her understand when it’s time to stop. Let her sleep there when you’re gone, and she’ll get comfortable with the crate gradually. But don’t use it as a punishment device. Rather it should be a happy place for your pup.

What is the temperament of an Aussiedoodle?

  • Generally, with proper socialization and upbringing, an Aussiedoodle grows up to be a very sweet, intelligent, loving, and caring dog.
  • Undoubtedly Aussiedoodles make amazing house dogs, and they’re very friendly with all the family members and will always welcome you with a warm heart.
  • Aussiedoodles inherit the herding and hunting traits from their beautiful breeding parents the Australian Shepherds and the Poodles. Hence, you might find your pup biting or nipping other dogs or kids carrying instincts from the Shepherds.
  • In addition to that, Aussiedoodles can be natural swimmers inheriting swimming instincts from the Poodles. Nonetheless, some Aussiedoodles don’t like the water at all.
  • However, an Aussiedoodle is very protective of his human family and becomes quite possessive when someone gets near their favorite human.
  • There are times when an Aussiedoodle can become very territorial and bark at strangers and animals when someone knocks on the door or even while playing in the yard.
  • As they’re very smart dogs, they’re easy to train and low-maintenance. An Aussiedoodle will always listen to you since they love to please their owners.

Do Aussiedoodles bark a lot?

Aussiedoodles can be quite the barkers depending on their genes, lifestyle, and surroundings. Hence, they have the potential to be keen watchdogs and will bark when feeling something suspicious. Besides, Aussiedoodles bark when they’re bored and suffering from separation anxiety.

Originating from the two barker parents, Aussiedoodles are prone to barking. But if your Aussiedoodle is more Poodle-like then she’s likely to bark less. Aussiedoodles having more Shepherd-like instincts tend to bark almost anything and anyone.

However, it can vary from dog to dog. And you can curb this behavior with proper socialization and training.

Do Aussiedoodles bite?

Aussiedoodles can bite due to various reasons. If your Aussie is jumping and nipping, that is because he inherited the herding traits from the breeding parent Australian Shepherd. They can also bite out of boredom to release their energy or due to super exhaustion from exercising.

Since Aussiedoodles are high-energy dogs, they need frequent walks, exercise, play fetch, to wear him out, or he might develop destructive behavior and start biting.

You can use bitter apple spray to lessen the nipping and jumping. With consistency, your pup will be aware the next time he sees the bottle and will immediately stop nipping or biting. You can also use vinegar or lemon juice. It is not harmful to your dog.

Moreover, you can command him saying, ‘NO BITING’, ‘STOP’, or ‘LEAVE’. Overall, you have to teach your dog to respect and stay obedient when he is told so.

Are Aussiedoodles hard to train?

Aussiedoodles are incredibly smart dogs and are very easy to train. Since they have this extreme urge to please their human parents, you can start training them from a very young age. However, you must be careful to use the correct training method.

You should always use the positive reinforcement method to train your Aussiedoodle. An adhesive training method will only make the situation worse. And your pup might develop destructive behavior and be emotionally detached from you.

All in all, if your heart is yearning for an Aussiedoodle you can go for it. With the proper training method, you can have this adorable pooch jumping all over your house surrounded by her cuteness and your love.

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