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Are Aussiedoodles Good Family Dogs? Are They Kid Friendly?

Aussiedoodles are a crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Poodle dogs. They are very intelligent, energetic, and happy teddy bear dogs that can add cheerfulness to anyone’s life with their presence.

So as their size, temperament, and living styles are quite similar to any good family dogs, therefore, most of you might have a common question that are Aussiedoodles good family dogs or not. Especially, whether they are kid-friendly or not. 

So, all the Aussiedoodle lovers without any further delay, let’s find out. 

Are Aussiedoodles Good Family Dogs? 

Aussiedoodles are excellent family dogs because they have a friendly temperament, are faithful to their families, and love passing time with their families. They are super kid-friendly dogs too but supervision is needed around infants as due to having high energy, accidentally they might hurt them.

Are Mini Aussiedoodles Good Family Dogs? 

Mini Aussiedoodles make great family dogs. Because Mini Aussiedoodles are affectionate little balls of fluff that have really loving and friendly temperaments so they are suitable as family dogs.

Mini Aussiedoodles are very outgoing dogs too so they can socialize with everyone in the family including the other pet dogs/cats.

Mini Aussiedoodles are great with kids in the family too. They love and enjoy playing with both young and older kids. Since Mini Aussiedoodles are fiercely loyal so they are protective of both of their families and young kids in the family. 

Overall, Mini Aussiedoodles are the four-legged fluffy balls that would be the most perfect addition to your family due to their extremely gentle, loving, friendly, and outgoing personality. 

5 Reasons Why Aussiedoodles Are Good Family Dogs

When it comes down to adopting Aussiedoodles, concern regarding whether they will adjust in families and be a good family dog arises in the minds first.

Therefore, this section is packed up with 5 such reasons that will certainly prove that why Aussiedoodles are really good family dogs. 

Friendly Temperament: 

Aussiedoodles also known as Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodles are widely known for their friendly temperament which is the most important characteristic that family dogs must have in them. So Aussiedoodle’s such temperament makes them the perfect family dog. 

Aussiedoodles have inherited such a friendly temperament from their parent Australian Shepherd dogs.

Since Aussiedoodles are very friendly you surely can adopt one and add him to your family life and you will see that big ball of fluff becoming your family’s best companion. Aussiedoodles will make great friends with your home’s elderly people and kids too. 

Easy Socializing:

Having the quality of easy socializing is another must-have quality of good family dogs. And it’s needless to say that Aussiedoodles are super outgoing and easily get socialized within the family in the absence of the owners.

So, if you can’t stay home due to work and wants a dog that can get along and socialize with your family members in your absence then just go and get an Aussiepoo.

Aussiedoodles will not only socialize and spend peaceful quality time with your other family members but also will get along with the other pet dogs/cats if you have any. 

Fiercely Devoted: 

Who doesn’t love a dog that is fiercely devoted to its family? We all do love such dogs right and it’s another good quality of family dogs.

And surprisingly, Aussiedoodles the four-legged big cotton balls are highly devoted to their human families. They have got these loyal and protective instincts from their parent Australian Shepherds. 

So the fierce loyalty of Aussiedoodle’s towards their family members makes them a good family dog. Therefore, if you get an Aussiedoodle, it will protect and watch over your family, especially young kids. 


Aussiedoodles are really kid-friendly and it’s one of their quality that makes them good family dogs. As everyone wants a dog that would be their kid’s best friend and playing mate and Aussiedoodles will make a good companion.

So, if you get an Aussiedoodle, you will see this highly energetic and playful dog become your kid’s, especially the older one’s best friend in no time. 

However, you must supervise Aussiedoodles around very young babies because accidentally Aussiedoodles can hurt them as they are highly energetic. 


Aussiedoodles are born of Australian Shepherds and Poodles, therefore, generically they have inherited the cleverness and intelligence of Poodle dogs which makes them intelligent too.

And obviously you, I, and others would love to have an intelligent family dog. So Aussiedoodles fulfill this criterion too and have proven themselves as intelligent good family dogs.

Therefore, a smart and thoughtful dog like Aussiedoodle will be a great pet for your family. As it will obey everyone’s command, will accept training from everyone, and anyone can teach him new tricks effortlessly in your absence. 

Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive?

Aussiedoodles are not aggressive at all. In fact, they are one of the sweetest, gentle, lovely, and tender breeds of designer dogs that you will ever can adopt.

So there’s nothing to fear of Aussiedoodles. But you have to make sure that you are raising an Aussiedoodle properly with the love, care, and respect he deserves to have the most loving and adorable pup in your family. 

However, if you have adopted an Aussiedoodle from any shelter or an abusive owner, he may show some sign of aggression as he has suffered a lot and emotionally scared and unstable. 

What Is The Temperament Of An Aussiedoodle? 

Talking about Aussiedoodle’s temperament, naturally, they are really friendly dogs. And Aussiedoodles can get along with everyone in the family including elderly people, kids, and other pets which makes them the most suitable family dogs. 

Another very reflective temperament of Aussiedoodles is that they are exceptionally smart and intelligent which makes them highly trainable too. 

Aussiedoodles are incredibly loyal and protective despite being designer teddy bear dogs. Therefore, loyalty is a part of their personality too. 

Aussiedoodles are energetic, playful, and active dogs and all of these also go into their temperament. 

However, Aussiedoodles have herding instincts, so sometimes accidentally they can hurt small babies. Therefore, supervision is needed. 

Are Aussiedoodles Good For First Time Owners? 

Aussiedoodles are an excellent choice of dogs for first-time dog owners. Because Aussiedoodles are very friendly and gentle natured dogs that accept their owners or new people very easily and acclimate their lifestyle with the owner’s lifestyle. 

Moreover, Aussiedoodles are one of the smartest and thoughtful breeds of dog. Therefore, their intelligence makes them highly trainable. As a result, such trainability is a boon for first-time owners because they can effortlessly train their lovely Aussiedoodle pooch. 

Aussiedoodles are affectionate and get attached to their owners very quickly, so first-time owners will enjoy their Aussiedoodle’s immense unconditional love too. 

Why Should You Not Get An Aussiedoodle? 

Aussiedoodles are very energetic, active, and playful dogs that love to stay active and play games almost all of the time. So if you can’t handle such energetic dogs or can’t provide them with activities then you shouldn’t get an Aussiepoo.  

Besides, Aussiedoodles are notoriously stubborn and especially during training, they show such temperament. So if you are not ready to deal with such stubbornness or you are not patient enough to become an Aussiedoodle trainer then don’t get an Aussiepoo. 

Moreover, Aussiedoodles have hairy coats so they require frequent grooming to maintain their hair. If you can’t take responsibility for their frequent/ regular grooming, don’t adopt an Aussiedoodle. 

Are Aussie Poos Good With Kids?

Not just good, Aussiepoos are “Excellent” with kids. They can become superb playmates and great friends of kids due to their friendly and soft temperament. Especially, if there are any older kids in the house, Aussiepoos enjoy their company and play with them until their heart is content. 

Aussiepoos create a wonderful bond with younger kids like toddlers or infants too. They try to protect them always tries to play with them as well.

It’s harmless but in this situation, both the Aussiepoos and kids must be kept under supervision as both of them are energetic and Aussiepoos can accidentally harm them. 

Are Aussiedoodles Good Pets? 

Aussiedoodles are absolutely good with the other pets in their homes too. As mentioned, that Aussiedoodles have friendly and generous nature, therefore, they get easily socialized with other pets and don’t try to harm them or dominate them. 

But remember that to get such socialized and generous natured Aussiepoo dogs, you must train them to socialize from their early age. Or you can raise both an Aussiedoodle and other pets together so that they accept each other well. 

Do Aussiedoodles Like To Cuddle?

Aussiedoodles love to cuddle. They are very affectionate to their owners so Aussiepoos like to spend some quality snuggling time with their owners.

If you allow an Aussiedoodle to sleep with you or cuddle with you, you will notice him make a comfy spot on your bed or couch and wait for you to come and cuddle with him. 

Are Aussiedoodles Right For Me?

Aussiedoodles are incredibly smart dogs that are playful and love doing activities, so if you want a trainable and energetic dog, Aussiedoodle is the right dog for you. 

Moreover, if you want a cute looking, soft and generous natured, and friendly dog in your life that would be loyal to you too then surely an Aussiedoodle is the choice for you. 

They are less shedding, low allergenic, good companion dogs too. If you also want these qualities in a dog then undeniably Aussiedoodles are the right dog for you. 

Aussiedoodle’s friendly, gentle, and accepting nature have made them both good family dogs and kid-friendly dogs. So they would be the most suitable addition to anyone’s life.

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