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Do Aussiedoodles Have Hair or Fur? (Answered)

Aussiedoodles are unique crossbreed dogs. They are famous for their smartness and outlook. Aussiedoodles have different coats. Generally, they are pretty fluffy with their coats. So, their coats make them look different and attractive.

If you have an Aussiedoodle, you might be confused about whether they have hair or fur. Well, Aussiedoodles are unique looking and don’t shed like other breed dogs. So, many people are confused about them whether they have fur or not.

Do Aussiedoodles have hair or fur?

Aussiedoodles have hair. Even most Aussiedoodles have no undercoat. Like other dogs, Aussiedoodle dogs don’t have fur. That’s why they don’t shed quickly. Even some Aussiedoodles don’t shed at all. A purebred Aussiedoodle has hair, and his hair doesn’t shed for a long time.

Aussiedoodles have an elegant appearance with their fluffy coats. But like the other dogs, they don’t have fur. Aussiedoodles have hair. We know that fur-bearing dogs shed quicker than other dogs.

Aussiedoodles don’t have fur, so they don’t shed so quickly. They shed a little bit with age. But most Aussiedoodles don’t shed at all. So, people like them for their constant outlook.

Do Aussiedoodles have straight hair?

Most Aussiedoodles don’t have straight hair. They have either wavy or curly hair. But straight hair Aussiedoodles are possible. They are often called flat hair Aussiedoodles.

Aussidoodles are a crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. So, which parent’s gene will show more in the Aussiedoodle, you can’t guess before. If the Aussiedoodle inherits more of the Australian Shepherd parent, he might get straight hair.

But if the Aussie inherits more of Poodle parent, he will get curly hair. Some Aussiedoodles are backcross, so they will have the hair what dog’s gene they got more. But Aussiedoodles can have straight hair.

Do all Aussiedoodles have curly hair?

No, all Aussiedoodles don’t have curly hair. But most Aussiedoodles have either curly or wavy hair. Aussiedoodles generally get their coat from their parents. Aussies that have curly hair get their coat from the Poodle family.

Some Aussiedoodles get more of the characteristics of Poodle. They also have curly hairs. But Aussies inherit the Australian Shepherd’s characteristics. They also get wavy or straight hair.

The shape of Aussiedoodle’s hair can be wavy or curly. But not every Aussiedoodle will get curly hair. If you want to have curly hair Aussiedoodle, you may contact the breeder earlier so that you might have an Aussiedoodle with Poodle’s curl.

What type of hair coat does Aussiedoodle have?

Generally, Aussidoodles have two types of hair coats. They either have wavy hair or curly hair. Though it is rare, Aussiedoodles can have straight hair also. Which type of hair the Aussiedoodle will have, depends on their parent’s hair.

Australian Shepherd and Poodle are the parents of Aussiedoodles. Among them, Poodle has curly hair. So, the curly hair of Aussiedoodles comes from the Poodle. Contrarily, the wavy hair comes from the Australian Shepherd.

Some Aussiedoodles have straight hair too. They are mix-breed dogs, so having straight hair is possible. Curly hair gets dirty and muddy easily. So, many people like the wavy hair of Aussiedoodle.

What colors do Aussiedoodles come in?

Aussiedoodles don’t have a specific color coat. They can have both their parents’ color coats and a mixture of both. Aussiedoodles are a mix-breed of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. So they have the colors like Poodles.

Generally, Aussiedoodles don’t have a solid color. They have two or more mixtures of colors. They also don’t shed and change color. So, which color they will come in is predictable from their parents. Let’s see some common colors that Aussiedoodles come in.


Aussiedoodles can come in white color. If the Poodle parent of the Aussiedoodle has a lighter color, and the Australian Shepherds parent is merle, you will get to see a white Aussiedoodle.

Blue Merle:

If any of the Aussiedoodle’s parents have the blue merle color, the Aussiedoodle will also have the color. The color will be more visible with age. Moreover, the color coat will not shed quickly.

Red Merle:

Red Merle is another common color in Aussiedoodles. Aussiedoodles will also have this color from their parents.


Aussiedoodles can also come in chocolate color. Chocolate color Aussiedoodles don’t have their parents’ coats compulsorily. Also, they can have different patterns of chocolate color.

Aussiedoodles can come in a lot of different colors like black, tuxedo, and phantom colors. Moreover, Aussiedoodles can come in some rare colors too, like parti or sable. Sometimes, Aussiedoodles can be bi-bolor or tri-color. But tri-color Aussiedoodles are the rarest.

What is the rarest Aussiedoodle color?

Phantom Red Merle is considered the rarest Aussiedoodle color. Aussiedoodles can come in a lot of colors. They have basic colors like white, red merle, blue, black, etc. But some phantom colors are pretty rare.

Phantom Red Merle Aussiedoodles have tan or copper color in some specific areas like face, eyebrows, chest, etc. Generally, Aussiedoodles can be bi-color and tri-color. Tri-color and phantom colors are rare and expensive.

The reason for Phantom Red Merle Aussiedoodle being rare is them being hard to breed. That’s why they are expensive also. Other phantom colors are also rare.

How often should you brush an Aussiedoodle?

You should brush an Aussiedoodle at least once a week. Brushing Aussiedoodles regularly is essential because they get dirty often. Generally, dogs having curly hair get dirty frequently. Most Aussiedoodles have curly hair. So, they are often dirty.

If it’s possible, you can brush your Aussiedoodle twice or thrice a week. Brushing will remove all the excess dirt and dust from their hair. You can use a comb or soft brush for brushing your Aussiedoodle’s hair.

Aussiedoodles can be matted up quickly if you don’t brush them regularly. Though Aussiedoodles don’t have the tendency to shed, they can look different being dirty. So, try to brush your Aussiedoodle regularly.

Do Aussiedoodles shed hair?

Aussiedoodles don’t shed hair that much. Generally, fur-bearing dogs are likely to shed hair. Aussiedoodles have hairs instead of fur. So, they also have a low chance of shedding hair.

You will not notice them shedding at a young age. They can shed a little at the elder age. Some Aussiedoodles don’t shed at all. But with age, they have the chance to shed their hair like the human.

Some Aussiedoodles might have medical issues behind shedding hair. So, if your Aussiedoodle starts shedding at an early age, you should notice carefully and consult with a vet. Otherwise, Aussiedoodles are unlikely to shed.

Do Aussiedoodles need haircuts?

Aussiedoodles don’t need frequent haircuts like the other dogs. Generally, fur-bearing dogs grow their coats quickly and need grooming often. But Aussiedoodles have hair. So, they need haircuts occasionally.

How often Aussiedoodles need haircuts is dependent on how quickly their hair is growing. Moreover, they shed a little. So, they are low maintenance.

Aussiedoodles are pretty fluffy. So some owners cut Aussiedoodles’ hair pretty often to control and maintain them easily. That’s why Aussiedoodles’ haircuts depend on their owner. But they need haircuts at least three or four times a year to look clean and fresh.

Do Aussiedoodle coats change color?

Generally, Aussiedoodles don’t change their coat color. Moreover, they don’t shed so often. You might notice Aussiedoodles coats changing colors at an early age. But when they are adults, they don’t change color noticeably.

Changing coat color is pretty rare in grown-up Aussiedoodles. Sometimes, you might notice a little bit of shedding after a year. But Aussiedoodles don’t change coat colors frequently like the other dogs.

Aussiedoodles come in a lot of different colors. So, certain colors can change a little bit with age.

Do black AussieDoodle puppies change color?

You can’t say it sure that the black Aussiedoodle puppies change color. Aussiedoodles have Poodle parents. You might know that a purebred black Poodle is likely to change color. So, there is a chance that black Aussiedoodle puppies will also change color.

If the black Aussiedoodle puppy change color, he might turn silver. But you have to wait until the Aussidoodle puppy grows up. Aussiedoodles generally get one of the parents’ characteristics.

So, if you notice that the black Aussiedoodle puppy is changing color, the Aussie might inherit most of the Poodle’s characteristics. Otherwise, the color black will not change with color.

Aussiedoodles are good-looking and fluffy breed dogs. They have hair instead of fur. So, they have a little chance of shedding. Moreover, Aussiedoodles can have varieties of colors. They often get the characteristics from their parent breeds.

Besides, Aussiedoodles will not need haircuts so often. If you have an Aussiedoodle, you can brush him once a week and give a haircut after three or four months. 

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