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Are Aussiedoodles Hyper? When Do They Calm Down?

Hyperactivity in almost every breed of dogs is visible and those dogs tend to be highly energetic and like to stay active or play maximum time.

Since maximum dog breeds have hyper dogs and it’s a common trait in dogs, so naturally you may want to know about Aussiedoodles that even Aussiedoodles are hyper or not. 

Are Aussiedoodles Hyper? 

Aussiedoodles are hyper dogs. They are hyper because they are crossbreed dogs of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle dogs and both of their parent dog breeds are known to be tremendously lively, energetic, and playful. Therefore, Aussiedoodles genetically have inherited such a high level of energy. 

Aussiedoodles are exceptionally bouncy furry babies. It’s because they are a combination of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle dog breeds.

Hence, both of the parent dog breeds have highly energetic, active, playful, and bouncy temperaments, therefore, it’s natural that their crossbreed means Aussiepoos will be as hyper as them.

So, hyperactivity in Aussiedoodles is more like a genetic term rather than any other reason. However, know that such hyper Aussiedoodle dogs must be kept in control by providing loads of exercise and mental stimulation. So that they don’t become destructive. 

Are Mini Aussiedoodles Hyper?

Mini Aussiedoodles are indeed hyper dogs because they are too a crossbreed of The Miniature Australian Shepherd and Mini Poodles.

So as like the regular-sized Aussiepoos, Mini Aussiedoodles have also genetically inherited the same high energy, playful, and bouncy temperament from both of their parent dog breeds. 

So, if you have already gotten a Mini Aussiedoodle dog or are contemplating getting one then get ready to face these hybrid four-legged furball’s hyper personality all day long. 

Are All Aussiedoodles Hyper?

Most of the Aussiepoodles are hyper and such a hyperactive temperament is genetically inherited in them from both of their parent dog breeds. As a result, regardless of regular-sized Aussiepoodles and Mini Aussiedoodles, both are hyper dogs. 

As all Aussiepoodles are born of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle dogs, all of them have gotten characteristics such as highly robust, active, cheerful, and bouncy from both of their parents.

So, being hyper dogs are in Aussiedoodles genes actually, and most of them behave hyperactivity. Therefore, on average it’s crystal clear that all Aussiepoodles are hyper. 

Why Is My Aussiedoodle So Hyper?

Seeing your four-legged bouncy furball Aussiepoo run around the home all day long and still not being satisfied with playing, it’s understandable if you are wondering why your Aussiepoo is so hyper. 

So, to clear this common question of you all Aussiedoodle owners, the main 4 reasons have been found out and included in this section. 

Australian Shepherd & Poodle Roots: 

Having the Australian Shepherd and Poodle dog root is the root cause behind Aussiedoodles being extremely hyper. 

Naturally, every creature will take after their parents, so Aussiepoodles are no exception at all. They have gotten genes from both of their parent breeds.

Therefore, Aussiepoodles have inherited an active and energetic temperament from their Australian Shepherd parent. And inherited a cheerful, bouncy temperament from their Poodle dog parents. 

Since Aussiepoos are just a combination of all of these highly energetic temperaments of both of their parents, they are extremely hyper. 

Insufficient Exercise: 

Aussiedoodles are very energetic dogs that prefer spending time in various activities and exercises.

So if you are unable to provide an adequate amount of exercise that your Aussiepoo needs, he will become super hyper. Because exercise is a means of releasing extra energy. 

When your Aussiedoodle does not get to do enough exercise he will get hyper to release that pent-up energy by running around the home and making him tired. 

Lack Of Mental Stimulation: 

Proper mental stimulation is highly needed for Aussiedoodle dogs. As said before they are very active and playful dogs so they like to keep them engaged in games, or playing with exciting toys. 

So, if you fail to keep him engaged in games or with toys, your Aussiedoodle will start lacking of mental stimulation. Therefore, he will get bored and will act hyperactivity to get rid of his boredom. 

Over Excited: 

Aussiedoodles, these little bundles of joys, have a tendency to get over-excited when they are very happy, getting their desired things, or meeting their favorite person.

And at those times, Aussiedoodles become really hyper and jump, run, bark around the house to express their happiness, contentment, or excitement. 

So, if you see that your Aussiepoo is also really happy after getting something desirable or to meet you after a long day, know that he will become hyper at those moments. 

How To Manage Aussiedoodles Hyper Tendencies 

It’s necessary to manage Aussiedoodles hyper tendencies as gradually it can turn into destructive habits. Therefore, to help you out in managing your Aussiepoo’s hyper behavior, here 4 ways have been explained.  

Ample Amount Of Playtime: 

Providing your Aussiedoodle with an ample amount of playtime is the easiest method of managing a hyper Aussiedoodle. As said, Aussiedoodles are really playful and love to stay engaged in playing various games or with toys. 

So, make sure that your Aussiedoodle is getting enough playtime and keep him engaged with interesting games, new toys, etc. so that his mind stays occupied. Then you will notice him staying busy with his toys rather than behaving hyper. 

Regular Exercise: 

Regular exercise is another effective way that actually helps to manage Aussiedoodles hyper tendencies. You must make sure that you are taking your Aussiepoo for walks and making him do exercises.

Because exercises certainly help these extra active Aussiepoos to release their pent-up energy and make their body and mind calm down. 

So try to take your Aussiedoodle for regular walks at least or make him workout for 30-40 minutes at least. 

Make Him Do Work: 

Since Aussiedoodles are born of working dogs like the Australian Shepherd, they like to help with household chores too.

If you can’t take your Aussiedoodle for a regular walk or exercise then make him help you with little household chores at least. It might sound odd but it really does help with managing hyper Aussiepoos. 

Teach him little work like picking up his own toys, any cloth, or assist you in work. These will make him do work around home as well as will make him lose energy and keep him active. 

Mental Stimulation: 

Mental stimulation is such an effective method that quite a great extent guarantees that this method surely will help any owner to calm down and manage their Aussiedoodle. So you are highly suggested to adopt this way to manage your Aussiedoodles hyper temperament. 

And to mentally stimulate your Aussiepoo, you can teach him tricks, take part in games with him, or train him with some obedience training. 

Anything that will make his mind stimulated and keep him busy trying the taught stuff is a suitable way of mentally stimulating your Aussiedoodle dog.  

Can Aussiedoodles Be Calm?

Aussiedoodles can’t calm down permanently but you can control them if you can channel their extra energy into some highly active, energetic, and mentally stimulating activities. 

Aussiedoodles are by-born hyper dogs so they are excessively energetic and active dogs that seem not to stay calm for longer moments.

They are stubborn as well, so it’s better if you do not expect them to stay calm all time even if provide them with every necessary calming down activity. You can only manage their hyper temper and control it.

What Age Do Aussiedoodles Calm Down?

Generally, Aussiedoodles calm down when they reach the age of two years old. Because when Aussiepoos are two years old, they tend to become mature and learn to control and balance their energy level. 

However, not all Aussiedoodles are the same. Some Aussiedoodles may take a longer time to calm themselves down and some may take a shorter time than the standard age. Calming down age varies from one Aussiepoo to another. 

How Do You Calm Down An Aussiedoodle? 

You can try out providing a hyper Aussiedoodle with these activities like- adequate exercise and playtime, exciting mind stimulating games and tricks, and keeping him busy with work like helping you in household chores to make him lose their pent-up energy and calm down. 

All of these are known as the most effective ways to calm down any hyper dog, so it’s expected that these will work on an Aussiedoodle too. So try to apply these methods to him. 

Do Aussiedoodles Bark A Lot?

Aussiedoodles don’t bark a lot. In fact, in comparison to other dog breeds, they bark less. You will find an Aussiedoodle barking only when he is excited about something, playing with his favorite human, he is bored and lonely, he is hungry, or he just wants attention. 

Why Do Aussiedoodles Dig?

Aussiedoodles dig holes out of boredom or to get attention from their masters. Sometimes if digging turns into a habit of theirs, they will dig too.

Also, Aussiedoodles are active dogs so if they don’t get any work to do, they can dig up holes and it’s another reason behind their digging. 

Are Aussiedoodles Hard To Train?

Aussiedoodles are absolutely not hard to train. Aussiedoodles are born with high trainability because they are extraordinarily brilliant, smart, and quick to accept training dogs. Also, Aussiepoos are friendly and have the eagerness to learn new tricks. 

But, Aussiedoodles can be stubborn so you have to train them with patience and calmly. 

Due to being a crossbreed dog of two hyper and energetic dog parents, Aussiedoodles are genetically born hyper. So, if you get an Aussiepoo, patiently and calmly deal with him always.

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