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Why Are Aussiedoodles So Expensive? (How Much Do They Cost)

Aussiedoodles are four-legged furry balls that can captivate anyone’s mind and heart with their adorable face, friendly behavior, and attractive look with shiny hairy coats. So, it’s not surprising if you are tempted to add an Aussiedoodle in your life. 

But the high price of these living furballs certainly is a surprising matter. And you surely will get startled knowing the price.And you will think about the factors that made Aussiedoodles luxurious and expensive dogs. So, without further ado, let’s find out. 

Why Are Aussiedoodles So Expensive?

Aussiedoodles are a designer breed of dogs and it’s the main factor that makes them so expensive. Besides, Aussiedoodle’s generation, breeder reputation, health, age, size, and coat’s color are the other main reasons why they are so pricey. Blue Merle tricolor and mini size make them costly too.

7 Reasons Why Aussiedoodles Are So Expensive

To convince you more on the factors that make Aussiedoodles so expensive, this section has explained the main 7 reasons of all the reasons below to give you a clear conception. 

Designer Dog Breed: 

Aussiedoodles are a designer crossbreed of the Poodles and the German Shepherd dogs. They got higher popularity among people for having such good temperaments and being apartment-friendly dogs.

And their gorgeous look, apartment-friendly size, and popularity earned them the title of being one of the most expensive dog breeds. 

It’s known quite well that dogs that are in high public demand, look adorable, and have friendly personalities are always the most expensive.

Because people love having such a furry companion in their life. And since Aussiedoodles fulfill all of these criteria, they are so expensive. 


Aussiedoodle’s generation is one of the main reasons that is directly responsible for making them so expensive. 

Aussiedoodle dogs that are from the “F1” generation are always the most expensive ones. “F1” means the first generation Aussiedoodles that are born of both registered pure Australian Shepherds and pure Poodle dogs.

So they are the purest Aussiedoodles and this makes them so costly than the other generations (F2, F1B) of Aussiedoodles. 

Breeder Reputation: 

Breeder reputation is the other reason among all 7 main reasons. Aussiedoodles puppies bred by reputable breeders are naturally the Expensive ones.

Because most of these breeders are professional and use AKC/CKC certified purebred parent dogs to breed healthy Aussiedoodle puppies. 

Since these breeders spend quite a lot on the puppies’ overall health checkup and breed them by purebred Australian Shepherd and Poodle dogs, so they keep the cost higher.  

Health And Genetic Testing: 

From the Aussiedoodle puppies’ birth to handing them over to their owners, breeders spend a lot of money on their regular health checkups and genetics testing to maintain healthy puppies.

And to prove they are the cleanest Aussiedoodles born of both purebred parents and have no genetic disorder. Since the cost of all of these checkups, and tests are much, breeders make the price higher too to balance their expenses on puppies. 

Coat Color: 

Aussiedoodles puppies with exotic coat colors cost the most because these puppies have the rarest coat color among all of the Aussiedoodle pups.

And typically, people are more inclined to adopt these puppies which makes them highly popular so these puppies are sold at the highest price possible. So the rarer the coat color, the higher the price.

The Blue Merle tri color and solid Red Merle are the most exotic and rare coat colors among Aussiedoodles. Aussiedoodles with this coat color are the most expensive ones. 


The size of Aussiedoodle dogs is another main reason behind why Aussiedoodles are so expensive.

Aussiedoodles are found in 3 sizes- mini, medium, and standard. Mini Aussiedoodles are pricier than the standard and medium sized Aussiedoodles.

And among the Mini Aussiedoodles, the toy-sized ones are the most costly ones. So the smaller sized Aussiedoodle you want to get, the higher price you have to spend.  

Puppy’s Age: 

Generally, younger puppies of 8 weeks old cost more than any 16 weeks old puppies. Because younger puppies adjust faster than aged ones.

Therefore, the younger the Aussiedoodle puppy’s age, the pricier it is. Also, people like to adopt younger puppies than older ones and it’s another reason that increases the price.  

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost?

There are different sizes, coat colors, ages, and generations of Aussiedoodle dogs. So, to give you an insight into the pricing of Aussiedoodle dogs based on these factors, this section has included the cost of different sizes, ages, colors, and generations of Aussiedoodles. 

Mini Aussiedoodle: 

The cost of Mini Aussiedoodle puppies will be between $2500 on average. The price of Mini Aussiedoodles depends on the breeder’s reputation. If you get a Mini Aussiepoo from a reputable breeder, you have to count more bucks to spend on it.

Also, Mini Aussiedoodles are relatively rare, so this can be another factor that may raise the price than the standard price. 

Toy Aussiedoodles: 

Toy Aussiedoodles go into the Mini Aussiedoodle category. Mini Aussiedoodles have three sizes- toy, teacup, and micro. So, the price of Toy Aussiedoodles falls in the same price range between $2500.

And here also the price may vary depending on the breeder’s reputation, Aussiedoodle puppy’s age, and size. 

So you can expect to spend somewhere between $2500 or more for a Toy Aussiedoodle. However, if any Toy Aussiedoodle has a tri-color coat then the average cost will be around $4500. 

F1B Aussiedoodle: 

Generally, F1B Aussiedoodles can cost around $2400 and more. But the price can be more or less considering the factors like breeder’s location, reputation, F1B Aussiedoodle puppy’s size, age, and coat color. 

However, know that F1b Aussiedoodles cost high because they are bred for an F1 Aussiedoodle and a Poodle/Australian Shepherd. 

Aussiedoodle Puppy:

An Aussiedoodle puppy from a reputable breeder costs between $1500 to $5000. But you can expect to pay $2500 for an Aussiedoodle puppy on average.

However, the price may increase if you want a healthy Aussiedoodle puppy of less than 8 weeks old, born of the F1 generation, and with an exotic coat color like Blue Merle Tricolor. 

Merle Aussiedoodle: 

Merle Aussiedoodles are the most expensive ones. The average price of a Tri Colored Merle Aussiedoodle is about $4500+.

And the cost of solid Blue or Red Merle is nearly $3000. If you want a Mini Merle Aussiedoodle then the price will increase. Mini Aussiedoodles are hard to breed and rare.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Aussiedoodle? 

The average cost of an Aussiedoodle from a reputable and quality breeder is between $1500 to $5000. And at the adoption time, you have to be prepared to pay somewhat $2500 for an Aussiedoodle puppy on average. 

The average price of a Merle Tricolored Aussiedoodle is around $4500. And the average price of Mini Aussiedoodles is nearly $2500. 

The average price of Aussiedoodles from reputable breeders is higher because reputable breeders are professionals, use AKC/CKC authorized purebred parent dogs, and maintain the health, quality, and temperament of Aussiedoodle puppies.

So if you buy an Aussiepoo from them, you are guaranteed to get a healthy Aussiedoodle with a clear background and friendly temperament. 

However, the average price of an Aussiedoodle from the puppy mills and backyard breeders is less than $1500. You can get an Aussiedoodle puppy from puppy mills or backyard breeders within $500-$1500 on average. 

It’s because neither the puppy mills nor the backyard breeders are professionals. They don’t guarantee a good temperament, healthy, and F1 generation’s Aussiedoodle puppies. So, it’s less expensive. 

What Is The Cost Of An Aussiedoodle? 

Since there are different types of Aussiedoodles of different sizes, ages, and breeds, it might seem a little confusing to know the exact/on average price of them. Therefore, a table with exact/on average prices of Aussiedoodles has been included for your convenience. 

                                     Table Of Aussiedoodle’s Price (On Average)

BreedSizeAgeTypeCoat Color
F1 Generation Price- $1500-$5000Standard Size Price- $1500-$30008 Weeks Price- $2500+Reputable Breeder Price- $1500-$5000Merle Tricolored Price-$4500
F1B Generation Price- $2400+Medium SizePrice- $1500-$300016 weeks Price-$1500-$5000Backyard BreederPrice- $500-$1500Solid Blue and Red MerlePrice-$3000
F2 Generation Price- $1500-$5000Miniature Price- $2500+(Toy AussiedoodlePrice-$4500)Puppy Mills Price- $500-$1500Others Price-$1500-$3000

How much Does It Cost To Adopt An Aussiedoodle?

Depending on the size and age of an Aussiedoodle, the cost of adopting an Aussiedoodle from a rescue shelter is between $150-$500. And the adoption fees for older Aussiedoodles are less than the adoption fees of a puppy. 

However, the adoption charge of an Aussiedoodle from a reputable breeder is much higher than any rescue shelter. Reputable breeders charge altogether with the buying price of an Aussiedoodle. And the total cost ranges between $1500-$5000. 

Are Aussiedoodles High Maintenance? 

Aussiedoodles are high maintenance because they have hairy coats instead of furry coats. Therefore, their coat needs to be maintained so that the hairs don’t get tangled /matted with each other. 

So, Aussiedoodles require regular grooming sessions at home like daily brushing, eye cleaning, brushing teeth, nail clipping, and coat trimming.

And they also require professional grooming sessions every 2 to 3 months that include full-body trimming, haircut, bath, eye-ear cleaning, nail clipping. 

Do Aussiedoodles Make Good Pets?

Aussiedoodles indeed make great pets. Aussiepoos have really friendly and gentle temperaments that make them good family dogs. Aussiedoodles have high trainability so any first-time owner also can even pet them and train them effortlessly. 

Aussiedoodles are easily socialized dogs, so they get along with any other family member, children, and pets in the house easily which makes them good pets too. 

Aussiedoodle’s high popularity, adorable physical appearance, and good temperament made them so expensive. And in a sense, they are worth being expensive dogs.

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