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How Big Do Aussiedoodle Get? (With Complete Size Chart)

Aussiedoodles are medium size breed dogs. They are a mix-breed of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. So, they have different size ranges. Even they can be crossbreeds of a miniature of their parents.

If you own an Aussiedoodle puppy, you might not know about their standard size. So, it might not be very clear that how big your Aussiedoodle will get. Well, different types of Aussiedoodles have different size ranges. But Aussiedoodle’s standard size is small to medium. You will get to know the size of Aussiedoodle if you have an idea about their different breeds.

How big do Aussiedoodle get?

A standard Aussiedoodle will get a medium size height of 19 to 24 inches. Besides, they will have a weight of 25 to 70 pounds. This size can vary with age and type of Aussiedoodle. For example, a mini Aussiedoodle will have less height than 19 inches and less weight than 20 pounds.

Generally, Aussiedoodles don’t get bigger than 24 inches. But getting bigger than this isn’t impossible. Aussiedoodles get many characteristics from their parent breeds. So, if both of Aussiedoodle’s parents are large dogs, the Aussiedoodle can get bigger.

Aussiedoodles can be of many types. For example, Mini Aussiedoodles, Toy Aussiedoodle, Medium Aussiedoodle, Moyen Aussiedoodle, F1b Aussiedoodle, etc., are different types of Aussiedoodles. So, they also have different size ranges.

How big are mini Aussiedoodles?

Mini Aussiedoodles are the miniature version of Aussiedoodle dogs. Mini Aussiedoodles are a crossbreed of Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature Poodle. So, they pretty small and also have less weight.

A Mini Aussiedoodle is generally 12 to 18 inches long. Their weight is also minimum. Mini Aussiedoodles are generally 15 to 35 pounds. So, Mini Aussiedoodles are not extremely small. They are pretty medium to small-sized.

Miniature Aussiedoodle’s parents are both miniatures in size. They don’t have the breed quality to grow big. So, mini Aussiedoodles are small dogs with an average height of 12 inches.

How much does Aussiedoodle weigh?

A full-grown standard Aussiedoodle weighs from 40 to 70 pounds. Some Aussies might be more or less than this range. But 40 to 70 pounds is the average range of Aussiedoodles. This weight might vary for different types of Aussiedoodles.

For example, a mini Aussiedoodle will not weigh up to 40 pounds. Miniature Aussiedoodles are 15 pounds on average. Similarly, another type of Aussiedoodle, Toy Aussiedoodle might weigh less than 15 pounds.

So, how much an Aussiedoodle weighs depends on which type of Aussiedoodle he is. Moreover, their parent breeds also have an impact on how much Aussiedoodles will weigh.

How much does a mini Aussiedoodle weigh?

Generally, a mini Aussiedoodle weighs from 15 to 35 pounds. A miniature Aussiedoodle is a miniature size Aussiedoodle. They have the same appearance as the standard Aussiedoodle. But their weight and height are smaller than the standard one.

A miniature Aussiedoodle has miniature parents. So, how much they will weigh depends on their parents’ characteristics. Sometimes, some mini Aussiedoodle might be more or less than the mentioned range. But 15 to 35 pounds is their average weight range.

How many sizes do Aussiedoodles come in? 

Generally, Aussiedoodles come in three basic sizes; standard, mini, and toy. But other different types of Aussiedoodles may have variations in size. Here are some of the types of Aussiedoodles and their size accordingly.

Standard Aussiedoodle size:

Standard Aussiedoodles are the most common size in Aussiedoodles. They are generally more than 15 inches tall and 40 to 70 pounds in weight. They are a mix-breed of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. So, their height and weight might vary for their parent breed’s characteristics.

Mini Aussiedoodles size:

Mini or Miniature Aussiedoodle is the miniature version of standard Aussiedoodles. They have the same appearance and features as the standard ones, but they are small in size.

Mini Aussiedoodle’s height can be 12 to 18 inches, and their weight can be 15 to 35 pounds. This range can be a little more or less. But this range is the average range for the Mini Aussiedoodle.

Toy Aussiedoodle size:

Toy Aussiedoodles are smaller than the Mini Aussiedoodles. They are generally 10 to 12 inches tall. Besides, they are 6 to 12 pounds in weight. Their small size and weight make them look adorable.

For their small and adorable appearance, they are called Toy Aussiedoodles. Their height and weight don’t vary much. So, they are pretty expensive because breeding this small size is difficult.

Medium Aussiedoodle size:

Medium Aussiedoodles are not so big and not so small. They are like the standard Aussiedoodles. Medium Aussiedoodles are 10 to 15 inches tall and 15 to 45 pounds in weight.

So, medium Aussiedoodles are not so big. They have a medium size, as their names imply.

Moyen Aussiedoodle size:

Moyen Aussiedoodles are another special type of Aussiedoodles. They are called knee-size Aussiedoodles. Generally, Moyen Aussiedoodles have 15 to 20 inches in height. Besides, they have 30 to 35 pounds weight.

Moyen Aussiedoodles have a little bit different appearance. They have different sizes also. They are not the standard size. Even they are not small too. They have a specific range of height called knee-size.

F1b Aussiedoodle size:

F1b Aussiedoodles are a special type of Aussiedoodles that are backcross breeds. They have different size ranges. For example, F1b Aussiedoodles can be Miniature, Standard, or medium size.

If the F1b Aussiedoodle is a standard size, he will get the standard size of standard Aussiedoodle. So, the height is almost 15 inches, and the weight is 40 to 70 pounds.

F1 Aussiedoodle size:

F1 Aussiedoodles are 100% Australian Shepherd and 100% Poodle’s crossbreeds. Their sizes are pretty similar to the F1b Aussiedoodles. So, how big they will depends on their parents’ characteristics.

If the F1 Aussiedoodle is a standard size, he will be 15 inches tall on average and 40 to 70 pounds in weight.

Black Aussiedoodle size:

Black Aussiedoodles have color variation only. Their color variation doesn’t change their height and weight. So, the size of black Aussiedoodles depends on which Aussiedoodle breeds they are.

For example, if the black Aussiedoodle is a standard size, he will be more than 15 inches tall and 40 to 70 pounds in weight.

You will get to know the average size range of different types of Aussiedoodles from the following size chart.

Aussiedoodle size by age

AgeToy AussiedoodleMiniature AussiedoodleStandard Aussiedoodle
1 month3 lbs5 lbs10 lbs
2 months5 lbs10 lbs15 lbs
3 months7 lbs15 lbs20 lbs
4 months9 lbs18 lbs26 lbs
5 months10.5 lbs20 lbs32 lbs
6 months12 lbs22 lbs36 lbs
7 months13.5 lbs24 lbs40 lbs
8 months13.8 lbs25 lbs43 lbs
9 months14 lbs26 lbs45 lbs
10 months14.5 lbs27 lbs46 lbs
11 months15 lbs28 lbs47 lbs
12 months15 lbs28.5 lbs48 lbs

How fast do Aussiedoodles grow?

Aussiedoodles grow pretty fast. Even they grow 50 % of their full-grown weight in the first six months. Aussiedoodles have different types. So, different types of Aussiedoodles also have different growth.

Generally, a standard-size Aussiedoodle needs at least one year to grow fully. But other types of Aussies grow faster than the standard ones. For example, mini and toy-size Aussiedoodles can grow fully even after 7 or 8 months. So, how fast Aussiedoodles will grow depends on the breed type.

How to tell if my Aussiedoodle is a mini?

You can tell from the size chart of the Aussiedoodle whether he is a mini or not. Because a miniature Aussiedoodle has different growth from other Aussiedoodles.

If you notice the growth of an Aussiedoodle, you will get to know how he is growing. For example, if your Aussiedoodle is a mini, he will be 5 to 10 pounds in the first two months. Similarly, he will be 20 to 22 pounds in the first six months.

If the Aussiedoodle has a medical issue, he might not grow as a healthy Aussiedoodle. But you can from the size chart whether your Aussie is a mini or not.

When do Aussiedoodles stop growing?

Each type of Aussiedoodle has different growth. So, they will stop growing at different ages. Let’s see when different types of Aussiedoodles stop growing.

Toy Aussiedoodle:

Toy Aussiedoodles complete their 50% growth in 5 months and stop their growing at 11 months.

Medium Aussiedoodle:

Medium Aussiedoodles complete their 50% growth in 5 months and stop growing at 13 months.       

Standard Aussiedoodle:

Standard Aussiedoodles complete their 50% growth in 6 months and stop growing at 16 months.

How long do Aussiedoodles live?

Generally, Aussiedoodles live 10 to 13 years. Even mini Aussiedoodles live up to 12 to 15 years. So, if you own an Aussiedoodle as a family dog, he might live with your family for a pretty long time.

Moreover, how long an Aussiedoodle will live depends on the health of the Aussiedoodle. If the Aussiedoodle has a health issue, he might not live this long.

Aussiedoodles are medium size breed dogs. They are pretty healthy and fast-growing. Generally, Aussiedoodles have many types. They have miniature, standard, and toy sizes too.

So, their growth and size depending on which breed they are. However, if you have an Aussiedoodle, you will get to know his type in a few months, according to the size chart. 

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