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How Do I Keep My Aussiedoodle Busy? (Explained for Owners!)

Aussiedoodles are a crossbreed between Australian Shepherds and Poodles. This means their hybrid genes give them the best of both worlds since they are fluffy balls of energy, loyalty, and joy. As they are an energetic breed, there are some schedules you must comply with regularly.

How do I keep my Aussiedoodle busy?

As Aussiedoodles are an energetic, hyperactive breed- you have to keep them effectively busy to keep their activity needs fulfilled and happy. Go for activities that are both physically and mentally stimulating for them, such as puzzle-treat toys, learning new tricks, hide-n-seek, and regular walks.

It is important to keep your Aussiedoodle busy since they are highly intelligent and have a lot of energy to spare. It is good to keep them engaged so they can be happy and healthy living their best lives. Here are a few ways you can keep them occupied-

Using Treat Toys:

It is important to stimulate your Aussiedoodles mind and body so having something that can do both like puzzle toys is perfect. These toys with treats are great for smart and active dogs like Aussiedoodles since they can keep them occupied for a while.

Rotate the toys after a few days so they don’t get bored, this way you can give them one before leaving your home for a couple of hours, and they can stay entertained.

Teach Them New Tricks:

Aussiedoodles are people pleasers so if you give them an incentive, they will gladly follow. Learning new tricks as training mentally flawlessly excites this wonderful breed as they will love the positive enforcement with the attention, treats, and praise.

You can also teach them herding and protecting livestock tricks since they have natural herding instincts.  

Take Them Out on Walks:

Walking is a classic dog and owner activity and for good reason. This simple action provides physical activity as well as lets you bond with your pup. If you cant commit to multiple walks a day or you are away from home most of the day, you can look into a dog walking service.

This helps with socializing better as well, especially if they meet new dogs on their way to and from.

It is good to keep them both physically and mentally stimulated since lacking in one or the other will make them depressed and unhappy. Give them puzzles, reward them for good behavior and teach them new tricks to keep them occupied, and watch your beloved Aussiedoodle live their best, happy lives.

Are Aussiedoodles hyperactive?

Aussiedoodles are a mix of two active and intelligent breeds as both parents are known to have high levels of energy and playfulness. The Australian shepherd gene carries a tendency to be lively and energetic.

On the other hand, the Poodle side makes them intelligent as well as energetic. Combine these two personalities and you find a very excited pup with boundless vigor. 

This is why Aussiedoodles are known to be hyperactive and their energy should be managed.

Do Aussiedoodles have lots of energy?

As they are a hyperactive breed, Aussiedoodles have a lot of energy they need to burn. Seeing their genealogy, it makes sense why they have so much energy to spare as both Australian Shepherds and Poodles are active, energetic, and smart breeds.

Since these high-energy dogs were originally bred for canine jobs such as retrieving game and herding livestock, they have a huge amount of stamina which needs a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

Aussiedoodles have the reputation to be naturally energetic, hyperactive, and sociable- so knowing how to calm them down will make you a responsible owner.

Do Aussiedoodles ever calm down?

As they are high-energy needing lots of activities to simmer down, you can wonder how long it might take your pup to calm down. For Aussiedoodles, it is believed they calm down or “mature” when they reach about two years of age. 

You should keep in mind that each dog is individual and unique on its own so some can relax before the designated age, and some later.

Why do Aussiedoodles whine?

While all dogs whine, Aussiedoodles are known to be a classic whiner. They whine for a range of causes such as wanting to get your attention or sometimes unfortunately because they feel sick or are injured.

Their Shepherd genes naturally make them vocal dogs since as herders their barks are needed to keep other animals in check. Some common reasons for your dog whining include: 

  • Pain
  • Environmental stress
  • Behavioral stress
  • Separation anxiety
  • They need something- food, water, or a bathroom break.

How do you stimulate an Aussiedoodle mentally?

As we have previously discussed, it is important to keep your Aussiedoodle mentally stimulated, as well as physically- since it is vital to keep them healthy, happy, and satisfied.

For they are highly intelligent, they need more than just physical activity to be okay. You need to prevent boredom, keep them happy and their brains active whilst decreasing aggression, and develop great habits for the dog as well provide great bonding between you two. 

Here are a few ways you can keep them challenged mentally.

Interactive games or puzzles:

Aussies are known to love canine puzzles, especially the type that has hidden treats inside. Since they have the added task of finding the yummy treat inside, this never gets tiring for the ever-inquisitive Aussiedoodle.

Teach them new tricks:

Their knack for people pleasing abilities makes training one a breeze, as they love learning new things and satisfying their master. As an example, you can teach your dog to learn the names of their toys and “fetch” them.

Give them a job:

Since they have herding genes in themselves, Aussiedoodles will benefit a lot from being a “working dog”. You can get them involved in a sport for agility, like flyball or fetch. Some even enjoy hardcore weight pulling.

Introduce them to new people or dogs:

Meeting new people and beings is always exciting, even more so to our canine counterparts. Taking them to the dog park will allow them to know and see new sights, hear new sounds and sniff different smells. It’s the perfect way to engage their senses whilst making them socialize.

Why are Aussies so needy?

Aussies are known to be needy and clingy since they are huge people pleasers. They become “needy” because they crave human companionship and wish to be included in everything regarding their masters.

Since they are very active dogs, it is not unusual for them to join in on anything and everything around them, especially if their masters are involved. 

They also tend to suffer from separation anxiety so training them to be used to living on their own for at least a while will help in the long run. Give them adequate mental and physical exercise to stave off their neediness tendencies as well.

Can Aussiedoodles be lazy? 

While they are known to be active and energetic, they can seem lazy or uninterested if they are bored and/or feel neglected. If their needs aren’t met, they can become disinterested and depressed.

On the other hand, if by lazy you mean them becoming couch potatoes wanting to snuggle. Most Aussiedoodles can stay calm indoors if they have been properly engaged and encouraged.

How much exercise does an Aussiedoodle need? 

To determine how much exercise your Aussiedoodle needs, you need to keep their age and size in mind. The usual rule of thumb is that for each month of age, they need five minutes of activities, twice a day.

Using this formula, a 3-month-old Aussiedoodle will need 15 minutes of exercise twice a day, and a 9-month-old will need 45 minutes, twice a day.

A fully grown Aussiedoodle can exercise for much longer, it all depends on your lifestyle and how much activity they can handle. It should be noted that you shouldn’t exercise the puppies too hard before they have grown to be 8 to 9 months old at least.

How to train an Aussiedoodle?

Aussiedoodles are very smart and so people report them to be easy to train. You can expect them to understand soft commands like “time for bed”, “let’s go for a walk” and “get in the car” already.

  • When you are trying to train your puppy, the first rule you must follow is to be diligent no matter what. Be consistent so they cant be confused regarding what’s allowed and what’s not.
  • Having a professional showing you the ropes will make things easier too. Since they have more experience, they can give tips and tricks to make training more efficient.
  • Another tip is to practice positive reinforcement so they feel rewarded when they have done something right and will continue to do so. Punishing them for things they don’t understand is counter-intuitive and will only sour the relationship with your canine companion.

Aussiedoodles are a wonderful companion to have who make lives worth all the more living. To make sure they are as happy with us as we are with them, it is important to keep them both physically and mentally busy and content.

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