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How Fast Does Aussiedoodle Hair Grow? (And How Long?)

Aussiedoodle is an athletic, energetic, intelligent, and most importantly, an excellent dog breed. Aussiedoodles have different color combined coats which they got from their parents’ Australian shepherd and Poodle. Although these unique color combination coats make them more attractive and beautiful but do, you know how fast the hair of an Aussiedoodle grows?

Well, if you don’t, then you should read to the last word of this article in order to clear your confusion about the hair growing process of Aussiedoodles.

How fast does Aussiedoodle hair grow?

The rate of growing hair depends on the haircut you give to your dog. A full shaved Aussiedoodle will take one to two months to grow the fur back, while it can take even more than five months for the hair to grow to its full long length. However, they will take two months to look fluffy and lively.

The new fur might grow in a month, but the coat will take more than longer to grow back.

Sometimes for a shaved Aussiedoodle, the fur might take more than three months to grow. Also, the growing process of the coat might take much longer than other dogs, and it can even take up to one year.

Aussiedoodles always look incredibly adorable because of their attractive and fluffy coats. However, it is completely your decision whether you want to give a haircut to your Aussiedoodle.

How long will Aussiedoodle hair grow?

Aussiedoodles have very long furs which can continue to grow several inches if left ungroomed.  The Aussiedoodle’s coat can grow more than eight inches and finally interweave with the hair, which is right near to the skin.

Unlike most other longhaired dogs whose coats continue to grow and eventually shed, the Aussiedoodles coat will not shed and gets blended with other hair of the skin.

Do Aussiedoodles need haircuts?

Yes, Aussiedoodles do need haircuts because, as we said earlier, they have fur rather than hair which is why you will need to take them to grooming sessions regularly in order to maintain their fur. The length of the coat will need to be controlled.

 Otherwise, it can be a tough situation for both the owner and the dog. Grooming sessions are determined by the length of the dog’s hair and the owner’s personal preferences.

When to give first hair cut Aussiedoodle?

You’ll want to have your puppy in good health, which is why you should only take your dog to an expert hairdresser after they’ve received all of their vaccines, which is generally around the age of sixteen weeks.

It is because all Doodles require constant trimming; we suggest including it into your puppy’s regimen as soon as possible. This will assist your puppy in becoming familiar with grooming so that they will have no problems with it as an adult.

You shouldn’t give your Aussiedoodle a proper haircut until they’re around six months old. That’s the phase when they start to lose their puppy coats and develop mature fur. Unless the dog is not thoroughly groomed, matting might develop at this time.

How often do Aussiedoodles need to be groomed?

The frequency with which you groom your Aussiedoodle will be determined by the type of coat they have and the amount of care you wish to offer. Grooming is required for all Aussiedoodles on a routine basis.

The most budget-friendly method is to conduct the trimming at home. You will need to make an initial investment in specific products and materials. Trimmer, guards, combs, scissors, and dog-friendly cleaning materials will be included.

So if your Aussiedoodle is a pup, you may bring them to a skilled hairdresser to get them acclimated to the process. Just make sure they’ve received all of their puppy vaccines, which are usually given starting at four months of age.

A visit to a qualified dog groomer should be scheduled every 6-8 weeks, and it should be continued on a routine basis.

Is it OK to shave an Aussiedoodle?

No, it’s not recommended for the dog owners to shave an Aussiedoodle, but you can trim their hair short as it will keep their coat shiny and fluffy. We have noted all the possible reasons for which you shouldn’t shave your Aussiedoodle, and they are given below:

Zero benefits:

Most people shave their dogs due to overheating from fur in the summer season. But it is not the same in the case of Aussiedoodle because their fur doesn’t create any overheating issues; rather, they protect their skin from all possible damages.

Therefore, there are no such health benefits of why you should shave your Aussiedoodle; instead, you are making their skin vulnerable to friction, sunburn, etc.

Effects the growth of the coat:

The fur of an Aussiedoodle will take a month to grow back, but the coat might take much longer to grow back. Sometimes the coat might take up to one year to grow back fully, which is why it is not suggested by the vets to shave your Aussiedoodle. Also, the fur will have a patchy regrowth which can be a huge problem for both the owner and the dog. This can affect both the skin and the fur of the dog negatively.

Fur provides all sorts of protection:

The fur helps the dog to a great extent, even protecting them from the heat of the sun and cold of the winter. The fur prevents heat from passing through them and reaching their skin, preventing them from being overheated. The fur also prevents cold air from passing between them, keeping them warm throughout the winter months.

Also, sunburn can be a major problem as the dog’s skin is suddenly exposed to the heat of the sun. The fur also protects the skin from external injuries, sores, and rashes. Also, if the dog is completely shaved, they will rub their skin which can create irritation on their skin.

What kind of brush is best for an Aussiedoodle?

It is indeed vital to remember that brushing an Aussiedoodle may necessitate the use of various brush designs. A slicker brush can indeed be beneficial for eradicating stray hairs and debris from your pet’s coat area. Brushing must be done with your hands, pushing the brush down into your dog’s skin since stray hair and debris can become stuck and form mats.

Slicker brushes are also used to remove some of the lighter mats. In the case of poodle-type dogs, you can use a pin brush because long spikes in these brushes can dig deep inside your dog’s coat, removing stray hairs and dirt.

Although a brushing comb isn’t always beneficial for eliminating dirt and debris, it may be used as a brush to make your dog vibrant and fluffy.

How do you trim an Aussiedoodle’s hair?

The majority of people associate grooming with haircuts. However, there is a lot more in this package. Each grooming activity must be completed at a different time. You can follow some of the methods listed below to cut your Aussiedoodle’s hair:

Start with brushing:

Brushing is an important component of the Aussiedoodle’s grooming routine. You’ll need to comb your Aussiedoodle on a regular basis to keep them clear of locks, tangles, and ingrown hairs.

Bathing before the haircut:

Most of you have noticed that usually, groomers will wash your dog before going for a haircut. It is because bathing your dog before giving them a haircut will have a huge speedup in the process of cutting the hairs.

Bathing your dog every one month helps to keep their fur smooth and tidy. It’s fine to bathe Aussiedoodles as required if they get dirty more frequently. All you’ll need is a good pet shampoo that won’t dry up their skin.

Choose the appropriate hairstyle:

You will need to choose the perfect hairstyle that goes with your Aussiedoodle. Because sometimes, an uncomfortable haircut can be a reason for your dog’s temper becoming so high. A good haircut may also make your dog seem more attractive and lively, which is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, always be careful while choosing the perfect haircut for your Aussiedoodle.

Be careful with the sharp clippers:

You should be highly careful while you are using your sharp clippers or scissors against a soft dog skin. Sometimes these sharp-pointed instruments can cause deep wounds to the dog’s skin. It is better to leave the grooming procedure in the hands of the expert.

That’s it; you are good to go:

Finally, your dog will look more adorable than before after getting a nice haircut. Haircuts also help the coat to look more fluffy and vibrant and give the fur a healthier look.

What are hair cuts most popular for Aussiedoodles?

Here are some of the hairstyles that you can choose for your Aussiedoodle:

Puppy Style:

The Aussiedoodle’s most popular haircut is the puppy style, which is famous since it’s easy to perform and produces very cute looks.

Terrier-Inspired hairstyle:

This style entails cutting the face towards a more circular form with distinguishing eyebrows and nose fur.

Poodle style:

In this haircut, the fur on the torso and face is clipped more tightly, but the top part of the head, ankles, and tail are left longer.

Teddy Bear Style:

Another big trending style is the teddy bear style, which leaves the hair long enough to show off your dog’s curls.

Finally, it all depends on your choice whether you want to trim or shave your Aussiedoodle hair, but one thing is clear by now both will have different consequences. So if you want to see your Aussiedoodle more fluffy and vibrant, then you should go for more trimming sessions rather than shaving your dog wholly.

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