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Can Aussiedoodles Live Outside or In Apartments? (Answered)

If you live in an apartment and that’s preventing you from adopting an adorable dog, you should stop worrying immediately. There are plenty of dog breeds that can live in apartments and Aussiedoodles stand out from all of the breeds owing to their charming looks and amazing personality.

Can Aussiedoodles live outside or in apartments?

Aussiedoodles can live in apartments provided with adequate space to release their extra energy. They can also spend a considerable amount of time outside playing around. However, Aussiepoos are prone to separation anxiety and cannot stay outside all day or night long all by themselves.

Can Aussiedoodles stay outside?

Surely, Aussiedoodles can stay outside for walks, runs, exercises, and training to release their energy. However, you cannot leave her outside alone for prolonged periods and during the night.

Aussiedoodles are a high-energy breed; hence, they need regular exercise to release energy. A fenced yard serves this purpose well. Your pup can play around the garden with chew toys and balls.

Nevertheless, don’t leave her to play outside all by herself all day long if you don’t want a messy yard with digging all over the ground. Moreover, your pup may get bored staying outside alone and suffer from anxiety.

In addition, you cannot ever let your Aussiedoodle spend the night alone outside if you don’t want her to try to escape. It can also create other adverse situations that can leave a long-term impact on your pup.

Do Aussiedoodles like to be outside?

Aussiedoodles undoubtedly like to be outside having your assistance and enjoy the gist of nature. However, you have to socialize your pup from a young age to make her comfortable with the outside environment.

In fact, Aussiedoodles need to spend a significant period of their day outside for exercise and training. Playing with toys and puzzles involving games is suitable for their mental stimulation.

Nonetheless, all of your pup’s outside activities should involve being around you or under your supervision. Otherwise, you might end up having a muddy dog and a messy yard by the end of the day.

Five reasons why Aussiedoodles can’t live outside-


Staying outside all day and night long can be potentially dangerous for any dog. Your Aussiedoodle has risks from poisonous insects, harmful animals, naughty kids, and revengeful neighbors just to name a few.

Adverse weather conditions:

Your Aussiedoodle is to suffer the most during extreme weather conditions. She may get a heat stroke in the scorching heat of the summer. Moreover, she can even catch a cold during the freezing snowy winter and her lungs may get infected. In such weather, she needs a warm and cozy place inside your house.

Separation anxiety:

Aussiedoodles are prone to separation anxiety; hence, she ought to get frustrated and suffer from anxiety when left alone for a prolonged period. Also, Aussiedoodles are an extremely social breed and they love being around their humans. Such aloofness will only make her mental health worse.

Destructive behavior:

It is most likely for Aussiedoodles to develop destructive behavior if left outside 24/7 and ruin your property. Dogs are supposed to live in packs just like their ancestors. Wild dogs also live in packs and struggle for their survival. Hence, you can’t expect an Aussiedoodle to stay all by herself outside without any company and behave properly.

Unsocial mannerisms:

You need to socialize an Aussiedoodle properly since the first day you’ve brought her home. But your pup won’t be able to get the accurate socialization and exposure that she needs to adapt with your family and surrounding if she lives outside. Hence, she’ll become quite unsocial and indifferent towards you and your family.

Are Aussiedoodles good for apartments?

Aussiedoodles can make amazing apartment dogs when provided with an adequate amount of exercise daily.

Aussiedoodles have high levels that they need to burn off at regular intervals. Otherwise, they might lose their calm and develop destructive behavior. Hence, if you’re keeping an Aussiedoodle in your apartment, be very careful about her exercise routine.

Moreover, it can be quite a hassle to take your pup for peeing every morning and night. Running up and down in your building to take your Aussiedoodle out for walks to relieve herself can be such trouble.

Are mini Aussiedoodles good for apartment?

Mini Aussiedoodles are super intelligent, caring, and hypoallergenic which makes them perfect for apartments. An extra room and plenty of space to exercise and play would be perfect for your mini Aussiepoo to release her energy. 

Coming from the Australian Shepherds and the Poodles, mini Aussiepoos inherit both the breed’s quality traits. Hence, they’re naturally very loving and caring and love to do any job to please their human parents.

Aussiepoos are great cuddlers. You may often find your mini Aussiedoodle snuggling up around you. During winter, she will curl up to you in your bed and would like to have all of your attention. Overall, you will be quite happy with a mini Aussiepoo at your apartment with proper training.

However, you cannot leave a mini Aussiedoodle alone in your apartment. Your Aussie Poo is very friendly and becomes very fond of you. She becomes so attached that your absence saddens her and makes her anxious.

Four reasons why Aussiedoodle can live in apartments-


Aussiedoodles shed from zero to very less. Thus, she’ll not be a trouble for allergy issues. So you can keep an Aussiepoo in your apartment without worrying about shedding and getting sick.


Aussiedoodles come in very handy shapes and sizes and they’re comparatively small. A mature Aussie Poo weighs from 15-30 lbs and can have a height of 14-17 inches. With this size, you can fit your pup in almost any living arrangement.


So far you’ll have no issue with Aussiepoo’s temper. They’re one of the finest dog breeds having qualities like intelligence, loving, caring and they make amazing companion dogs. Your Ausiepoo will give you a warm welcome whenever you come home and feel sad when it’s time for you to leave.

Good with kids:

Another reason why Aussiedoodles are notorious as apartment dogs is that they’re extremely good with children. If you socialize with kids from an early age, they’ll play and have fun with children. However, you need to guide your kids on how to behave with puppies as well.

Are Aussiedoodles good indoor dogs?

Aussiedoodles are extremely cheerful, energetic, loyal, companion dogs, who love to be around their humans all the time which makes them suitable for indoors.

However, Aussiepoos are energetic dogs who need to release extra energy to calm down. So even if you’re getting an Aussiedoodle and decide to raise her indoors, you must have plenty of space for your pup to play around and burn energy.

Take her out on walks in the morning, afternoon, and at night to release the extra energy. Besides these, loyalty, personality, temperament, small body size all these qualities make Aussiedoodle a perfect indoor dog.

Is an Aussiedoodle a good family dog and good for outside?

Aussiedoodle is an amazing hybrid dog breed that can be a good family dog as well as you can roam around outside with her anytime. With proper socialization, Aussiedoodles grow up to be a very loyal and loving family dog.

They love their human parents so much and are willing to do any job to please their humans. Moreover, they’re good with kids.

Aussiedoodles are high-energy dogs; as a result, they need plenty of exercise to burn their energy. Hence, they need to be outside for a considerable amount of time playing and exercising. So they’re also suitable for outside.

Do Aussiedoodles like the cold?

Aussiedoodles may enjoy a chilly winter evening with you provided with a coat and a small fireplace at your home. She’ll snuggle up and get cozy with you. However, Aussiedoodles are prone to catching a cold.

You shouldn’t let your pup out at or below -6 degrees Celsius. She may catch a cold and her lungs may get infected as well. Nevertheless, an Aussiedoodle can endure moderate cold because of the double coat type.

Can Aussiedoodle be left alone?

You can leave an Aussiedoodle alone for 6-8 hours with proper potty training and socialization. Initially, you shouldn’t leave your Aussiepoo alone for that long.

If you’re going to leave her alone frequently, you have to start by isolating her for 1-2 hours at first and see how she reacts. Gradually, you can increase the time length.

However, you can not leave an Aussiepoo puppy alone for more than 2-3 hours. Puppies don’t do well with alone time.

How long can Aussiedoodle be left alone?

Aussiedoodles can be left alone for 6 hours if potty trained. However, the time length for Aussiedoodle puppies shouldn’t exceed 2 hours as their bladder can’t hold any longer.

Aussiedoodles are extremely social and love to be around their human parents. Hence, when you leave her alone she can’t figure out why you’re suddenly leaving her alone and might get frustrated.

If you’re leaving her alone for a prolonged period, make sure to leave adequate food, water, balls, and chew toys to keep her entertained. Otherwise, she might get bored and frustrated. You can also leave the TV or radio on to keep her distracted.

Do Aussiedoodles have bad separation anxiety?

Aussiedoodles can have separation anxiety pretty bad. Aussiepoos are highly social dogs and get hyperactive at times; they require adequate socialization from time to time and release the extra energy.

Moreover, Aussiedoodles get attached to their human owner, and a sudden separation makes her frustrated and anxious. 

Be it in your cozy apartment or out on a beautiful summer day, you can always have some quality time with your adorable Aussiedoodle provided that you don’t leave her alone for a prolonged time.

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