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How Big Do Bernedoodles Grow? (Growth Chart By Month)

Bernedoodles are clever, loyal, gentle and goofy dogs; a perfect companion for active owners and families with children. They are a mixed breed and come from Bernese Mountain Dogs and giant Poodles.

They get their intelligence and glare from their Poodle side on the other hand they get their playfulness and loyalty from their Bernese side.

How big do Bernedoodles grow?

Bernedoodle falls under the big dog category due to having parents that are big dogs themselves. Genetic inheritance and size of parent dogs are major factors that have an influence on the offspring Bernedoodles size. The biggest they can grow are 23-29inches and 70-90 pounds.

As mentioned earlier, Bernedoodles are cross breed dogs. The sizes of the parent dogs are the major factors that influence the height and weight of their offspring Bernedoodle.

The offspring of a Tiny/Toy Poodle and Bernese mountain dog is the Tiny Bernedoodle, Mini Bernedoodles come from Mini Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs and lastly the standard Bernedoodles parents are a Standard Poodle and a Bernese mountain dog.

Factors like genetic inheritance, generation they belong to and gender play a role in their final size.

Usually male Bernedoodles are a bit larger than female ones, about 10% difference in size. However, their surroundings as well as dietary up bringing also play a role in their final size.

What is the largest Bernedoodle? 

The largest Bernedoodle is the Standard Bernedoodle, whose parents are a Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog.

Standard Bernedoodles can grow upto 23-29 inches when standing tall at the shoulder and can weigh about 70-90 pounds or even 100 pounds.

This also depends on the percentage they have received from both parents. If they receive a higher percentage from the larger parent breed, they will be on the bigger range side and vice versa.

The main reason the standard Bernedoodle are this big is because of their genetic inheritance; both or one of their parents are purebreds , as a result they receive the dominant genetic expression and can become such a big size.

What are the different sizes in Bernedoodles?

There are mainly three types of Bernedoodle depending on their breeding ancestry.

Standard Bernedoodles:

These dogs can grow upto 23-29 inches when standing tall at the shoulder and can weigh about 70-90 pounds. Since this breed comes from parents who are both big dogs, they get pretty big.

The parent breeds are Standard Poodle who stands tall at the shoulder at 18-24 inches and weigh about 45-70 pounds; whereas the Bernese Mountain Dog stands at 23-28 inches and weigh about 79-110 pounds

Mini Bernedoodles:

These dogs can grow upto18-22 inches when standing tall at the shoulder and can weigh about 24-49 pounds.

The parent breeds are Mini Poodles who stand at about 15 inches and weigh around 12-20 pounds; whereas the Bernese Mountain Dog stands at around 23-28 inches and weigh about 79-110 pounds.

Tiny Bernedoodles:

These dogs can grow up to 17 inches when standing tall at the shoulder and can weigh about 24 pounds.

This is because tiny Bernedoodles are a cross between tiny Poodles and Mini Bernedoodles. Tiny Poodles stand tall at the shoulder 10 inches and weigh 6-9 pounds.

When will my Bernedoodle stop growing? 

Although it purely depends on each and every dog when they will stop growing, Bernedoodles are generally fully grown by the age of 2 or 3; however, just like other factors this also depends on their genetic inheritance and expression.

Bernese mountain dogs tend to take a longer period of time to grow just like other large dogs.

On the other hand, since Poodles are a bit smaller, they take less time to grow. The Percentage of each parent’s DNA present in the offspring determines the growth rate.

However, because of the difference of build in the parent dogs, the tiny Bernedoodle will grow the fastest and then the mini Bernedoodle and then the Standard Bernedoodle.

When are mini Bernedoodles full grown? 

Mini Bernedoodle is a mixture of a Mini Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog. These Bernedoodles are not the same size as tiny or standard; they fall somewhere in between the two.

Mini Bernedoodles can reach their maximum height by somewhere between 10-12 months. However, their muscle development & growth continues after they reach adulthood.

If the Bernedoodle comes from both purebred parents, then they will typically grow over 12-14 months and reach maximum weight around 2.5 years.

However, if the Bernedoodle comes from a cross bred parent or both parents, then they will typically grow over 12 months and reach maximum weight around 18-20 months.

How fast do Bernedoodle puppies grow? 

How fast puppies grow will also depend on their genetic expression and their surrounding environment.  Establishing a healthy diet is very important.

Each type of dog grows at a different pace depending on their gender, litter size they come from, whether their parents are both purebred or cross breed as well as their diet.

The smaller type of Bernedoodle puppies will grow faster than the larger kind due to having one smaller parent.

When do Bernedoodles grow the most? 

Growth is a continuous process, although the most significant growth can be seen when they are around 4-8 months of age. During this time puppies grow at a fast rate.

Bones have a substance called “Growth plates”, this is where the growth takes place. The puppies grow as the bones get longer and their muscles, tissues and skin grow along with the bones to match the size.

You need to keep in mind that growth charts are an average estimation of the size your puppy may grow into as each puppy will have different experiences and genetic material as well as diets.

That’s why the table is expressed in ranges as it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what weight a puppy will be at a certain age.

This is how a Growth Chart might look like:

AgeTiny BernedoodleMini BernedoodleStandard Bernedoodle
1 month6 lbs11 lbs14 lbs
2 months10 lbs18 lbs24 lbs
3 months14 lbs25 lbs33 lbs
4 months18 lbs33 lbs42 lbs
5 months20 lbs36 lbs46 lbs
6 months22 lbs40 lbs52 lbs
7 months24 lbs43 lbs55 lbs
8 months26 lbs46 lbs59 lbs
9 months27 lbs48 lbs62 lbs
10 months28 lbs50 lbs64 lbs
11 months29 lbs51 lbs65 lbs
1 year29 lbs52 lbs70-90 lbs
2 years30 lbs53 lbs70-90 lbs

Is a Bernedoodle smaller than a Bernese mountain dog? 

The mini and tiny kind of Bernedoodle dogs are smaller than Bernese mountain dogs however, that is not the case for the standard Bernedoodle.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large lovable work dog with strong legs and medium sized ears. They can live in cold weather as well. In contrast, the Bernedoodle has button noses and long ears.

Fully grown Male Bernese dogs range from 24-28 inches and 77-122 pounds whereas females range from 22-26 inches and 66-111 pounds.

The larger standard Bernedoodles however, can grow upto 29 inches and 110 pounds.

How much do Bernedoodle puppies weigh? 

Mini Bernedoodle puppies weigh about 10 lbs when they are 8 weeks old and 20 lbs at 20 weeks.

Standard Bernedoodle puppies weigh about 25 lbs when they are 8 weeks old and 45 lbs at 20 weeks; this is almost twice as much as mini Bernedoodle puppies at that age. By the time they are 3 months old they weigh around 16-35 lbs.

This again, however, depends on their genetic expression and their breed type as well as their surroundings.

How much does a full-grown Bernedoodle weigh? 

Standard Benredoodles can be as large as 110pounds. A fully grown female Bernedoodle’s weight ranges from 66-86 pounds and a male’s weight ranges from 67-93 pounds.

Whereas the tiny Bernedoodle grows upto 24 lbs and the mini Bernedoodle can grow up to 49lbs.

Bernedoodles are a good choice if you have children or just want a big goofy companion to spend time with! They are very clever and fun-loving dogs who are sure to brighten up and bring love into your home.

Since Bernedoodles come in a wide variety of sizes, there is a companion for everyone; whether you want a cuddly big dog or a small dog who will keep you company.

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