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13 Types of Bernedoodles You Must Know! (Complete Guide)

Bernedoodles are unique breed dogs. They are a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. They have some excellent characteristics. So, people love them in their houses, and Bernedoodles also love people’s companions.

Bernedoodles have different types. Each type of Bernedoodle also has different characteristics. So, before you want to have the Bernedoodle as a pet, you must know about its types.

13 Types of Bernedoodles You Must Know:

Bernedoodle dog:

Bernedoodle dogs are often called Bernese Mountain Poo because they are a crossbreed of Bernese Mountain dog and a poodle. These dogs were bred as hunting dogs. So, they are smart and intelligent.

Basically, Bernedoodles have three standard sizes; tiny, miniature, and standard size. Each size of Bernedoodles has a different height and weight. They look more like the Poodles.

Bernedoodles have a lovely temperament. Generally, Bernedoodles are loyal and protective. They are amazing house dogs. For their friendly and affectionate behaviour, people love them to have in their houses.

Generally, Bernedoodles are not aggressive. So, they are good with children and other animals. That’s why Bernedoodles are a good choice for first-time dog owners.

Bernedoodles are excellent service dogs. So, people often use them for medical services.

For example, people with diabetes, cancer, hearing and sight disorders use them for alerts in an emergency. For their protective nature, they can be good guard dogs also.

Mini Bernedoodle:

Mini Bernedoodle dogs are the miniature version of Bernedoodles. So, they come from the same crossbreed standard. But they are a little bit different from the standard Bernedoodles for their small sizes.

Generally, Mini Bernedoodles are 18 to 22 inches in height. Besides, they have 25 to 50 pounds of weight.

Though Mini Bernedoodles are small in size, they are pretty expensive than the standard Bernedoodles. Because the Mini Bernedoodles are rarer than the standard Bernedoodles.

Mini Bernedoodles are fun-loving and affectionate. They don’t bark so much like the other dogs. They don’t have aggressive behaviors also. But sometimes, they might get aggressive seeing strangers.

Mini Bernedoodles are pretty social dogs. So, they are good with other animals also. Besides, they are cuddly and friendly with their owners. If you want a pet that is decent and lovely, you can choose the Mini Bernedoodle.

Micro Mini Bernedoodle:

Micro Mini Bernedoodles are smaller than the Mini Bernedoodles. People also call them Tiny Bernedoodles. They are unique from other Bernedoodles because they are F1B type crossbreeds.

Micro Mini Bernedoodles are 75 % Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain dog. So, they look more like the Poodle dogs. They are so small that they are 12 to 17 inches in height. Besides, they are generally 10 to 24 pounds of weight.

Generally, Micro Mini Bernedoodles have curly hair coats. Sometimes, they might have straight coats, depending on their parents.

These Bernedoodles are fun-loving and energetic dogs. For their small size, they are attractive to families and a source of entertainment. They are not aggressive at all. So, many people like them more than the standard Bernedoodles.

Micro Mini Bernedoodles are small, but they are smart and intelligent. So, they are easy to train. They will follow your commands quickly. So, they are excellent house dogs.

F1 Bernedoodle:

F1 Bernedoodles are full-size Bernedoodles that are the first-generation crossbreed. F1 Bernedoodles are 50 % Bernese Mountain Dog and 50 % Poodle. F1 Bernedoodles are standard size, so they need two years to be grown-ups.

F1 Bernedoodles are the traditional type of Bernedoodles. They generally have 23 to 29 inches in height. Besides, they are 70 to 90 pounds. So, they have the same size and weight as the standard Bernedoodles.

Generally, other types of Bernedoodles have curly hair coats. But F1 Bernedoodles have wavy straight coats. But they have a similar temperament as the standard Bernedoodles.

These Bernedoodles are friendly and loyal. They are 50 % Bernese Mountain Dogs, so they have many qualities like the Mountain dogs. They are pretty good guards and service dogs.

F1 Bernedoodles are also good as family dogs. If you are a first-time dog owner, you can take F1 Bernedoodles. They are not aggressive at all. Moreover, they love being with people.

F1b Bernedoodle:

F1b Bernedoodles are first-generation backcross Bernedoodles. The letters F1b have a specific meaning. Here, F1b stands for the first-generation backcross.

Backcross means the least amount of one cross. Fb1 Bernedoodles are 25 % Bernese and 75 % Poodles.

These Bernedoodles are more like the Poodles. So, most of them have curly hair coats. They have a pretty similar size and weight as the full-size Bernedoodles.

But they are a little bit smaller. So, they are generally 16 to 18 inches tall and 35 to 55 pounds of weight.

F1b Bernedoodles can have different sizes also. For example, F1b mini, tiny, and standard Bernedoodles are also available.

But these Bernedoodles don’t shade quickly. They are healthier than the standard Bernedoodles because of their hybrid vigor.

F1b Bernedoodles have many similar qualities to the Poodles. But they are also as protective and loyal as the Bernedoodles.  

Teddy bear Bernedoodle:

Teddy bear Bernedoodles are unique because they are both Bernedoodle parents. That’s why they are called Multigens.

They are one of the best quality Bernedoodles. So, they are called second-generation backcrosses of Bernedoodles or F2b. Moreover, they have a Teddy bear-like appearance.

Teddy bear Bernedoodles can be both standard-size and Micro-Mini-size. Standard-size Teddy bear Bernedoodles are the same size as the standard Bernedoodles. So, they are 23 to 29 inches in height and weigh 70 to 90 pounds.

But if the Teddy bear Bernedoodle is a Micro-mini Teddy bear Bernedoodle, he will have 5 to 10 pounds of weight.

Teddy bear Bernedoodles are pretty expensive. They are costlier than the standard Bernedoodles. Because Teddy bear Bernedoodles are a better-quality breed. They also have good health.

Generally, Teddy bear Bernedoodles will not shed. They also have a great temperament. They are smart, social, affectionate, and goofy.

Australian Bernedoodle:

Australian Bernedoodles are another type of Bernedoodles. They are crossbreeds of Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Labradoodle. That’s why they have Australians in their names.

Generally, Australian Bernedoodles have 21 inches of height and 59 pounds of weight. They also have a miniature version of themselves. These Bernedoodles were bred for specific qualities, and they successfully attained the qualities.

For example, Australian Bernedoodles are excellent service and therapy dogs. Moreover, they have no shedding. They are energetic and intelligent. Moreover, they are pretty gentle. So, people love to have them as house dogs too.

Australian Bernedoodles are easy to train. So, you can train them quickly if you are a first-time dog owner. Besides, they are alert to see strangers and strange things. So, Australian Bernedoodles can be good guard dogs also.

Phantom Bernedoodle:

Phantom dogs have some specific color or specific markings on them. So, Phantom Bernedoodles also have one main color and tips of another color in specific areas.

So, Phantom Bernedoodles are not that different. They have different color coats that make them different.

Phantom Bernedoodles have the same size as the standard Bernedoodles. So, they are 23 to 29 inches tall and 45 to 110 pounds of weight. They also have a miniature version that is 18 to 22 inches tall and 15 to 40 pounds of weight.

Phantom Bernedoodles are highly expensive. They are more expensive than other breeds because they are hard to breed. They are expensive for their color difference also.

But they have good temperaments, whatever the color they have. They are lovely and adorable. Phantom Bernedoodles are famous for being the companion of their owners. They are also good with children and other animals.

Sable Bernedoodle:

Sable Bernedoodles are another type of Bernedoodles that have a black-tipped coat in the background with a solid color.

The solid color isn’t a specific color. But the background must be black-tipped. They also have white color in their coats. That’s why people call them tricolors sometimes.

Sable Bernedoodles have a color difference from other Bernedoodles. Otherwise, they are pretty similar to the standard Bernedoodles. So, they can have the same size and weight as the standard Bernedoodles.

Also, Sable Bernedoodles can have different sizes according to their breed information. If they are a crossbreed of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, they are pretty large. But if they are a crossbreed of miniature Poodles, they will be small in size.

Sable Bernedoodles are loyal and affectionate. They are perfect as family dogs. Moreover, they are smart and intelligent. So, training them will not be difficult. These Bernedoodles are pretty common in Bernedoodles.

Merle Bernedoodle:

Merle is the common name for a dog’s color combination. Merle Bernedoodles have a solid color with blue or reddish markings. The solid color can be red, brown, or black.

The patches are often blue or gray. That’s why they are often called blue merles.

Merle Bernedoodles have different sizes according to their crossbreeds. But they are pretty rare because they are hard to breed. Moreover, their color combination has developed recently. That’s why they are also more expensive than regular Bernedoodles.

Merle Bernedoodles are a crossbreed of Poodles. So, they tend to shed over time. They can turn silver or black. They have different colors, but they have the same qualities as Bernedoodles.

Just like the other Bernedoodles, Merles are also affectionate and lovely. They love to be with people. Moreover, they are easy to train. They follow their owners’ commands with obedience.

Brindle Bernedoodle:

Brindle Bernedoodles are also different colors of Bernedoodles. Brindle Bernedoodles have color coat patterns in them.

Sometimes, they are called “Tiger-striped.” But they don’t have exactly the same coat of a tiger. Their color combination exposes more with age.

Brindle’s color coat can be different. Both blue-based and red-based Brindle can be possible. Brindle Bernedoodles have different sizes. But they are pretty costlier than the other breeds of Bernedoodles.

Brindle Bernedoodles are rare because they are hard to breed. They are also high-maintenance dogs. So, they are expensive.

These Bernedoodles are good house dogs. People love them for their adorable appearance. Moreover, they have the other qualities of standard Bernedoodles.

Tuxedo Bernedoodle:

Tuxedo Bernedoodles are black and white Bernedoodles. They have a white color coat in specific areas like the chin, chest, paws, tummy, and tail.

These Bernedoodles have different sizes. They can be both standard and miniature sizes. But they have color differences from the standard ones.

Tuxedo Bernedoodles might have different colors, but they have the pretty same temperament as the other Bernedoodles. For example, Tuxedos are also good house dogs. They are lovely companions and friends.

For their black and white coats, many people like to have them. Also, they are easily trainable and loyal.

They got the same protective nature as the other Bernedoodles. So, you can choose Texudo Bernedoodles if you want to have Bernedoodles with an attractive appearance.

Parti Bernedoodle:

Parti Bernedoodles are another type of different color Bernedoodles. But Parti is not a specific color. It affects the main color of the dog and changes the pigment into white. So, the dog looks like it has patterns in white color.

Parti Bernedoodles don’t have a specific size. They can be miniature and standard both, according to their breed standard.

But they have an excellent temperament.

They are intelligent and smart. So, they try to impress their owners with their protective behavior and loyalty.

Parti Bernedoodles are also easy to train and decent. So, you can choose them as your house dog.

Bernedoodles have many varieties. Different types of successful cross breeds are possible. Among them, some of the Bernedoodles have a unique color combination. That’s why they are pretty expensive.

Among all the Bernedoodles, tri-color or Sable Bernedoodles are the most famous. However, other types also have different characteristics. So, if you want to choose the perfect Bernedoodle for you, you can choose from these 13 types of Bernedoodles. 

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